3 thoughts on “Hipsters Do It Better: An Intimate InterShoe with Skynet Guru Hipster Racist

  1. Ever head of Wimminz?

    His Black Lies Matter post is very hip:

    “If you were setting up a “germany for the germans” group, would you really insist they all shave their heads, have the same tatts, wear the same cutoffs and jeans and boots, and roam around town in groups?

    These guys are like the patch bikers, the uniform scares away the straights, and that’s the way they like it, preferring to associate with their own kind, fucking tell me I can’t eat a bacon sandwich in a street in my home town asshole….

    But the mafia-esque criminal cabal that actually does shit they ain’t.

    Black Li(v)es Matter is no more than staking a goat out in the savannah and seeing what comes out to eat.

    *NOTHING* makes the state / po-po / TLA happier than some malcontent young man signing up for a patch biker club, or the white power club, or the soapbox/votebox/ammobox club, you just fucking tagged yourself bitch.

    Thanks for playing. Game over man….

    Sonny Barger has an official fuckbook page, Don Corelone don’t.

    There is a moral / message / hint here, I just do not want to be *too* obvious and explicitly state it.”

    He even brings up 911, in a BLM post, that’s definitely hip:

    “We had *lots* of IRA spectaculars here in the UK back in the day, and they all targeted high profile targets, hotels with politicians in, financial buildings, you know the sort of thing, because that is the sort of thing you do, when you are expecting to go on living in that same country with few changes .

    If you did NOT mind changes, or if you were a foreigner so the changes would not affect you, you would not target any of these things, you’d take your 1,000 lb of ANFO and target infrastructure, whether it be an electricity substation, a major road or rail bridge, a water pumping station, and so on.

    We see the proof of this every time one power attacks shit in a foreign country, it is *always* infrastructure that is targeted, it is *never* “spectaculars” like hotels full of politicians or financial buildings.

    So, 9/11, three aircraft each of which would have utterly destroyed a major electrical substation and AT THE VERY LEAST plunged new york state into darkness for a MONTH, and might even have cascaded the entire US energy grid into failure as well.

    Well, you fly them into “spectacular” buildings of course. (aided by pre laid demo charges)

    Because, you know, you expect to be living there afterwards and don’t want too much change in your lifestyle in the aftermath…

    It’s the ultimate proof that 9/11 was a domestic job.”


    1. That’s a good article and a very good point about 9/11 as a domestic, not foreign, attack.

      Certainly, the aftermath showed that the Bush administration’s conspiracy theory about “Al Qaeda” was complete bullshit. Hell – blacks are able to do more damage than anything “Al Qaeda” supposed did after 9/11. What, no Ay-rabs were able to shoot up a mall or suicide bomb a train station? No poisoning the water supply? You could get a few rednecks together over a weekend and do more damage than anything “Al Qaeda” did after 9/11.


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