Restating the Obvious

Can we not forget that (((Daily Stormer))) published Joshua Goldberg, the Jew who also actually attempted to organize ISIS terrorists attacks – all the while having a regular column on (((DailyStormer))) as a “neo-Nazi?” He was given publicity by Rita Katz’ SITE Intelligence.

Now, who does the Southern Poverty Law Center make sure to put front and center on every “expose” on White Nationalism and “neo-naaaazis?” Why, that’s right, the “WN” celebrity they invented, Matt Heimbach. The guy that goes around dressing up in costumes, screaming slogans about how he “hates freedom” and wants “death to America” and “stands with Putin” etc. The guy who parades around on college campuses with lynching signs, who “protests” liberal women at “Slut Walks” and changes his “sincerely held religious beliefs” more often than he changes his grungy t-shirts.

No one would have ever heard of this guy except that he was given Prime Time National Media Coverage by ABC – and an entire feature length publicity campaign in fact. He had literally ONE follower, yet became an immediate celebrity. How do you think that works?

When the (((media))) wants to slander the alt-right, White Nationalists, and Identitarians, what do they do? They make sure to associate Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, and Ram Z Paul with Matt Heimbach (who is always down to get into fights with black women at Trump rallies) and (((Daily Stormer))) who is always prepared to be quoted as saying “Gas The Kikes Race War Now.”

How much more obvious can it be?

I just wish people would have the courage to not only call out these fakes, but also the “Al Qaeda sympathizers” of the last decade and a half. Joseph Cohen (fake name: “Youseph Al Katab” of “Revolution Muslim”) or even Adam Pearlman, grandson of an ADL director who pretended to be “Adam Gadan the Media Coordinator for Al Qaeda.”

Really, how fucking stupid do you have to be?

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