The (((Neo-Nazi))) Clown Act

A while back I was trolling twitter. I list my location as “Tel Aviv” and sometimes use the ((())) to impersonate a Jew online. It’s a long running gimmick that goes back to the old “Rabbi Mindweapon” thing from three or so years ago.

If Jews like Tim Wise can pretend to be “White” and attack Whites, then we can pretend to be Jews and say, “as a Jew, something or other.” It’s all in good fun. It confuses (((them))) because they aren’t sure how to respond.

So, TANSTAAFL got confused and asked me why I had echos around my name. I quipped, “don’t blow my cover” and he responded by insinuating I was a Jew posing as White in order to … something or other. I just rolled my eyes and moved on.

Then, he trolled me again, insinuating the same thing. I tried to make nice, and we ganged up on that odious nRX Israel shill, but then he was triggered by my criticism of the fake “neo-Nazi” bullshit.

TANSTAAFL has such an overinflated opinion of himself he’s even criticized Kevin MacDonald for being “soft on the Jews” because MacDonald has pointed to certain psychological traits in Whites that make us susceptible to universalism and how Jews have taken advantage of this.

But TANSTAAFL is outraged by this suggestion. For him, Jews – and ONLY Jews – aer the Single Source of All White Problems and any discussion of any other factor is just a Jew Trick to defend Jews.

It’s odd.

It’s even more odd when you realize that a few years ago, after he announced he just had a child, he “discovered” that his wife is Jewish, thus making his child Jewish. He felt the need to tell everyone this – then doubled down on his “Jews are the cause of all White problems.”

You can’t even criticize Nazi clowns for making us look bad, because that is taking the focus off of the One True Issue – Jews.

Now this is a guy that has also praised the terrorists Brevik and even the mentally unstable Dylann Roof. This, of course, is exactly what the SPLC/ADL wants us to do. They want anything pro-White to be associated with terrorism, violence, and of course Nazism.

For whatever odd reason, TANSTAAFL seems to want this as well. And he’ll attack quite Jew savvy pro-Whites, like MacDonald and Johnson, for being insufficently “anti-semitic.” (Which is of course stupid.)

But it’s hard to see how he’s just a typical Jew posing as a “Naaazi” – because why would he bother to publically announce his wife and children are Jewish? As far as I can tell, no one would have known. If he was in to just subvert the movement, like most Jews posing as Nazis are, why make a big annoucement?

So either he’s playing some four dimensional chess – or he’s just some sort of weirdo.

Neo-Nazi bullshit is WHY the pro-White movement has been failing for 70 years. George Lincoln Rockwell may have meant well, but he almost single handedly gave the anti-whites one of their most potent weapons. At a time when racial segregation in the south was supported by most people – George Lincoln Rockwell’s idiot “hate” act and his costume clowning associated good old fashioned segregation with Nazis – the enemy the US had just fought a world war with.

It would be like me dressing up like Osama Bin Laden in 2002 and parading around New York City saying “join Al Qaeda and fight the Jews!”

Interestingly too George Lincoln Rockwell gave J. Edgar Hoover regular updates on his campaign. Apparently, Rockwell was so simple minded he actually thought Hoove was on his side. Hoover, of course, thought of Rockwell as an enemy.

What about William Pierce? He also seemed to be sincere and meant well. But his toxic personality and his idiotic notions of some sort of violent conflict also kept the pro-white movement spinning its wheels. The Turner Diaries were awful – a stupid fantasy that played right into (((their))) hands. Pierce took the McVeigh bait hook line and sinker (duh – McVeigh was not pro-White, probably a patsy ala Oswald) and openly supported terrorism – just in time to demonize the growing militian movement. The anti-whites couldn’t have ASKED for a better Official Enemy. Pierce died a complete failure, his organization never amounting to anything other than a cult-of-personality still stuck in the Costumes and Shouting ghetto.

Now the internet has given us the (((Daily Stormer))) who just plays Costume Clowns online. We know exactly what they are good for – Rita Katz’s agent provacateur Joshua Goldberg had no problems joining up with the (((Daily Stormer))) and playing the “neo-Nazi” that so many Jews are fond of doing.

And if you dare to criticize white people who are fucking up, TANSTAAFL will accuse you of being “soft on the Jews” or “blaming whites” or whatever.

