(((DailyStormer))) Spends More Time Attacking Whites than Anti-Whites

Of all the fallout of the NPI conference, what has become more and more clear is that the (((Daily Stormer))) outfit spends virtually ALL of their time attacking pro-White people.

They attack Jared Taylor. They attack RamZPaul. They used to attack Richard Spencer, but have now are attempting to slander him with the (((Hollywood Nazi)) gimmick – but have no doubt, they will go back to calling him a “cuck” and a “fag” soon.

In every video by every pro-white person, accounts from the (((Daily Stormer))) are doing nothing but slandering and attacking any pro-White voice that won’t pretend to be a (((Hollywood Nazi.)))

They aren’t attacking anti-whites. They aren’t going to the GOP cucks and calling them out on their anti-whiteness. They aren’t going to anti-White Jewish websites and attacking them for their anti-whiteness.

Nope – the (((Daily Stormer))) spends all their time attacking any White person who won’t act a fool for the $PLC.

The only real question is – why are people still falling for this act? Considering the (((Daily Stormer))) has been outed numerous times for publishing Israeli propagandists like Joshua Goldberg, being funded by a likely Israeli that rapes white girls, Anglin’s own anti-white views – their year long campaign against NPI – why is anyone still putting up with the blatant subversion?

It’s pretty obviously JIDF – bored Jewish college kids sitting in front of a computer pretending to be (((Hollywood Nazis))) and attacking anyone and everyone pro-White. (((Daily Stormer))) is more anti-White than most Black people – more anti-White than Asian people, and essentially as anti-White as the $PLC and the ADL.

You are either pro-White, or you are anti-White – and it’s pretty obvious that the (((Daily Stormer))) is an anti-White organization.

6 thoughts on “(((DailyStormer))) Spends More Time Attacking Whites than Anti-Whites

    1. LOL – a threat from the anti-fa.

      Don’t come to any conferences.

      Hey Chaim – it’s not working anymore. Everyone can see through the act.

      Hungry Hungry Heimbach failed in trying to take down NPI – and you and your boyfriend Anlin will fail as well.

      It’s hilarious – there you are, sitting in front of your computer getting paid $12 an hour by JIDF, steaming mad that we’ve outed your little fake “naaaaaaaaaazi” outfit.


  1. “The only real question is – why are people still falling for this act?”

    I think that many people fail to see it for what it is, missing the forest from the trees as such. People are naive, too trusting, often to busy and thinking it’s just about trolling the enemy. In fact, they’re just happy to have an outlet on the internet to express their angst about the current (((system.)))

    Many are also, it must be said, simply not socially fit.

    I once asked “Anglin” why he was so hated and he couldn’t think of a reason. I then found the audio interview of him back in 2012 (which I transcribed and posted on disqus.) In the same year he founded “Total Fascism” – that should be startling to anyone clear thinking, but you’d be surprised (or not) at how many don’t want to hear it, or believe it.

    To my mind, he’s never clearly addressed that, and we know why.

    So a good part of it is sheer ignorance.

    We need a guide for recovering LARPers. They’re making life for legitimate truth seekers and people just plain interested in getting their homelands back a real painful task.

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    1. I’ve often joked about starting up a parody “anti-fa” anti-white site, going full SJW, in order to undermine the anti-whites.

      If I turned on a dime and became anti-white, would anyone believe it?

      Note that is not the same as changing your views over time – that happens all the time. But Anglin expressed what were obviously sincere “anti-racist” (i.e., anti-white) views and was quite heartfelt in his opposition to “anti-semitism.”

      Then, he starts a site “Total Fascism” that was pretty obviously a parody of right wing thought. The parody was a bit too broad and obvious, so he reconfigured it as a copy of TheRightStuff.biz.

      It gets more an more “extreme” all the time. It’s able to attract a certain amount of kids, who obviously don’t know the difference between 4chan /pol/ or TRS, or the rest of it.

      But now it’s being used as a platform to attack virtually every pro-white voice. And no matter how many times they get caught making their, er, “mistakes,” you know, “mistakes” like publishing Joshua Goldberg saying “I advocate the extermination of all non-whites.” “Mistakes” like being funded by a guy who gets arrested for rape and described by his victim as “not white.”

      Uh huh, that was just a “mistake.” I’m sure Anglin had no idea – NONE – that Joshua Goldberg, who was being publicized Rita Katz at SITE – nah, it was just a “mistake.”

      Just like Fatboy Slim was making a “mistake” when he decided to parade around on college campuses waving around lynching signs. Yeah, just an innocent “mistake” right? Just a little bit “off message.”

      Come on, it’s all so damn obvious.

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      1. The forums are filled with JIDF too – that was actually the part that caught my attention first. I simply missed a lot of the other things you’ve pointed out as I was just a casual reader. Just why are so many Jews allowed to run rampant on the site, while some well meaning folks were banned over really trivial things? I know for a fact that turned a few people away. Another red flag.

        I do think a certain amount of trolling and humour has it’s uses. It can be disarming. But what next? I never seem to get an answer to that, other than “wait until it gets worse, then people will wake up and we fight!”

        I think they’ll be waiting a long time.

        Somewhere along the lines someone has to put some rubber on the road, and I just don’t know if sending Jewish journalists pictures of themselves getting gassed all day and everyday is doing it. Funny for a bit, but does anyone know what we *really* want?

        I honestly wish I found your blog posts a bit earlier. It would have saved me a lot of “WTF moments” and subsequent digging around for explanations. I probably owe you an apology for my stupidity elsewhere, but I do feel a bit wiser for the experience.

        Great idea on the SJW parody site too. I had a similar idea to tackle the Jewish right-wing. FrontPage mag on steroids. If I had more time/energy to do it that is. Disqus is still my home.


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