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  1. Any advice on how to register a wordpress, for a “hip” blog, i thought of a great handle, but what now… Do you register using a VPN, TOR, or something entirely else, any general tips?

    The Opera browser just released a version with a free build in VPN, that may be enough?


    1. Are you trying to hide from the NSA?

      Don’t bother – they already know.

      I guess brush up on internet security and hiding your IP address if you want. What makes you think I know anything about stuff like that?


      1. I’m not worried about the NSA, but it may be good to have just one degree of separation when posting WN stuff, as we don’t have the 1st amendment here in good old Europe.

        I think I’ll go with Opera, that should be enough VPN, it also works for watching region locked US content on YouTube for example.

        What made me think you know? Well you escaped from NY Snake, you may have done other things, you certainly registered a few blogs, just general tips regarding that are also welcome, anything to watch out?


  2. But on the other hand, you don’t even have to go explicit WN here, all nationalism implies WN; there is no non-white nationalism in European countries, civic/ethno nationalism is plenty.


  3. Hipster Racist, I am still trying to make time to read your fiction properly. I’m a fiction writer myself taking a path that will lead to, well, fame and fortune. I suppose I’m the next Stephen King, but better.

    *shrugs* Not that you’re going to believe me. Any asshole can pick up a keyboard, ram it down a few times and shake loose a few K’s and A’s and see what he’s produced on the screen. But I am VERY commercial and VERY determined.

    In my searches for others’ fiction on the Internet, I must say, the quality is low. In general, the gatekeepers of the New York literary world are correct in their rejections and their acceptances, for all the story of bestselling books being turned down by agents and publishing house editors.

    HOWEVER, I do like your white nationalism and from what I can tell, you have unusual, unique stories of female submission and explicit sexuality, which I like.

    If you want to see my own erotica, written when I was 19, a while ago, check out Greg Nikolic Temple of the God of Friction. I’m better now.

    But as for YOUR own fiction, I would like to go through it and edit it properly. Why? Just cuz. Cuz it would be fun. I have a natural editor in me, and it’s itching to come out. I find the biggest impediment to Internet writers is their lack of commercial orientation.

    For instance, you might write:

    “She smoked cigarettes one after the other and watched TV and there was a fire next door.”

    Whereas a commercial line would be:

    “As the TV light spilled over in the darkness, a greater light — this one reddish and hungry — surged and flickered behind her. She turned her head, seeking out the source — and was shocked to discover her kitchen burning down from drapes to dildo drawer.”

    (I put in the dildo drawer JUST FOR YOU. *slowly mocking RL smile*)

    Anyway, come to my site and check it out. Leave a comment if you care.


    I have a fake news article today. I can also do journalism like a pro.


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