RIP #Prince

So I’m in the South, hiding from the New York 9/11 conspirators who have now targeted me for … something. I had met this little thing, 21 years old – I wasn’t old enough to be her father or anything, but old enough to know better – and I wanted nothing more than to get into her pants. She’s a college student at the local state university, we had met at a bar, and, you know, she’s looking for a “hook up” and I had played it off pretty well – what can I say? I still looked pretty good for my age – the grey was barely showing.

So anyway I take her out to this bar and she’s telling me how “progressive” she is. So she says, yeah, you know, down here in the South, this guy told me “I don’t like niggers and I don’t like faggots, but I have to say Prince is basically my favorite nigger faggot.”

God this girl was hot in bed too. I’ll never forget her. It made me feel young again. I used her as the inspiration for the “Little Miss Fuck and Run” character, and she sort of did look like (Stanford graduate and laptop hip-hop sensation) K-Flay.

She was actually pretty smart and I introduced her to my sister (who usually has perfect instinct when it comes to women “dating” her brother,) but even she was taken in by her naturally disarming personality.

But damn, this girl was a bitch – hard core bitch. She knew she was hot and loved nothing more than breaking men’s hearts. In fact, I got a lot of mileage with the “Heartbreaker” meme, back when I wrote “manosphere” type stuff, before I was banned from all the big manosphere sites for being, you know, too “white.”

Anyway, Prince was basically my generation. He was barely black. Personally, I’ve never discounted black people and their music – black people have made some great music and while I may be a racist, I’m not churlish about it. So Prince always reminded me of high school summers at the beach, “making out” with girls who never let us go “all the way.” It was dirty, but also kind of innocent in a way. Whatever, I don’t care, I’ve never been a purist or a fanatic. So RIP The Artist Formerly Known As The Artist Formerly Known As Prince.

5 thoughts on “RIP #Prince

  1. I love Prince. I’m not a superfan or anything and don’t own all of his albums, but he’s the sort of thing I like to put on if I feel like dancing. I’d just listened to the Purple Rain soundtrack again a couple of nights before he died. Plus, seems he was something of a silent anti-Zionist, as Zio-harpy Debbie Schlussel is quick to point out:


  2. I wish you would write more manosphere/girls stuff. I follow this blog solely in hopes you’ll someday bring some of that back. You’re very good at it.

    Prince was one of those rare musicians whose entire nervous system seemed to be designed by God (or satan, not entirely clear which) to perfect his craft. How was one man imbued with such virtuosity, compositional skill, and a jaw-droppingly unique voice all at once? I’m pretty sure supernatural forces were involved in his conception.


    1. @Johnny Caustic

      I think I may have said it all. I have to admit, a lot of the manosphere guy don’t seem interested in actually “taking the red pill” about women – they quite often want to bitch that the “red pill” is necessary, or complaining about women for just being women. There was a guy on SunShineMary’s old blog that was like that – he understood how women were, but instead of simply adjusting himself to reality, he did nothing but complain. I never thought that was the point.

      The point, I thought, was to discount “feminism” (or, better, understand what Rollo called “the feminine imperative) so you can deal with the nature of women and reality.

      But it was never meant to sit around complaining that women are so “shallow” that they get hot for good looking, powerful, rich guys. That’s like old fat women complaining that guys like young, thin women. I mean, of course, right?

      I’m not sure what else I could say about the topic.

      But I hope to write more spanking stories in the future, I’ve just been busy lately. I’ll never get tired of spanking stories. That’s like my specialty.


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