These people are why the pro-White movement has always failed.

Even David Lane was a failure. The 14 Words are a nice slogan, but that idiot accomplished nothing but demonizing the pro-White movement and spent the rest of his life writing lesbian spanking porn in Supermax prison.

Why can’t whites get their act together? Jews are like Lucy, and Whites are like Charlie Brown – it doesn’t matter how many times Lucy snatches the ball away, Whites will keep telling themselves “this time our Hitler mustache act will work!”

It almost makes you wonder if the entire “neo-Nazi” movement has been funded by Jews since the beginning …

11 thoughts on “The (((Neo-Nazi))) Clown Act

  1. I guess this answers my question…

    Tho i would still recommend TANSTAAFLs show, for the unique angles, like the pathology stuff:

    “Stupid/crazy/evil is one tactic used against Whites who have gotten beyond the guilt-tripping, or were never affected by it to begin with. You’re White and not paralyzed with guilt? Well then, you must be a stupid/crazy/evil racist-KKK-nazi!

    As with guilt-tripping, stupid/crazy/evil is a form of psychological aggression against Whites. It is a progression of escalating hostility that starts with ridiculing and pathologizing Whites as mentally defective, and ultimately leads to demonizing Whites as morally defective.”

    Is there anything besides circus maximus you recommend?

    And since you are a hipster, the circus maximus theme!

    For your podcast i could see the wag the dog guitar tune be a good fit.


    1. Eh, I’m not really a particularly big fan of Circus Maximus either … I don’t find him objectionable or anything, just of limited usefulness. I do think Ranier does a good job on his show.

      TANSTAAFL is right about the “stupid/crazy/evil” slur against any whites who are not suffering from “white guilt.” Yes, of course.

      But why fall into the (((Daily Stormer))) thing? “If they are going to call you stupid/crazy/evil – why not go ahead and be stupid/crazy/evil?” That makes no sense. Since TANSTAAFL seems to fall into that trap over and over again, I can’t see what good he is.

      You could make a serious point about Breivik in Norway – but simply idolizing him as a hero *is* actually stupid/crazy/evil. Which apparently TANSTAAFL does. Factor in the fact that Breivik at least initially called himself a Zionist/counter-jihadist – and actually said Europe should fight Islam to rescue Israel from the Muslim – for the Jews – and rebuild the Jewish temple!?!? Considering that Breivik, at least initially, held himself out as having connections to Mossad/a Mossad funded network (that may have not been true but it was the official word when TANSTAAFL was praising him) – what exactly do we have here?

      And Dylann Roof – sorry, there’s simply no way to praise Dylann Roof. Even if the Roof story is what it’s held out to be (quite possibly doubtful in my opinion) – he sure as hell did nothing at all “pro-white.” Shooting black women in a church is not “striking a blow for the white man” at all – of course not. It’s simple murder.

      And Dylann Roof – again, supposing the official story is true (eh) – he was a drug addled kid who was likely schizophrenic. He wasn’t even “pro-white” – he wasn’t even a “racist!” It’s just a tragic story all around, for Dylann Roof and his alleged victims. Anyone actually praising Roof I can’t see as anything more than purposeful anti-white propaganda – seriously. You may as well praise that nutjob Rounder who killed a white woman to “strike against the Jews” or whatever.

      Me? I’m against murder and terrorism. I don’t think that makes me a coward.

      So, really, TANSTAAFL, the stuff he is right on is already being done by other people, and better. He just adds all sort of bad stuff to it – throws a turd into an otherwise perfectly good punch bowl.

      And the fact he has a Jewish family makes his monomaniacal anti-semitism even more questionable.

      As is the point of this article – “Hard Core” posing, the “angry White man” bullshit, the shouting and posturing – it’s stupid, it’s off-putting, it’s not actually brave at all, and it plays right into (((their))) hands.

      That’s just my opinion, take it or leave it.

      I pretty much categorically reject the entire “White Nationalist” movement, from Rockwell to David Lane. The Costume Clowns were always awful, mentally ill nuts.

      David Duke actually made some headway when he STOPPED the Costume Clown act. He actually won a political race! He didn’t use violent, hateful rhetoric. He dressed like a normal white man. And he went further than anyone else precisely because of that.

      Kevin MacDonald is awesome – he finally gave us a way to understand Jewish power and anti-whiteness without having to resort to Catholic superstition and Protocols-style conspiracy theories.

