Dear (((DailyStormer))) Clowns – the Audience is NOT the Media

Radio Aryan Roundtable with Sven Longhshanks had a podcast about the (((Daily Stormer’s))) New “Nazi Pokeman for Kids” flyers and addresses some of the criticism they have received.

As usual, the Clown Show just doesn’t get any of it at all.

They complained that the the NPI conference tried to present a moderate image – they didn’t use racial slurs, they dressed nicely, the didn’t discuss Hitler and the Nazis, yet it “didn’t work” because the media still called them “white supremacists” that “hated Jews.”

The Costume Clowns are creating a strawman – the strawman being that the “moderates” at NPI are being moderate ***in order to get positive media coverage*** but it doesn’t work.

Of course, the Costume Clowns miss the point entirely – the “moderates” are not being moderate for the media – the “moderates” are being moderate ***for their audience*** – the audience, being normal white people.

The (((Daily Stormer’s))) long time “strategy” was spelled out by whoever plays the “Andrew Anglin” character, that strategy being “they are going to call us Nazis anyway, so we may as well be Nazis.”

I hope I don’t have to explain to my readers why that’s not just a bad strategy, it’s so mind-numbingly stupid it’s hard to even come up with an analogy. The only one I can think of is, “hey they are going to say we’re so stupid we’d jump off of a cliff anyway – so we may as well go ahead and jump off of a cliff!”

At least they admitted their “Nazi Pokemon Flyers for Kids” strategy was all about getting media coverage and getting “da yoof.” Supposedly, there are young white boys all around the country that are just dying to join a fake neo-Nazi group based around Pokemon and cartoon frogs that use lots of racial slurs.

This is simply mistaking online trolling for real life. Lots of young boys enjoy letting off steam telling nigger jokes on a pseudo-anonymous internet site, but then they are going back to hanging out with their black and mestizo friends. Remember, when the (((Daily Stormer))) and related groups actually “take it to the streets” their victories include getting 56 votes for Robert “With Jews You Lose” Randsdell and media coverage of Matt Heimbach shoving a black woman.

That’s it. And when they brag about their hit count online what they are doing is not at all different than the high school nerd bragging that when he shit hit pants during gym class ***everyone looked at him*** so therefore he’s getting more popular.

The real Alt-Right is not trying to get nice media coverage – they expect the media coverage to be hostile. But when people hear about these “white power Jew haters” and go online and find funny comedians like RamZPaul, reasonable spokesmen like Richard Spencer, and even articulate gentlemen like Jared Taylor, they realize that the media was lying.

On the other hand, when someone sees media coverage of the (((Daily Stormer))) and the media says “they are a bunch of kids in their mom’s basements talking about Hitler and masturbating to anime porn and talking about how much they hate black people and Jews” – well, people go online, find the (((Daily Stormer))) and say, “yep, the media is correct.”

The (((Daily Stormer))) is doing the anti-white’s job for them – dressing up in the costumes they were assigned by the ADL and dancing to the tune of the media. What is their reward? Lots of attention, just like the high school nerd shitting his pants in the gym.

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