MindWar and SuperSigils

Creating the Meme Superweapon

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I am struck by how memes, and particularly supersigils are used to influence people. These symbols, usually in physical form are archetypes, resonant in collective memory from many years of use. They are ancient patterns and they influence us in ways we are not aware of. They are deeply subliminal and so are understood only by very few people. This article helps point to the depth of what is going on here.

I believe the christ on a cross meme is one supersigil, a blinding vision that stops people in their tracks. It embodies so much meaning that it tends to overwhelm people. This acts as a stop sign, a place that limits your forward movement. It is merely the latest iteration of an earlier bronze age practice of human sacrifice, but we are not able to access the memory of these prior associations due to it having become taboo.

I think there are other images like this, ie. the triangle with the eye, and the ubiquitous ‘squatter man’ glyph seen in petroglyphs around the world.

My sense is that these images, in scheming and nefarious hands, serve as a ‘do not go here’ message. I think people are subliminally getting the message that some serious shit has gone down here, and that this is no place for the rubes. The message is “Shut down now!”

The Pepe frog meme is different from this, but I wanted to point out how some of the more ‘illuminati’ style memes might work. It’s all about influencing the masses in certain ways that produce a desired outcome for the hidden priestly cast.

Good point about supersigils and a good set of examples; the Crucifix, the Eye of Horus, and Squatter Man. Jung’s archetypes are similar and such images as Madonna with Child are of course universal to the human experience. There’s a famous textbook that purports to teach children Latin using only basic illustrations (such as family relations, natural objects, etc.) thus is supposed to be accessible to those having any native language.

Esoteric Freemasonry has developed very similar ideas and have a famous maxim that symbols are meant to both reveal and hide information.

As the article states, such things are very much a part of modern psychological warfare and my own internet history with the old MindWeaponsInRagnarok blog often touched upon similar psy-ops ideas as laid out in the infamous MindWar paper by Colonel Paul E. Valley and Major Michael Aquino.

Of course, the advertising industry is based on a seemingly mundane version of the same psychological tactics.

I’m too old to find much humor in Pepe the Frog or Kek, although I’ll admit it’s captured the imagination of the younger crowd. But if any blog could find a universal set of symbolic supersigils that tap into the subconscious of European man, I suspect it would be Counter Currents. John Robb of Global Guerrillas has touched on many ideas about decentralized coordination of forth generation warfare participants using symbolism.

My sense is that these images, in scheming and nefarious hands, serve as a ‘do not go here’ message. I think people are subliminally getting the message that some serious shit has gone down here, and that this is no place for the rubes. The message is “Shut down now!”

The term “gaslighting” comes from the famous movie, and there are a great many similar psychological tricks that can induce negative (or positive) emotions in people. The folk understanding of such things is usually termed “magic” in the anthropological sense, and while there has been not a little amount of pseudo-science on these topics, there has also been some rigorous research done in this field.

My favorite former blog, anolen.com, had a vast catalog of historical instances of intelligence agencies, cult groups (i.e. exploitative organizations) and religious and political secret societies actually developing these techniques, as well as ways of discovering which sorts of people were most susceptible to various tactics.

I’d turn to modern advertising for any hard numbers and results – the online advertising market is particularly good at this. But there is also a lot of neurology that can point in this direction.

The editor has often said that our ideas are natural and already accepted as common sense by most white people, what we have lacked is a mass media and institutional power. This online “meme magic” might be a way to leverage the internet to bypass that.

Of course, one hopes the “movement” is going to continue with this project whether or not Trump wins the election.

7 thoughts on “MindWar and SuperSigils

  1. Is persuasion (of the Scott Adams & Robert Cialdini variety) the other side to this?

    From the (great) article:

    “If we take Gary Oldman and Ha’aretz at face value that Jews Run Hollywood, then white moviegoers and the white population at large have been absorbing, learning, analyzing, and re-telling Jewish narratives about their histories and their lives, and essentially, as a species, viewing themselves through the eyes of a different ethnic group.”

    What’s worse are the “decades of jewish legal interpretations and precedents that have warped many aspects of common law” to quote a Vox Day commenter.

