6 thoughts on “Knights in Black Leather

  1. OT, do you know The Z Blog? It’s a must read, todays Travelogue: The Imperial Capital is a good example why.

    He is not explicitly wn, but still writes heavy stuff like:

    “At its core, American conservatism has always been based on the idea that you have the right to be left alone. That can only be possible if you have the absolute right to associate or disassociate with whomever you please. Once racism became a mortal sin, freedom of association was lost.

    The secondary impact was to permanently make “the south” morally inferior and therefore prohibited from joining the ruling elite. The sin of slavery and then segregation has forever stained the soul of every southerner and every conservative. In order for a man of the right to gain acceptance he has to grovel endlessly and abandon most of what it means to be a conservative. Racism as the highest sin made certain that The South could never rise again. At least that’s the theory.”

    “Gun control has always been a proxy-debate that is more signalling than a debate. Good whites from Yankeedom see guns as a stand in for southerners in particular, but all bad whites in general. After these shootings, the good whites get to have their day for acts of public piety. it’s why they say the same things over and over. Rituals are like that.”

    “The Left’s embrace of global corporate power is just a means to an end. Having Google and Apple push people around, functioning as the morality police, is just more effective than having the government do it. Apple users celebrate the fact their phone will order them around like dogs, but howl like mad if the government does it.”

    “When a Democrat gets in trouble, the liberals circles the wagons and celebrates their successful defense of their guy. When a Republican gets in trouble, the conservative throw him overboard and both parties celebrate the result.”

    “I’m fond of pointing out that the main reason Progressives win every fight is that their opponents make the mistake of thinking it is a debate over facts and reasons. The people calling themselves conservative right now are sure that all they have to do is round up the facts and present them to the other side and the Left will throw down their weapons and embrace them as brothers.”

    “Laws limiting free association were intended to eliminate the organic structures that naturally oppose authoritarianism. It’s why the Founders made freedom of association the first item in the Bill of Rights. It’s why Progressives have been making war on it for close to a century.”

    Very hip this Z Man!


    1. “The Left’s embrace of global corporate power is just a means to an end. Having Google and Apple push people around, functioning as the morality police, is just more effective than having the government do it. Apple users celebrate the fact their phone will order them around like dogs, but howl like mad if the government does it.”

      I’ve mentioned similar things in the NSA vs. Snowden debate. The really interesting part was that the NSA just outsources the data gathering to the private sector, Google, Apple, etc. Yet your typical “liberal” simply has no problem with this. Really I think the people that do care about the NSA are just adopting it because it’s popular, it’s a meaningless pose against “the man.”

      Apple is one of the most vicious of the global corporations – they use slave labor. But no liberals ever complain about them they way they do, say, Koch Industries. It’s pure political tribalism.


  2. And while I’m at it, ever heard of James LaFond? He writes about White slavery and living in the ghetto, among other things, also things like:

    Mandy, Alone – Cast Adrift in Harm City on White Wednesday

    Or for example, i didn’t even know that “black slaves would be sought directly from Africa, so that there lack of English language ability—and ability to understand one another’s tribal languages—might prevent their conspiring with each other and White slaves to turn on their mutual oppressors” to prevent things like the Powhatan uprising in Virginia where “White runaways banded together with Indians to wipe out the plantations in 1622-23, coming close to success. The war that crowns this period, Bacon’s Rebellion in 1676, in which White renegades, White slaves, and black slaves, allied against colonial officials, the plantation owners, Indian tribes and even pirates, in a knock down drag out fight which resulted in the burning of Jamestown, also came close to victory for the rebels.” to quote LaFond.

    That would be a nice wrench into the guilt narrative, if people knew that for the first 100 years the plantations were staffed almost exclusively by White slaves! There were like four, five times more Irish enslaved to the Americas than blacks (400k).

    Even the term slave itself comes from the “Arabic word for white slave girls captured from the Slavic tribes of Eastern Europe and trafficked by Russian Vikings in the Dark Ages, and found its way into English via Muslim slave raiders who raided the English coast for sex slaves and galley slaves up until the late 1600s, and possibly from dealing with African slave traders, who did more business with Muslims—and still do—than they ever did with Christians or Jews.”, again LaFond.

    How many people even know that one of the functions of the Vatican was buying back White slaves?

    Radio 3Fourteen – Robert Davis – Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters White Slavery in the Mediterranean

    That’s all great anti guilt ammo, let alone reading!


    1. @guest

      A number of the Founding Fathers made note of how seductive the Indian lifestyle was to many young white men, who were always abandoning the settlements and “going native” by joining some tribe or another. It is not at all surprising to me that white slaves would join with similarly enslaved Indians and Africans, how could it be otherwise?

      Our audience is other white people, it would be pointless to bore blacks with stories of how white people were slaves too. How to leverage that narrative into talking points that turn white people pro-white, well, I’m up for suggestions.


  3. Hello, Hipster Racist, and THANK YOU for following my blog.

    QEDbook is still growing and expanding, and its oeuvre is on the rise. Now then, for my comment to you. CEO Nikolic salutes you.

    I read most of your interview with Aryan Skynet. (Unsure why Aryan Skynet wants to terminate the human race; suspect mommy issues). Your responses to his questions are quite WORDY, CONJUNCTIVE and INTELLIGENT. Not at all the style of your stories, from what I’ve very briefly scanned them.

    I have been making mental notes of several highly entertaining and interesting individuals on the net — all white men, of course — although I call them high lords, scions or even demi-gods — but I put YOU in a special category all of your own.

    I am an aspiring fiction writer, and I probably will be quite rich from those labors on which I’ll hang my hat — so I HAVE to read your fiction VERY carefully. There is something about you . . . they call me weird, and if so, you’re weird too, but in an entirely different way from me. It’s like I live in an all rainbow room with splotches of black, and yours is silver with deep gray muted tones, if that makes any sense.

    Well, we’ll see how our colors get together. I cannot even tip my toe into the cooling waters of your mind at the present time; in fact, I am going to have to disappear from your existence for a long time.

    I wanted to say that I remember you. Also, that my ultimate goal is to gather the best of the net for my future all-white-male corporation, Quadelitedom, in Toronto and pay you bastards a metric-shit-down of money (the M.S.D. was officially incorporated in Canadian standards last year — on my recommendation) and give you some real power and bitches to toy with. All in good fun.

    To get a sense of the kind of corporation I have in mind, scroll down to the very bottom of my screen and sample.

    Oh, and ignore that little squib about a new religion. I’m sure that was nothing.

    Your sincerely,

    the great,

    CEO Greg Nikolic/Sorcerygod

    on Thursday, September 15, 2016.

    Thinking of 2030.


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