William Pierce on the (((Daily Stormer)))

It took me a few years to learn the hard way to shun and have zero tolerance for people who like to dress up in uniforms and shout “14/88″ and give Roman salutes for the TV cameras. I suspect there are still a few Alliance people who have yet to develop zero tolerance for these freaks. That’s why I harp on the subject so often.

We need winners, not losers. If we tolerate the losers now, we’ll never get the winners, and we ourselves will become losers. People who talk about fighting the enemy in the streets aren’t really interested in winning, they just get a buzz from talking about fighting the enemy in the streets. Their talk is pure self-indulgence. Pure hobbyism.”

— William Pierce

h/t Percival


4 thoughts on “William Pierce on the (((Daily Stormer)))

  1. Hei… i mean amen!

    Except when in American prison, you better draw a swastika on your forehead there day one. Speaking of, any thoughts on the Aryan Brotherhood? They may be the one gentile show in town that’s for real, white power by necessity. They get way too little airtime to be co-opted, haven’t heard then mentioned once this election cycle, very odd.


  2. I don’t read the Daily Stormer, but whether Anglin is a front or not seems of secondary importance. Der Stürmer-style satire and irreverence is an inevitable consequence of the sacralization of Jewish suffering. Horses for courses…


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