The Real Occult

Red Ice recently did an interview with this character, whom I only know because icareviews posted one of his videos to AryanSkynet. The video is about Pizzagate and whether or not the “elites” are actually some sort of Satanists.

The character Styx makes some good solid points. First of all, he describes “Satanism” as in the Church of Satan as “atheism with a floor show” and just “reverse Christianity.” This is true. Anton Levay was a carnie, an actor, an entertainer. The purpose of the Church of Satan was to scandalize Christians and make various Hollywood celebrities feel “edgy” by breaking religious taboos. The modern version does the same thing – it’s a theatrical group that sues governments to either include their hokey “Satanic” pseudo-religion in various public places or else to exclude all Christian symbolism – and that is the point, to disestablish Christianity. They do some hilarious bits of performance art, but it’s just a bunch of atheists trying to get Christianity kicked out of the public sphere.

Styx also makes the point that “Spirit Cooking” is not much different, it’s not “real occultism” – it’s try-hard “edgy” performance art.

But Styx believes in the “real occult.” In fact, his main concern seems to be to differentiate the “real occult” from the carnie barkers and edgy artists.

But what is the “real occult?” Styx mentions a Grimoire, the Petit Albert, as “real occultism.”

Go look up the Petit Albert. Read it. What do you see?

It’s the worst sort of medieval superstitious nonsense. It includes things like love potions and “candles of power” you can make out of a corpse’s hand. What IS interesting about this early “occultism” is that some of it is an early form of medicine.

Just like much of ancient religion was an early form of astronomy. It’s not a coincidence that the planets and constellations are named after gods like Jupiter, Mars, Venus, etc. Various kinds of religions were early attempts at science, and various types of “occult” – like the Petit Albert – were early attempts at medicine.

But is was precisely when all of the superstitious mumbo-jumbo was removed from these systems that they moved from nonsense – to actual, working science.

Yoga is an ancient art. But the fact is the stuff your girlfriend does that gives her such a great ass is almost certainly far superior than the ancient practices. The ancient had no “Secret Knowledge” that has been forgotten. Quite the contrary. The ancients were mired in superstition which is why they lived such brutish, short, diseased lives. There is virtually no “magic” or “ancient technology” that is of any value in the modern world.

There are some things that have been forgotten that are good. For instances, if you are starting a farm to make money – you basically have two choices. Either work as a Monsanto subcontractor and grow GMO corn by the book, or sell overpriced “organic” stuff to yuppies.

However, if you were interested in homesteading and growing food for your family, there ARE some old fashioned agricultural practices that are quite useful. But they won’t make you rich, certainly. But they are appropriate technology for something like a family farm.

There is this superstitious tendency to believe that the “ancients” had some sort of mysterious knowledge that we have lost. It’s not true. The ancient world was awful, horrific. Some aspects of Whig history are, in fact, correct. Things are way better now.

What we can learn from the ancients – their real timeless knowledge – is about the human condition and character, the virtues, the sins. Human nature doesn’t change, and it’s well worth reading the classics to understand that sort of thing.

But medieval “occultism” is a ridiculous dead end, same as “ancient herbal medicine” or all the rest of that rot. Be thankful for technology – it’s a hard earned human accomplishment (mostly, a White European accomplishment.)

I knew plenty of guys like Styx in high school and college. Look at him – long hair, heavy metal jacket. Figure it out. He liked metal, got into the “occult” angle, then figured he would find out about the “real occult” and now it’s just his weird hobby.

Crowley was a spy – his “Thelema religion” was nothing more than an early form of “mind control” – a gimmick with which to built a cult of personality. The real meat of Thelema was nothing to do with the “occult” stuff – the real meat of Thelema is drugs and sex orgies.

But those forms of “mind control” were primitive and are now totally outdated. Just like MKUltra style drugging and torture never produced the “mind control” they really wanted.

The best form of mind control? Advertising. That is why it’s a billion dollar business. Edward Bernays found out the really effective form of “mind control” and it’s banal as hell. Tell women they aren’t “liberated” unless they smoke cigarettes. Sell college boys beer by suggesting it will get them laid. Play on people’s insecurities, fear, and greed.

That is timeless wisdom, and there’s nothing at all “occult” about it – it’s all pretty much out in the open.

2 thoughts on “The Real Occult

  1. “Yoga is an ancient art. But the fact is the stuff your girlfriend does that gives her such a great ass is almost certainly far superior than the ancient practices.”

    Ha! Very true. That reminds me of a line from one of Ayn Rand’s books – something about people gawking at Mayan pyramids, only to return home to Manhattan and pass a huge skyscraper without even blinking an eye. They falsely believe the work of the ancients to be superior to those of the modern.

    Methinks it’s merely a way for them to denigrate the accomplishments of their contemporaries, which makes them feel slightly better about their lack of accomplishments.


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