White Guy Gets Screwed by the Jew Media, Wises Up

Here’s a great video of a guy describing his experience being set up by the Jew media, The Atlantic. The Atlantic – which used to be a serious publication – like most old media, is dying. Their revenue is drying up, the old smart Jews that used to run outfits like the Atlantic have retired or died off, and they are reduced to clickbait SJW nonsense. The Atlantic’s brand is dead, they are now competing with jokes like Salon.

So a couple of Jews at the Atlantic tried to get some juicy “NAAAAAAAAAAAZI” crap at NPI. The White guy was a bit naive and was surprised how openly they lied to him to get him to sign a release, but mostly did ok. Now, of course, the Israeli Zionist terrorists at the “anti-fa” are attacking him and his girlfriend – threatening their jobs, etc.

This is how the Zionist terrorists operate.

But on the whole, it’s a good thing. People are wising up. Trump – who’s a joke, I’ve never been particularly pro-Trump – his election is causing the Jews to literally shit themselves with fear – which is hilarious.

The Atlantic is a second rate, shoe string operation that is losing money and probably won’t be around ten years from now. See this at what it is, the death rattle of the Lugenpresse.

I urge anyone who has never lived in New York City to visit sometimes. Our elites are a joke, they are paranoid half-brights who are just running on the fumes left-over by the actual smart Jews of two generations ago. Obama’s (WASP) media guy admitted how it works: the media is run by 20 something rich kids who literally don’t have a clue how the world works and literally get all of their information from the TV and Huffington Post. Most of these Jewish kids running the media these days are so provincial they brag about never going above 14th Street, except for their student trip to Israel.

These are our enemies, which is why we are winning. The anti-white nonsense is hanging by a thread now. Just keep a level head and it’s easy-peasy to work these fools.

One thought on “White Guy Gets Screwed by the Jew Media, Wises Up

  1. Another I issue with Skypes is that their birthrate has been incredibly low for a very long time. I don’t see how you can hold on to your elite ‘inner party’ position in a society if your numbers are basically being halved every generation.


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