What Fresh Hell Is This? Autistic and SJW

Who is more annoying, autistics or SJWs?

Why choose when you can have both:


Odd since the aspies I’ve known have been hard core right wingers just this side of Hitler. But of course aspie freaks find out they’re “oppressed” and have something else to obsess about.

It was cooler when they did weird math tricks.

2 thoughts on “What Fresh Hell Is This? Autistic and SJW

  1. How can anyone using phrases such as “complicit in oppression” not be trolling? The whole site seems beyond parody, from the about page:

    “I am Autistic, Disabled, and proud! I’m also a college-educated middle class U.S. citizen and native speaker of English, and am queer, ace, genderqueer, and transracially/transnationally adopted from China.”

    Timmmey! Sorry that was insensitive…

    Can’t wait for your 911 special tomorrow! I guess there will be something?
    Speaking of, have you seen and do you recommend Ryan Dawsons new film?


  2. And have you thought about re-posting some of your longer comments as standalone posts? So they don’t get lost in the shuffle, like the recent great one on reversal, i mean the comment is longer than the original post. You could fill a blog just with your comments, 2nd hand hipster, sounds awesome!


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