    Speaking of, any opinions on Vox? Another expat.

    And while i’m at it, ever heard of Charlotte Iserbyt?

    For being in her eighties she is a remarkably sharp lady, as seen in this two hours long interview where she talks about how the socialist-collectivist state of education came to be, and how the system works to eliminate the influences of parents, religion, morals, national patriotism, merit…

    She is of course the one who wrote a href=”http://www.deliberatedumbingdown.com/MomsPDFs/DDDoA.sml.pdf”>The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

    Which made me also think of Yuri Bezmenov, the former KGB agent and defector. His 1983 lecture on political subversion is especially interesting:

    “The main emphasis of the KGB is NOT in the area of intelligence at all, only about 15% of time, money, and manpower is spent on espionage as such. The other 85% is a slow process we call either ideological subversion or active measures.

    To change the perception of reality of every American that despite of the abundance of information no one is able to come to sensible conclusions. That process is legitimate and open, you can see it with your own eyes.”


    1. Yes, Adams style persuasion is at the root of this, as is the granddaddy of this sort of thing – “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”

      I’ve heard the Bezmenov interview, but I just remember that former KGB agents could made a good living peddling conspiracy tales to Birches during the close of the Cold War. The Birchers greatly overestimated the sophistication of the USSR. They thought the Communist conspiracy was headquartered in Moscow, but it was actually run from NYC.

      Iserbyt I suspect is far closer to the truth, but there’s no need to bring Communism in to it – that’s plain old fashioned American progressivism.

      The Commies were also-rans. Hollywood was always far more effective than the CPUSA.


  2. And i was just reading Excuses for Losing: It Was Teh Jooz! on FORWARD BASE B, which is overall still a good blog, where i thought of a good bugsy quick counter:

    “>they are simply more capable on average than other groups
    Yes, and those dirty Arabs hate us because of our freedom!

    No but seriously, both is obviously propaganda, yes, compared to Somalis Jews shine, but I’m afraid 90% of intellectual heavy lifting is still and was always done by whitey.”

    Muslims hating us for our freedom, or goyim hating Jews for their smarts, exact same silly propaganda when you think about it.


    1. I swear, I think they must teach them that in Jewish day school.

      “Anti-semites just hate us because we’re God’s chosen people and we’re so wonderful! They are just jealous.”

      I mean, really – go to any normal site. Say anything about Jews at all, you’ll get two responses:

      1. You’re just blaming Jews for your personal failures.


      These are the people that supposedly have off the charts verbal IQs? You’d think they could come up with something slightly original.


  3. Hipster Racist, HELLO THERE, this is GREG NIKOLIC of your former guest home Qedbook. As you now know, the Qedbook you kept in your blogroll is gone, deleted. But I have a new site! You can see me at eliteavenue.wordpress.com . . .

    Come visit frequently with my blessing — and leave lots of your comments there on The Ave. Almost every day will bring something new, shiny, and different.

    Hipster Racist, you may be the most Unique Voice I’ve ever encountered so far on the Net. WIth your lurid, almost pornographic noir stories, and your defiant, jokey Euro-Group Pride, you are a white Polaris star on the near horizon.

    I look forward to seeing you on eliteavenue.wordpress.com


  4. Hipster Racist, my sources tell me you’ve been following me for 17 whole minutes — and have yet to leave a comment on my new replacement website.

    *wagging finger*

    Tsk tsk.

    If this doesn’t improve, I’m not going to go through your entire literary canon and read it.

    It ain’t hip to be THAT cool.

    ~ Greg Nikolic


    1. If you want my advice – tone it down. You aren’t “elite.” It seems really unlikely you’ve ever even had a girlfriend – you read like you’re maybe 16 or so.

      Do less bragging and more actual writing – and don’t always try to make yourself some sort of hero – you can’t pull it off.

      Start small – tell a story or two. Stop the posturing at being some sort of heartless “alpha” god. You obviously have a lot of energy, so I’d suggest some focus.

      Take it or leave it. You aren’t writing any checks so all you have to offer anyone is your actual content. Think about it.


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