Marginalizing the Alt-Right

Colin’s excellent essay hit the nail on the head. Here’s some more random follow up.

(((Daily Stormer))) has created a fake “History” of the alt-right that follows the script:

Who does he credit as the originator of the “alt right?” 4Chan. Not the people who actually started the political movement that is an alternative to the establishment conservative movement. Anglin is forced to include people like Richard Spencer (the actual founder of the alt-right) but only to dismiss him as being insufficiently anti-homo.

Notice who they leave out completely? Perhaps the most effective and important online pro-white propaganda of the last decade: Bob Whitaker and the BUGsters/Mantra people.

What does Anglin list as the first tenant on the alt right? Preservation of the white race? No, of course not. “Anti-Jew.” Anglin’s “anlt right” isn’t a pro-white movement, it’s a “neo-Nazi” “anti-Jew” movement.

That is of course the point. The point is to keep Jews and Jewish interests front and center.

And for all the pose as anti-homoism, just notice the outright homoeroticism. There’s a Frog meme literally showing Andrew Anglin, in his tight t-shirt and 1970s Village People sunglasses, as a “reason to live.”

Notice also the cult like figure they make out Anglin to be. Kevin MacDonald describes this as the “guru effect” and it’s a very Jewish thing. Jews have tended to forms cults around charismatic rabbis, and secular versions of Judaism do the same around secular rabbis like Freud and Noam Chomsky. Anglin is a secular rabbi, the Troll King.

Of course it’s all tongue in cheek. Of course it’s “humor.” Of course it’s “satire.” But that is the point. They want to hijack the “alternative right” label, stamp a Hitler Moustache on it, and turn it into a joke. That’s why they are so active right now, after the Clinton speech, to intercept the traffic.

This has been at least a year in the making as well. When the “alt right” first started to get mainstream media coverage last year, the media interviewed people like Ram Z Paul and the first thing they did was try to get him to talk about the (((Daily Stormer))).

The GOP wants to put Jewish gay Milo and the neo-conservative as the “face” of the alt-right, in order to turn the “alt right” into Tea Party II and vote for Republicans.

The Democrats, Clinton, the ADL and the SPLC, want to turn the “alt right” into “anti-seemites” “neo-Nazis,” and Holocaust jokes.

So the normies who hear about the “alt right” have two choices:

Basic bitch “anti-jihad” “anti-BLM” “liberals are the real racists” “we’re not racists we’re just against Muslim because they are anti-semitic and anti-LGBT” Milo and Breitbart.

Or, Hitler moustaches, internet trolling, Holocaust jokes, 4chan humor, and homoerotic gurus like Anglin.

This is nothing new, this sort of thing is Black Propaganda 101. Of course, 99% of the (((Daily Stormer))) fans are just internet trolls, teenage boys with after school time and weekends. Anglin himself is likely not particularly different than Heimbach – an easily manipulated narcissist who likes attention and is willing to do whatever it takes to get some.

But as we see with Joshua Goldberg and the Rita Katz/SITE Intel group, these sorts of things are very useful for (((them.)))

Gregory Hood once suggested that the “4chan” kids were natural allies, maybe just let them grow up a bit. The nRX types though the “Gamergaters” were natural allies, they just needed to be educated.

Both were wrong. There is no “there” there. Both Gamergate and (((Daily Stormer) are internet chimeras, artificial communities – astro-turf.

As Greg Johnson said, whatever the deal is – they aren’t going away. So really the only thing you can do is distance yourself from them and/or ignore them. When the Washington Post calls you up to do a story on the “alt right” and they ask you, “do you think Heimbach/Anglin represents the future of the Alt Right” the only response you can give is, “who? You mean those internet trolls? I don’t know anything about that.”

Don’t believe the hype.

15 thoughts on “Marginalizing the Alt-Right

  1. so I stand corrected (I am that guy), will read these articles. You know what? I did from time to time look at your blog here only to miss out on your newer posts, because the newer ones are further down on the site. On top are the same older articles (stickies so to speak) and I did not see the newer ones. I forgot about that and concluded you had stopped posting. Good to see, you have treated the subject, I actually looked for articles on this at aryanskynet as well. Good article above, I am going through the rest also. (my mail is not real)


    1. AryanSkynet is our real pro-white blog – this is my personal blog. I just posted these last few rants to put it all on the record.

      Anglin’s new gimmick – passing out Nazi flyers to little kids – it really gives the game away doesn’t it? Hopefully no one is going to take it seriously, he’s just baiting people.

      Whatever (((Daily Stormer))) is – it’s not a pro-white site. At best, it’s just for keks. At worst, it’s SPLC.


      1. The flyer is the vilest thing so far seen on the site, like an end point to a downhill slide. I became suspicious with the Goldberg episode as well, but took his explanation for the time being. Then he strangely argued for calling himself a supremacist (because the media would call him that anyway) and started using slurs to no end. When his site was still running on disqus I was already banned from commenting for Trump dissent. As you say at worst SPLC. I still see a possibility that he may have induced his reasoning into this “the most extreme-the more pub” theory. That would then be result of him going insane or losing it. I heard a radio show half a year back where he sounded like a really fanatic guy, so I thought he is just losing composure. But this “I’m alt right” is completely dishonest and the flyer inexcusable. I’ll have a look through the articles here. The whole agent theme, I have to say. it is a mess. The Emanuel Goldstein effect, we can not possibly escape fully from that.


      2. (((Daily Stomer))) follows a predictable pattern. They start off slow, then get more and more ridiculous as time goes on. That way you’re fully invested and are willing to overlook the first few missteps.

        Read up on cult groups. I’m not saying that (((Daily Stormer))) is literally a cult group, but it uses some of the same tactics.

        A long standing theme in my writing is espionage, propaganda, undercover work.

