Gender Neutral Parenting is a Form of Humble-Bragging

When a feminist mom says, “I tried so hard to raise my children in a gender neutral manner, but my son wound up playing with trucks and my daughter wound up playing with dolls. I blame the patriarchy and socially constructed gender roles.” …

Conservatives interpret this to mean, “I’m a crazy feminist and I’m blaming my failures at raising gender neutral children on society and you evil conservative men.”

The reality is what the feminist mom is actually saying is, “I raised my son to be gender neutral but his father – my husband – has such powerful y chromosomes my son turned out to be the most masculine of boys. And I raised my daughter to reject feminine roles but she’s just such a princess she’s still as feminine as can be and will have no problem snagging a studly alpha male like I did. It’s just because our genes are so superior.”

The only people who take liberals seriously are conservatives.

3 thoughts on “Gender Neutral Parenting is a Form of Humble-Bragging

    1. @aruna3

      Boys and girls are going to like different kinds of toys and even if you force boys to play with dolls or girls to play with trucks, they will just use these props in the ways they would have used normal toys.

      Boys and girls are just naturally different. That’s a good thing.


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