4 thoughts on “Pop Goes the Culture into Atomization

    1. SpyCulture.com is very interesting, I’ll be looking into that.

      Not sure about the “college parties as sex magic” though. There is a certain brand of Puritanism leftover in America where anything with even a hint of paganism (an ur-religion) is “occult” or somehow bad – not to mention anything sexual. You don’t have to be a libertine to think that people who want women covered up, or are otherwise anti-sex, are in fact simply engaged in their own form of sexual fetish. “Withholding sperm” is a type of fetish, in fact. I realized the “alt right” was full of these people when Julian Lee started discussing how “spiritual” he felt when he hadn’t ejaculated for months and another was talking about how disgusting it was to have sex with your wife during the week of her period.

      Middle Eastern sexual weirdness came to America via the Puritans that read the Old Testament and decided they wanted to be the Prophet Joshua – this came with religious intolerance, crazed sectarian violence and deeply unhealthy attitudes about sex.


      1. To think i almost missed SpyCulture itself, because i did download the report but didn’t check the site, so thanks for the reminder, and that may finally be a podcast even you like!


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