5 thoughts on “Nick Tosches on the Social Capital of the Ethnic Neighborhood

  1. How would have Bob handled this? Is what i thought:

    Vox is flipping out:

    “No, no, NO! Seriously, how stubbornly stupid are you? Why don’t you just go right to “Democrats are the REAL racists”?

    I’m getting very tired of losers who INSIST on responding to rhetoric with dialectic. If you wouldn’t reply in Chinese to someone speaking English, don’t use dialectic, logic, reason, or whatever label you need to understand the concept to those speaking rhetoric.

    Seriously, this isn’t that fucking hard.”

    That’s what trump did, avoiding the real racists route.

    It really is more stand up than a debate club, interacting with the public, and the goal is to get as many punch lines in as possible, not debate like a spaz, you don’t ever say actually!


    1. The only way to prove Trump isn’t racis’ is to throw him into the river, like a witch, and if he swims, that’s proof positive for the racism. Why do you think blacks can’t swim, because they aren’t racist!

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  2. I don’t know if you saw on skynet, more mantra from El Rushbo:

    “I’m telling you, these people believe that the white population of this country, which has been the majority since the days of the founding, is inherently corrupt. They believe the white majority, which is largely Christian, is also corrupt because of religion and because of skin color. In other words, they believe the majority of this country has always been racist and bigoted, and so it must be chipped away at, it must be destroyed and it must be properly categorized. And one of the ways that they have chosen to chip away at this whole presumption that the majority is a bunch of racist bigots is to promote this diversity business and to simply say that anybody nonwhite makes something better, whether it does or not.

    That’s what they’re saying. We’re gonna make things better by reducing the numbers of white people. We’re gonna make things better by reducing the numbers of the majority, and we’re gonna start sprinkling diversity in there. And it doesn’t matter in whatever endeavor we’re talking about, whether the new members of whatever diversity club you’re assembling, whether they are any good or not, that doesn’t matter. It’s simply about appearance.

    But it’s about much more than that, because this is the route, it’s part of the route, it’s part of the technique for chipping away at the very founding of the country and capitalism and the systems that have given us and that we have produced the greatest superpower the world has ever known.”

    Limbaugh actually said to his 10+ million listeners, that diversity essentially means getting rid of white people to make things better, Bob Whitaker himself couldn’t have said it better!

    Is that the Trump effect already?


  3. Hello, Hipster.

    Well, I nuked Gregnikolic.wordpress.com — the site you were following.

    But all is not lost!

    You can follow me anew on my fresh site:


    If you enjoyed the Trump sex story you’ll LOVE what’s coming up.


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