2 thoughts on “What If They Held An Election And Nobody Came?

  1. This was good until the guy started regurgitating libertarian shibboleths. I used to be impressed by that argument about how there are innumerable small details and bits of knowledge to which economic planners can never expect to have comprehensive access, and there is, certainly, some truth to that; but a person could just as easily argue from the other side that all of those individuals with their specific expertise will never be capable of seeing the more panoramic picture to which a government can be privy. The individuals who value their freedom to make personally profitable decisions – to hire imported foreigners rather than locals, for instance – might think only in terms of the money they personally save by doing this, and not have any appreciation of the ramifications of such a policy if practiced on a national scale.


    1. The main takeaway for me is the idea that these election are personality driven and defocuses people from the institutions. I think it was Quigley that said you want to have the two parties as similar as possible, that way the people can “vote the bastards out” at any time without actually changing policy.

      This election is a great example as it’s dominated by two celebrities that are all about their personalities.

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