      Richard Spencer and NPI are great – the are actually advocating for White people in a way that appeals to normal white people.

      Ram Z Paul has likely done more to take down the anti-white SJW types than anyone else on youtube.

      Bob Whitaker and the BUGster people have actually broken into the mainstream – even Donald Trump himself has tweeted out the White Genocide meme!

      Things are FINALLY looking up – and here comes to idiots trying to drag us back to the failures of the past.

      Maybe I’m paranoid, but as far as I can tell, at least some of them are doing it on purpose.


    1. Yes, I do think the ADL story you linked is good. I found out about the ADL’s illegal espionage operations in California way back in the late 1990s.

      The (((Daily Stormer))) trolls are always telling us if we “disprove the Holocaust” it will somehow … I don’t know, what? I can’t see what that is supposed to do.

      But what it DOES do is keep us Judeo-centric. It keeps us on their territory. It keeps us talking about THEM and THEIR history and THEIR story.

      I keeps us in THEIR categories – Jew vs. Nazi.

      It’s not Jew vs. Nazi and it never has been.

      It’s ALWAYS been White vs. Anti-White.

      I would also point something else out. Holocaust revisionism is illegal in Europe – but it’s legal in America. You’re allowed to be a Holocaust revisionist in America. Sure, you’ll be attacked for it, but mostly you’ll be ignored.

      On the other hand, I know of another historical event – one a lot closer to home – that you actually WILL be attacked for “revising.” Guess what that is?

      Guess who actually gets sent to military prison for talking about a certain not-too-long ago historical event in America? Guess who gets gag orders from federal judges to prevent them from talking about this historical event?

      Funny how the “serious” WN types LURVE to talk about the Holocaust, but get all defensive when another certain historical even gets revisited?

      Ooh, ooh, let me guess …


      1. >Ooh, ooh, let me guess …


        So which podcai (that’s a the hip plural version of podcast) or talk radio shows do you listen to regularly, do any get you stamp of approval? Adam Carolla maybe? Doesn’t have to be political per se.

        It certainly isn’t the might is right power hour

        Oops sorry i spazzed out there for a moment…

        btw i went to hipsterskynet.wordpress before by mistake, maybe register that and just redirect to here or skynet


      2. Honestly I’m not really into podcasts, I’m more of a reader. So I have no favorites.

        I’ve consistently said, as far as pro-white people go, I’m pro:

        1. Ram Z Paul

        2. Richard Spencer/NPI

        3. Kevin MacDonald

        And I’m also cool with Greg Johnson/Counter Currents, David Duke, and Jared Taylor (even though AmRen of course punts on the Jewish problem.)

        Those people have consistently shown good judgement from my perspective. Sure I don’t agree with them on every issue, but as a whole they are beneficial to the cause.


  2. >ignore Blacks, forgive Asians, punish Jews

    Ignore the holo x i guess as well, and what about hispanics, how do they fit into your strategy matrix? And would you approach differ if you lived in L.A. or Rotherham?

    What would a hipster living in Rotherham post…

    It’s a significant case study, this scandal, because If not even that is enough to stop the pc buck, I’m afraid nothing will, it’s almost unbelievable.


    1. The problem in Rotherham is Pakistanis. The problem in Los Angeles is “cholos.” Also that essay was written before the BLM thing and was clearly labeled as a “thought experiment” not a plan of action.

      As far as “Muh Holocaust” – the only people that care about the Holocaust are Jews and (((Nazis))) – they are the only people that talk about that.

      You know, the White Anglo-Saxon Protestants were “anti-semitic.” We have WASPs like Stoddard that had plenty of criticism of Jews. But no one ever talks about the WASP criticisms of Jews – they only want to talk about NAZIHITLER. Whatever you think about NAZIHITLER, it’s clearly playing on (((their))) turf. It’s foreign to the American experience, certainly.

      As I’ve said, being “anti-X” is never going to work. We have to be “pro-White.” It’s Whites vs. Anti-Whites.

      We already have Jewish “Holocaust revisionists” like David Cole – and he’s still promoting Israel and kosher “counter-jihad.” So even if you “disproved the Holocaust” – what would change? Nothing.

