Mark Yuray: Doing Social Conservatism Right #nRX #SocialMatter

The problem with social conservatism is that is generally devolves into psuedo-Christian fundamentalism and/or some sort of “white knighting” ideal that men just aren’t being selfless enough. Social conservatism has typically been better at pointing to degeneracy and shrieking, “gross evil” (outrage porn) and much worse at actually setting a good example.

Yuray has done a great job explaining the importance of sexual morality, a great job of explaining the “Mannerbund” concept (I refer readers to my article three or so years ago that discussed many of the same concepts – even getting me coverage as an “Evil Misogynist” by the once-popular “male feminist” is the only “NRx” blog I’ve found that isn’t cringingly philo-semitic nor terrified of being more than implicitly pro-white. And Yuray is by far the best at

Usually, when I hear someone discussing “culture” – I reach for my revolver. But I’ll make an exception for Yuray at

7 thoughts on “Mark Yuray: Doing Social Conservatism Right #nRX #SocialMatter

  1. Thank you, you’re spot on. Mark Yuray’s article was a great read, I now will try to find yours.
    Mannerbund is what I (used to) call “réseau de pouvoir”.


    1. Basically, the “Mannerbund” is the basis of civilization. Biologically speaking, women are primary. Civilization wise, men are primary.

      Men tend to form natural hierarchies, more or less formal, based on competition. Cooperation between men creates resources, sovereignty, and status.

      Women are attracted to men with resources, sovereignty, and status (as they are proxies for genetic qualities that are not necessarily visually evident like beauty.)

      The “family values” type that believe the “nuclear family” is the basis of civilization put the cart before the horse – before you can support “nuclear family” – you have to have a civilization, and that civilization comes from the Mannerbund. (As in the article, sexual morality – i.e., you don’t have sex with your friend’s wife, she is his “property” – is based on men cooperating.)

      Men tend to compete first, then when the hierarchy is established, they can cooperate.

      Reestablishing the Mannerbund too is the first step is ending our culture of individualism. The cult of individualism is killing us. Think of a biological allegory. A higher mammal is made up of a complex system of specialized cells. No cell is an “individual.”

      An individual cell can’t be anything more than an ameba. Reading the comments from “gamers” on the SocialMatter “Gamergate” article was revealing – the self-described “gamers” all insisted they were individuals and their cultures were defined by consumer products – the video games they played and various artificial “cultures” they were involved in that were defined by consumer products.

      Not a work from any of them about spouses or children – or parents – nothing organic to their social life. It was all MEDIATED by consumer products and “identities” based on consumer products.

      Not coincidentally, they all were insistent that “race, sex, nonbinary gender, orientation didn’t matter.”

      It hardly needs to be pointed out how utterly shallow such an existence and “culture” really is. A culture based around staring at blinking lights and twitching fingers in an electronic feedback loop.

      So when men form groups, attain sovereignty, resources, and status, they then take wives, have children, and the organic cycle of life continues.

      A man in a worthwhile mannerbund doesn’t think of himself as an autonomous individual – he’s a member of a brotherhood – that lives by a code. A wife doesn’t think of herself as an individual, she’s the mother of a family as the wife of a husband.

      That is reality – and it’s not even “the Jews” that destroyed it, it’s more a consequence of technology (although the problems were made worse by a hostile media of course.)

      I hope people remember that cultural Marxism itself was based around the advertising industry and the original cultural Marxists were Jews working for WASPs capitalists like the Rockefellers.



    Pr K Mc Donald has rightly explained us that the European civilisation is founded on individual merit, and that’s what constitutes its strengh and its weakness.
    I do get that all that constitutes the backbone of White Civilisation has been under attack by all kinds of unthinkable social experiments.
    But the cold fact is that we are slowly pushed to violent confrontation because we’re cornered, even more so in Westen Europe than anywhere else in the world. You implicitely admitted it by bringing up the concept of Mannerbund. And we know we can’t turn to our gvts for solace, can we ?


    1. I thould add that we’re not the only ones under attack, so is the Arabo-Islamic world, main victim of the sponsored takfiro-wahabbo-islamo-terrorism (let’s not forget that Al Qaida is a US trademark). And under attack for the very same reason that we are (patriarchy, family structure, common language and religion). A too monolithic block in the view of a few.
      I wonder what the plan is for afterwards. The Chinese ? The little green men ?


      1. When it comes to the Muslim world, just a few years after 9/11, “they” (i.e. the serious press) basically spelled it out – the Muslim world was the last place that was conquerable by the West/Empire. Russia and China had nukes, so did India, Asia was mostly off limits because it was China’s territory, and the valuable part of Africa was already basically split up among various powers.

        The Arab/Middle East had oil, and weak states that were possible to conquer.

        The technique – other than just bombing and invading like Iraq and sponsoring terrorists like Al Qaeda and ISIS – is soft power, which means attacking the traditional society with feminism, porn, “gay rights,” consumerism, that sort of thing.


  3. That’s correct. They even start, in some places, to be introduced to mass immigration and multiculturalism. And it doesn’t go without strong reactions.

    Do I need to translate ?


    1. BTW, Maroc Hebdo is the magazine of the Moroccan middle class. The one you’re sure to find in every dentist’s waiting room.


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