Trump the Dom

“Everything in the world is about sex. Except for sex. Sex is about power.”

Progressives BDSM sexual fantasies about Trump – and his supposed “White Power” base – is in full bloom after the election. Black Lives Matter folks are posting their Race BDSM Role Play fantasies on social media, making up lurid sexual scenarios where they are dominated by aggressive White Power KKK-Nazis.

One woman figures out the “Trump Code” and the sexual undertones to the reaction to Donald Trump. Trump’s a Dom, she says, which not only appeals to a lot of people, but in fact appeals to a lot of people who are still quite conflicted about their reactions to a strong “alpha” Dominant White man.

3 thoughts on “Trump the Dom

  1. Actually, Conspirator, white women want men to do all the work — while they control the strings from the shadows when it suits them.

    If that’s what you mean by “taking over.”

    Although I’m all in favor of taking over.


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