)))Anti-Semitism((( Is Not An Organizing Principle

The (((echo))) meme was brilliant. It worked because one of the main vectors of Jewish power is that they “look like us.” That “white” journalist that writes articles about how evil white people are is likely Jewish. He doesn’t consider himself “white” – he’s Jewish. But he’ll be “white” just long enough to attack white people.

So putting the (((echo))) around the names of people like that was a slick reference to what was really going on.

Then, of course, the Nazi-tards ruined it. They started putting a “reverse echo” around their names )))(((. What does the reverse echo signify? “Not a Jew?” “Anti-Semite?”

… GOY? …

Why the hell would any White person refer to themselves as a “goy?” Or a “Gentile?” That presupposes there are two groups of people in the world – Jews, and everyone else.

White identity is being erased by the federal government by the new designation “non-Hispanic white.” Hispanics – even if they are white – get their own name, but we’re just “non-Hispanic” (lowercase) white.

You know the reason why “Straight Pride” t-shirts are so stupid? The same reason “No Homo” is stupid. You don’t need a “Straight Pride” t-shirt because normal people are “straight.” It’s just as dumb as referring to yourself as “Cisgendered” because you aren’t “Transgendered.”

Why adopt their language?

The idiocy of Neo-Nazism – really, (((Hollywood Nazism))) is that it means nothing but “not Jew.” How ridiculous is it to say the Holocaust never happened, but you wish it had? The “Holocaust” is their narrative – it’s their story. It’s not our story. To be “pro-Holocaust” or “anti-Holocaust” is to DEFINE YOUR OWN IDENTITY BY THE HOLOCAUST.

To be Philo-semitic or Anti-semitic is to define your identity by Semitism.

This tends to lead to:

“All races, the good whites and the good blacks, must unite against the Zionist Jew.”

“We conservatives are the true heirs of Martin Luther King Jr., we are color-blind. The liberals are the real racists.”

“Jews say Hitler was bad, therefore we will do the exact opposite and say that Hitler was right!” (This is like “reverse physchology” you could fool your 10 year old brother with – it’s Tom Sawyer and whitewashing the fence.)

OUR identity is what we define ourselves with. WE are US. WE are not “not Jews.” WE are not “cisgendered non-trans.” WE are not “straight” (because heterosexuality is normal, not ‘one of many sexualities’.) WE are not “goyim” or “gentiles.”

And WE are not “neo-Nazis” either. Unless you are a German who feels an affinity for the NSDAP, you cannot be a “Nazi” – if you pose as one, you are nothing but a Jewish Hollywood stereotype – an actor, a LARPER.

If Hitler was alive today, he would despise Anglo Americans dressing up or even posting memes.

For all the nazitards saying “don’t punch to the right” – no. 4Chan is not “to the right.” Nazi-LARPing is not “too the right.” At best, it’s funny – but it usually isn’t particularly funny either.

No, the left does not refrain from “punching left.” Go to a mainstream lefty site, say, Huffington Post, or DemocraticUnderground.com, and you will NOT see hammer and sickles, icons of Lenin and Trotsky, or people posting Commie memes. A few, maybe, in an ironic way. And entire subculture based around that, actually pretending to represent the “real liberals” or otherwise trying to hog the spotlight from the “serious progressives?” Nope.

That’s why the left wins, and the right loses.

And one more thing. PLEASE – listening to (((Daily Stormer))) lecture other people about sexual degeneracy – when they take a ten minute break from posting pornographic pictures of gay pride parades and and “blacks on blondes” miscegenation pictures – it’s like listening to Jimmy Swaggart lecturing on fornication or a celibate Catholic priest talking about sodomites. Really – some one is protesting too much.

I can’t believe how much shit I get from posers for writing some spanking stories. Is that really the hill you want to die on? Is that really how you want to project your sexual morality? That it’s just so “degenerate” to spank your wife? That a little S&M role play is really some elaborate plot by the Jews? (FFS, they call it “English” for a reason.)

If the anime-Nazis would just stick to circle-jerking keks, it wouldn’t be a problem. But they demand to be taken seriously.

You know – the Protestant church figured this out a long time ago. No one is allowed to be a leader/pastor in a Protestant church unless they are married with children.

It should be the same with the pro-White movement. If you are an unmarried teenage boy posting anime Hitler memes on (((DailyStormer))) – you are simply not allowed to speak to your betters/elders unless spoken to.

If we want your opinion, we’ll ask for it.

2 thoughts on “)))Anti-Semitism((( Is Not An Organizing Principle

  1. Great post. One of the things that attracted me to eastern Orthodoxy was the fact almost all the priests I’ve met are married and have children.

    I do attend (((Daily Stormer))) to spread my wisdom there, and youvare quite right. Most people on the bbs are young kids larping as neonazis.

    I figured out the situation of the Daily Stormer when I posted an insightful video from Brother Nathanael(the born-jew turned Orthodox) giving great info on why judaism is full of shit(Why Judaism is Bankrupt) and immediately get told the only solution is to exterminate all jews by someone with a rat for an avatar(not too subtle, shlomo)

    I called him out with the great post “All the best Nazis are Jewish” post at Aryan Skynet and I was shut down with the quickness.

    I will still continue my fight over there. Most won’t get it, but even if 1% of the people I reach learn something useful it’s worth it to me.

    Keep up the great work, Hipster!

    PS. Protestants got the Pastor thing right, but they like sucking “God’s Chosen” cock, even though the new covenant shut down that deal a long time ago. They obviously missed a few verses in the New Testament.


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