        People say Weev is a Jew. I’m not sure that is true – but Weev used to pretend to be a hard core Christian, then he pretended to be a member of the Westboro Baptist Church. But then he admitted it was just fake and his “gay friends” were in on the joke.

        He’s a troll – it’s just a gimmick. I wouldn’t take his “Nazi” act any more seriously than any of his other gimmicks.

        If some poor teenager actually took the bait and handed out Nazi flyers to some little kids – he’d almost certainly get into a heap of trouble. It wouldn’t advance the pro-white cause in any way (of course) but Weev and Anglin would be laughing their ass off that they actually suckered some kid into doing that. If it got local TV coverage, they would declare it a “victory.”


      3. by the way, I did in the days of white rabbit mantra starting up, translate a yt video for them to my native language. The one with women explaining anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white. They have a good angle about it, even though I do not expect people to grasp and accept that white genocide thing.


      4. I balked at the “White Genocide” thing at first too – most people do. But the more I heard it, the more I realized how it works. The White Rabbit guys are great – I fully endorse them 100%. I think they are the most valuable players at this point.


  2. yes, the mantra is working, it is persistent in the mind, it sticks. No aggression, a righteous defensive move. Good for raising strong doubts first, opening up, then examining.


  3. Weev said on some podcast that that he grew up with two adopted black siblings and ultra liberal parents, that must have been fun… And the jewish prosecutor at his trial invited his whole synagogue to watch, and gloat. Just imagine, and then a black judge sentenced him to jail, because he added numbers to some url, they even bulldozed his house!


    1. Weev says a lot of things. Why would anyone believe that particular story more than the other stories he tells?

      Daniel Tosh has a great line: “My girlfriend is Asian, well, she is for this joke.”

      I first found Weev when he was pretending to be a hard core Calvinist and quoted Martin Luther a lot – it was mixed in with some racial and anti-semitic stuff too. He would also say he was a sympathizer with Fred Phelps.

      However … that started to lose him some fans in the troll crowd. Everybody hated the Westboros – even the trolliest of trolls. So Weev had to backtrack and say, “don’t worry, my gay friends get the joke.”

      He’s an entertainer, a comedian.

      And now that he’s likely locked out of the computer security field, he has to do the troll act full time, so it’s not a particular surprise he now works with (((Daily Stormer.)))


      1. Weev is a fucking octoroon ;Heimbach a InJun ; Anglin 1/4 asian and Longshank look a Paki.
        But Why these non-whites are promoting hollywood -nazism?why?


    2. if you look for it you find internet claims his mother is jewish. I don’t know. But his face sure as hell looks jewish. Name is very jewish as well. That’s why I would never trust him. I know it sounds harsh, but his face really looks like it.


  4. weev has jewish body language and voice, yes. I get a totally jewish vibe from this guy. He promotes violence on occasion and came out of prison early. Well, who knows maybe he is partly jewish but commited to WM, I can’t say.
    But his r.a.c.e conversion gimmick thread at mpc forum is blatant rubbish. He presents a video of a religious guy trying to convert an agnostic woman who fails totally. The woman is at total ease refuting anything the religious guy says and weev presents us this video as an example how convincing the method is. This, I hate to say it, is advanced trickery. And then he says people should tell normies about hanging all the traitors soon and so on. It is ridiculous. If he believes this himself he is out of his mind. But I suspect he does not.

    There was in the early internet-conspiracy wave (early to middle 2000s) an intel operation guy on youtube (texas goldbug) or something was his name. He did the same thing: Prefigure an expectation in the viewer before he watches something. Then it does not match the expectation, but a lot of people will exclaim “yes! he said it, look!”. The texas goldbug guy introduced the expectation that totally different people are actually the same people because of their matching ears! It was so well done, people fell for it like children. He zoomed into ears with camera saying “looks exactly the same” and had a trained voice, it was immense. I outed this guy and later on people began to get it.

    So we all have a hard time catching up on all the agents, it seems.


    1. I saw the R.A.C.E. thing and assumed it was a troll/parody of the Mantra.

      The point of trolling is that you “win” when people take you seriously.

      I mean, think about it – Anglin’s name is a reference to fishing – an angler, a fisherman. i.e., trolling.

      Since (((Hollywood Nazi))) is “bad” that is his gimmick. If it was still 1984, he would be into “Satanic Heavy Metal” because that would piss off the Christian parents. But now Hitler=Satan and it pisses off the Liberal parents.

      So, sure, it was kind of funny the first time you saw it. But anyone who took it seriously – even as a “serious parody” – just took the bait. They were trolled.

      Of COURSE it’s not a “movement” – it’s a game for bored people to see if they can really get some dumb teenager to pass around Hitler flyers at their school and get on local TV.

      How young are these people? Ten years ago it was “9,000 penises coming to rape your children” or “Pool’s Closed”

      Doesn’t anyone remember “Yiff in Hell, Furfag?” I remember some Chan guys had a hilarious video of them wearing anonymous masks and protesting a Fur Con. They even sent an official letter to the Westboro Baptist Church asking them their stand on Furries – the Westboro lady actually wrote an article explaining why Furries are going to hell (it was a hilarious troll.)

      So again – the fact that anyone is taking them “seriously” or as part of the “movement” just means their trolling is working. I would happily go back to ignoring them except the (((media))) is taking them out of context in order to associate them with the actual anti-right/pro-white movement.

      And of courses Anglin and Weev are delighted to get the attention and are more than willing to play along.

      But I do feel sad for the teenage boys who are getting wrapped up in this stuff, or think they are really “moving the Overton window” or whatever. Chances are, they are going to get in trouble with their school and parents and have to repent and become “anti-racists.”

      It’s just the joke hasn’t been funny for a long time now.


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