      As Greg Johnson said, even if you “disproved” all of the silly stories about “soap” and “electrocution roller coasters” or whatever, there would still be enough “Holocaust” for Jewish purposes.

      Now, for historians – fine. I will defend someone’s right to write a book revising the Holocaust. European laws against revisionism are terrible. But it literally has nothing to do with the situation of white people in America.

      In Germany? Maybe. In Europe generally? Sure, ok. But (((Daily Stormer))) (((Hollywood Nazis))) blathering on about “muh holocaust” is not just counter-productive – it’s so blatantly subversive to white interests I have a hard time understanding why otherwise sensible people don’t see it.

      We have to break out of the “Jews vs. Nazis” and “angry white guy” nonsense.


      1. I bring up LA and Rotherham as example of places where things are very bad, the scale is tipped, cholos are already a minority majority, does that warrant locally a different WN approach from your overarching hipster racism strategy? Or let’s take South Africa, how would hipster approach that hornets nest?

        And yes, the holo x thing is like bigfoot, no normals really bring it up or think about it. It’s like the 30 years war, nobody cares. A good way to deflect is ask why the singling out, why even bring up ww2, which had 50+ million casualties… Or if i want to troll i bring up the much worse Armenocide, of course it was much worse because those were Christians (approximately two million Christian inhabitants were killed or disappeared traceless), and I’m with Jesus, for the sake of the argument at least, fun fact, Armenia was the first, and is the oldest Christian nation in the world! Oh and the irony that Israel doesn’t recognize it, the Armenian genocide, while it’s a criminal offense to deny the holo x, you can’t make this up.

        Must be because the Mickeycaust trademark is owned by Israel, like Mein Kampf is by the state of Bavaria… can’t have copy-cat-holos!


      2. “does that warrant locally a different WN approach from your overarching hipster racism strategy?”

        Yes, absolutely. And “hipster racism” is not an overarching “strategy.” “Hipster Racist” was a nickname I came up with to mock the anti-white meme “hipster racism” that was gaining ground a few years ago. Not to brag, but I think my blog had not a little to do with that particular anti-white meme dying. At a time when anti-whites were pushing the idea of “hipster racism” my blog was completely co-opting them, in “memespace” and on Google. I almost single-handedly killed that anti-white meme.

        My romance/erotica stories were just another experiment. At the time, the pro-white crowd I was in was constantly asking “how do we get more women in the movement?” I said, all your “hard core tough angry white male gas the non-whites” rhetoric isn’t going to do it. Try some romance – try some erotica 50 shades of grey type stuff, add in a little racial reality.

        It WORKED! When I had more time and was writing that stuff, regular white women were flocking to my stories, voting them up. I even had at least one semi-popular romance author kind-of sort-of say some pro-white stuff. More than a few white women were quite fine with the idea of a “pro-White Warrior” bodice ripper type story. Hell – in the 50 Shades of Grey movie – they actually had Mr. Grey rescue Anastasia from a non-white who was sexually harassing her! I don’t even think that was in the book – I think the filmmakers added it in (maybe because of me! Probably not, but I may as well take credit.)

        Also, I agree – if someone is trying to sandbag you about “muh Holocaust” – I just point out that something like 100 million people were killed during the World Wars and related conflicts. I’m not in any way doubting that plenty of Jews – many innocents – were killed. It was a huge, awful tragedy for everyone involved. Jews were not the only people that suffered. Making World War II all about Jews is, frankly, extremely racist. What about the Armenian genocide that kicked off the 20th century? What about the Chinese and Cambodians that suffered under Communism? What about the Holomodor (Ram Z Paul is quite good at pointing that out.)

        I’m against genocide, 100%.

        I’ve also always said that pointing out Jewish double standards regarding White Nationalism vs. Zionism/Jewish Nationalism – not to mention the ongoing genocide against the Palestinians – is important. It’s true, it’s relevant, and it blunts (((their))) anti-white talking points.

        And as for South Africa – there’s a great new documentary, “The True Story of Whites in South Africa” making the rounds. We should promote it.

        I say, let a thousand flowers bloom. But the (((Daily Stormer))) types who go around doing nothing but stamping a Hitler moustache on anything pro-white is counter productive and pretty much exactly what the SPLC/ADL want. If there aren’t enough (((neo-Nazis))) we know they will hire people like Joshua Goldberg to dress up as one.

        Why play into their game?


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