Ur-Pagan Pantheism As An Alt-Right Alt-White Religion

God-Emperor Trump & Lord Kek
Toward an Alt-Right Religion

Like clockwork someone suggests that “we” need a “new religion.” Usually this is a reaction to perceived deficits in Christianity, its universalism, Judaicism, and the cucked state of modern churches.

So my own only half serious proposals:

1. Respect the natural world. Holidays like the Solstices should be celebrated, along with the rhythms of the natural world, the seasons, etc.

2. The sun and the moon and the stars are perfect to hang mythological characters and stories on, just like the Greeks and the Romans did.

3. Celebrate the cycle of life. This is perfectly compatible with Christianity. You celebrate birth with a baptism or christening. You celebrate the coming of age of a boy with a confirmation. (Girls can be confirmed as well, but celebrating the coming of age of a girl would be a celebration of menstruation, which isn’t the stuff of a public ceremony and goes against the human feminine instinct to hide ovulation. Plus, a boy needs to achieve some goal and complete some act to become a man. Women achieve this through childbirth which has its own celebration.) You celebrate the union and man and woman with marriage, you celebrate death with a funeral.

You honor your ancestors specifically and also generically through archetypes. Zeus and Venus. Christianity does this through the veneration of saints who are both specific and archetypal.

4. If you really want to be subversive, some one come up with an alternative to the seven day week. This is almost certainly pre-Biblical but it’s the Hebrew tradition we likely get it from. The French Revolutionaries tried with their bizarre decimal calendar supposedly based on “Reason” and we don’t want to follow the French revolution. But still, seven days doesn’t seem in harmony with the natural world – perhaps it is simply because it’s a prime number. Perhaps because it’s a factor of the 28 day month. I’m open to suggestions here.

Lord Kek and God Emperor Trump are just too silly

3 thoughts on “Ur-Pagan Pantheism As An Alt-Right Alt-White Religion

    1. @oog

      Serious question. You cannot exclude the logical possibility of eternal damnation – but you can’t exclude the same logical possibility of an SJW God that loves everybody equally and we all go to heaven and get foot massages all day long and play harps – using the same logic, right?

      So we’re sort of back to square one …

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      1. SJW God-DESS would in all likelyhood be very intolerant of the intolerant and burn OUR asses for eternity. An Universalist deity would be of no consequences and can safely be ignored. The Wager of Pascal would simply shift. If God doesn’t care, we don’t have to care, if Xe does care, we’re *%€-up if we don’t care.


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