Internet Tough Guys Are Just Another Kind Of LARPer

There are a handful of serious people who have serious things to say about violence, war, conflict, civil war, etc. Few and far in between, they are often current or former military officers that have put serious thought into the realities of violence and war.

But of course 99% of people talking tough online are just LARPers.

I first became aware of this on TheOccidentalObserver many years ago, when a poster named “Mark” actually wrote – quite seriously – that what Whites should be doing is “starting forest fires to bring down the government.”

Now, it’s true that the FBI and Jewish groups like the $PLC pay people to post advocacy for illegal violence online. It’s also true that some people are just trolls, and stupid LARPers. But posting about violence online is 99% of the time just stupid.

If you will notice most of the faux-pro-Whites that like to talk about violence have nothing serious to say about it – it’s pure LARPing and often subversive. If one was really planning some sort of violent, IRA type action – of course, the very LAST thing you would do is post about it on a public forum.

We can be assured that 99.999% of the time someone claiming to be pro-White posts something advocating violence, it’s either a shill, or more likely, just a borer LARPer, perhaps a teenager, that finished jerking off to his Japanese Anime Kiddie Porn and wants to lash out online because he feels bad for being such a loser.

The people pretending to be pro-White that always talk about “taking it to the street” and somehow mimicking the “anti-fa” are of course shills and trolls. One particularly odious individual, who shall remain nameless this time, constantly posts stupid calls for “street violence.” This individual of course used to be a pro-Jewish, pro-Israeli Zionists who got angry if you posted anything negative about Jews or Israel.

That didn’t work, so he moved on to “manosphere” type stuff, now spends his time trying to promote the worst LARPers in order to discredit the serious pro-White movement. He’s created an elaborate fantasy image of himself as an upper class banker who nevertheless pretends he’s going to trade in his wingtips for Doc Martens and “bash” some anti-fa.

Of course it’s stupid – OF COURSE he’s a LARPer and full of shit. His entire gimmick is to rile up the lower IQ teenagers that are attracted to faux-“edgy” LARPing.

Violence may very well come to America. But it is not going to be announced on pro-White blogs. You can be 100% assured that anyone LARPing about violence on a public pro-White blog is either a stupid LARPing troll, or a Jewish/SITE Intel subversive.

100%, take it to the bank.

You can tell because the real people that understand violence and warfare will be discussing logistics and strategy and military doctrines like 4th gen warfare.

The LARPers and the Feds will be talking about “muh streets.”

Don’t believe the hype. Because the pro-White movement is becoming mainstream, we should EXPECT to be attacked by more subversives trying to distract and discredit us.

Eyes on the Prize.

9 thoughts on “Internet Tough Guys Are Just Another Kind Of LARPer

  1. There’s a saying that went around the various Militia circles back in the 80s and 90s. It went something like: “How can you spot the Fed in your local Militia? They’re always the first one to suggest bombing something.”

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  2. I’ve seen a new site which is mixing constitutionalism/radical individualism with nordicism, and doing the well we all know who routine. They’re getting real desperate trying to create more self actualizing Dylan Roof types in the USA. Another way to spot them is they’re contradicting most of the time in the ideology they’re presenting. Watch what they do, not what they say. The most disciplined who stay on message in the comment sections use bot generators… hahaha

    I find it more interesting to spot informants nowadays. They have similar tells, the most obvious tells presents its self once you have spoken to them.

    I think the minorities will end up extremist before the great white does, IMO the Great white won’t happen until the minorities run an extremist muck. This is highly probable if Trump runs full term, then wins 2020…

    Your favorite mate Firepower has stopped posting, perhaps he’s embarrassed that his future predictions are very poor and make him look the fool. His butt buddy Ryu is now pretending he didn’t make foolish predictions. lol Sad really how much effort those types put in for no return on investment.


    1. There is a concerted effort by the Usual Suspects to post pro-Dylann Roof stuff on all the major pro-White forums.

      These people are indistinguishable from the $PLC anti-whites. Both the $PLC/ADL – and the so-called “hard core neo-Nazis” – both want anything pro-white to be associated with insane people who shoot innocent minorities while they are holding Bible studies in church.

      So we have the LARPers who actually troll people saying you’re a “cuck” if you don’t praise Dylann Roof. Never mind the fact that the entire Dylann Roof narrative itself is largely fictional (he wasn’t a racist and he spent the last year on hard core drugs, legal SSRIs and illegal like LSD) and was likely being “handled” and the media even created completely false characters like his supposed cousin “Scott Root” which doesn’t even exist.)

      But if you don’t praise that sort of vigilante violence, you’ll be attacked as “soft” and “not hardcore enough” and a “cuck” or even a “fag” and a “Jew.”

      Of course, it costs nothing for a shill or a Jew to post such tripe online. But then everyone has to scramble to either distance themselves from such immoral idiocy or remain silent and be smeared by association.

      I can’t believe people still fall for such tripe.

      The ENTIRE purpose of the shills is to say something immoral, idiotic, and potentially illegal in order to FORCE people to either counter-signal or remain silent and be smeared by association. That is the entire point of the shilling.

      It’s the same thing with “Nazi” LARPing. It helps to break the group up into two parts – the people who rightly see it as subversive and are forced to counter-signal (thus putting themselves in a position that seems to be apologetic) and the others who just want to ignore it thus come across as sympathetic.



        As for the boy, his eyes, nostrils and the asymmetry between the skull and the face exposes their mixed origin.
        dylan also has the frontal process of the zygomatic bone too wide
        .This characteristic is typical of mongoloid race.
        his father is also very mongrelized :

        Here’s how strange are the eyes, nose, hair and skin color of his father


  3. That picture of the midget kid is classic. Apparently, his midget mother – after tasting celebrity fame – divorced the husband to ride the midget cock carousel. Destroyed the entire family because of the feelz.

    Whores gonna whore…even if they are four feet tall.


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