3 thoughts on “B’man’s Revolt: A Song for 9/11

  1. Off topic, there is another brown scare going on in Germany, so called völkisch settlers are apparently all nazis! Raciss’ white people moving to the country side, running bio farms and having large families, how evil! You want to be self sufficient, you may just as well draw a swastika on your forehead. It’s really bad, they are even maintaining Germanic traditions and customs! Minding your own bio business is now also racist.

    The headlines are all:
    Völkisch settlers – the bio nazis from next door
    Völkisch settlers – nice landscape with brown spots
    On the surface exemplary, internally right wing radical

    “German consumers are being warned that when they buy organic produce they may be supporting the far-right movement, following the revelation that rightwing extremists in Germany have embraced the ecological movement and are using it to tap into a new generation of supporters.” via

    You are essentially a nazi if you buy bio food, good shitizens prefer gmos!

    They say it’s an Artaman League type thing, which was a German agrarian and völkisch movement dedicated to a Blood and soil-inspired ruralism, eventually absorbed by, the Nazi Party. Further from the Wikipedia entry on Artaman:

    The development of a number of environmentalist groups and projects in Germany with extreme right wing politics has recently gained media attention. Since the 1990s, far-right environmentalists have taken advantage of cheap farmland made available by the post-Cold War reunification of East and West Germany, establishing themselves in Mecklenburg, “in an effort to reinvigorate the traditions of the Artman League”.

    Everything really is raciss’, someone should update that list!


  2. Speaking of, can rednecks be considered völkisch as well? They certainly are implicit white! What’s hipsters opinion on them hill boyz? Are they just country hipsters?

    And when you thought it doesn’t get whiter:
    <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4Ao-iNPPUc"Thunderstruck by Steve'n'Seagulls (LIVE)
    “Steve ‘n’ Seagulls is a Finnish country band, playing bluegrass versions of well-known hard rock and metal songs.”


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