Andrew Anglin is NOT “Alt Right” – He’s a Neo-Nazi Troll

At best, that is.

If Andrew Anglin was actually interested in promoting the interests of White people and was actually sympathetic to the Alt Right, he would:

1. Stop trying to co-opt the alt-right movement, which is not, and has never, been, or had anything to do with, neo-Nazis, trolls or otherwise.

2. Stop calling himself “Alt Right” – he’s not – and instead just be honest: he’s a neo-Nazi. He should change his blog header to say “Number One Neo-Nazi Site Online.” That’s true, and he can be proud of his accomplishment.

But Anglin won’t do that, because Anglin is not interested in helping the Alt Right – and probably doesn’t care about White people either. He’s quite clear about his goals:

1. Trolling.

2. Having fun.

3. Associating the Alt Right generally with Hitler, the Nazis, and Holocaust Shtick.

Not coincidentally, Andrew Anglin and the anti-Whites at the SPLC and the ADL share at least Goal #3.

Isn’t it interesting that Anglin & the Daily Stormer (along with certain other costume clowns) have spent untold digital ink on smearing the man who coined the “Alternative Right” name as a homosexual – along with that other group of people who share one of his main goals, the SPLC?

No, we’re not just talking about a joke – Anglin and his internet trolls have spent quite a bit of time libeling and slandering the person who invented the term “Alternative Right” with long homoerotic fictional tales and even accusations of felony rape. Sometimes this was meant as a joke – but sometimes clearly not a joke.

Anglin’s shtick may appeal to some teenage boys. Anglin’s shtick may, in fact, help to some degree in mocking Holocaust Hitler Hysteria that anti-Whites are always promoting (although more intelligent and funnier trolls like at are better at that.)

But Anglin’s pretense at being on the side of the Alt Right – just having different tactics – ua betrayed by his actions.

The fact that his site “just happened” to promote Joshua Goldberg, a Jewish terrorist posing as a “neo-Nazi” and an “ISIS sympathizer” – just makes his whole outfit even more suspicious.

But we know that Anglin isn’t going to go away. We know that Anglin will continue to try to associate the pro-White movement and the Alt Right with Hitler, the Holocaust, Hollywood Nazis and the rest of the SPLC/ADL agenda.

We know that Anglin will never just leave the Alt Right alone and do his own neo-Nazi thing.

So, the only thing that the Alt Right can do is to denounce him, forcefully, as the Jew shill he appears to be. Failing that, just distance themselves from him – whatever Anglin is, he is not us.

Ram Z Paul explained it. When he was asked to do an interview about the Alt Right, he immediately realized they were really doing a story about Anglin and the Daily Stormer, in order to smear the Alt Right by association with Anglin. Ram Z Paul did what he could – he said the Daily Stormer were neo-Nazi trolls and had nothing to do with the Alt Right.

As Anglin said, they are going to smear us as “neo-Nazis” anyway. But unlike Andrew Anglin, that does NOT mean we should side with Andrew Anglin, the Daily Stormer, the SPLC, and the ADL.

I’m not a Nazi, I’ve never been a Nazi. Neither are Kevin MacDonald, Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, or Ram Z Paul. Neither are 90% of the people who identify with the Alt Right.

The Alternative Right is NOT led by Andrew Anglin and his neo-Nazi trolls. Nor is the Alt Right led by the homosexual Jew Milo and the neo-con pro-Israel site

Hillary Clinton, the SPLC, the ADL, the anti-Whites and Andrew Anglin all share the same goals – and those goals are not the same as ours.


3 thoughts on “Andrew Anglin is NOT “Alt Right” – He’s a Neo-Nazi Troll

  1. IS Hipster Racist “Alt Right?” Not particularly. I’m not a huge fan of Donald Trump, for example.

    I’ve never identified as anything other than a pro-white white person. I’m pretty much a liberal.

    Also, if you read that Anglin piece I link – just notice how SHALLOW it is.

    His understanding of what happened in the 1960s is stupid. He says the “hippie” thing was Jewish – it was NOT. The hippie thing, in fact, was a counter-Jew measure by the WASPs – it was a direct subversion of people like Abbie Hoffman. I’ve covered this extensively.

    But the story doesn’t fit into the simplistic world view of a troll.

    Frankly, even Anglin’s Nazi-shtick isn’t all that good. He has a very high opinion of himself. The people who actually desensitized people to the Hitler thing was NOT Anglin.

    It was 4chan, but even far more than that, it was all those Downfall parodies on youtube.

    Anglin is just an SPLC endorsed ghetto to try to co-opt the pro-white movement into the same old same old Frances Cohen shtick the ADL has been pushing since the 1970s. Anglin may – or may not – be smart enough to know what he’s doing.

    But the SPLC and the ADL are smart enough to know what they are doing – and that is why they put Anglin and the (((Daily Stormer))) at the forefront of their propaganda.

    Anglin had NOTHING AT ALL to do with Trump’s victory in the primary. Donald Trump is a celebrity billionaire. The fact that Anglin made some cartoon about Trump had nothing to do with it. Most people going to Trump rallies are not neo-Nazis – most are anti-Nazi. Most are not even “alt right.”

    If Anglin would just stay a troll and entertain the teenage boys – no problem. Everyone else could just ignore him.

    But he won’t be content with that. He wants the spotlight, he wants to define the terms, he wants to join the party even no one invited him.

    He should stick to posting pictures of black men making out with white women and pictures of weird homosexuals at gay pride parades. He should stick to the News & Jews and racial epithets. He should stick to the trolling. That’s what he does best.


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