5 thoughts on “All The Best Nazis Are Jewish

  1. Ahahaha. I can’t believe you were right about this shit. I always thought the blatant neo-Nazism was just a combination of ego and low IQ, perhaps maybe too much testosterone(reminder: 1 in 6 whites will have an IQ of around the black average of 85), but to have these people actually echo or be subversive cucks.. Jesus.

    I’d actually be willing to accept Mike Enoch’s situation if his actions weren’t so blatantly contrary to our cause. The New York Anglo growing up around Jews, even marrying one, before turning to libertarianism and then WN/JQ after realizing how fake, unnatural and in-human the whole New York scene is, not breaking up with his Jewish wife because individualism is still a thing, maybe he already had kids with her, all of this is atleast somewhat believable, but given his typical Hollywood Nazism, it’s far more likely it is subversion than a late change of stance/politics. Either way his actions are unwanted.

    You can see in the 10 minute The Atlantic video that weasel encouraging the obese fellow in the suit to throw up the Nazi salute, patting him on the back after he does it. What purpose could this possibly serve other than to subvert?

    Now if only someone could debunk DS and TRS being the most popular Alt-Right sites, or more importantly, that they actually convert more people to our side than other groups. Funny how neither can somehow translate any of their supposed site success onto Youtube, by DS’ site views you’d think they’d be able to have as big a Youtube channel as Stefan Molyneux. Not saying their site traffic numbers are fake, but given Enoch and his wife’s careers, they certainly could have the resources. Regardless, DS/TRS are just extensions the extremely large 4chan/8chan population base, obviously I could be completely wrong but I highly doubt they actually have large convert numbers.

    This type of shit has tainted nationalism for the last 67 years, when will it stop?

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    1. They love to claim how popular they are because of their Alexa.com stats.

      Alexa.com is an Israeli company that was founded by an actual Mossad agent – a Mossad agent that supposedly died on one of the hijacked 9/11 planes … figure that one out!

      Of course, it’s mostly JIDF. Just like Clinton’s “Correct the Record” – they pay Indians in India 25 cents an hour to log onto the websites and copy and paste various talking points.

      They each have a dozen handles: disqus_FDV3432FDS and disqus_0fdG34#% etc. The handles are created by a script.

      Of COURSE it’s all fake.

      And yep – Mike Enoch was the guy that jumped up in front of the Jew media cameras at NPI and did the “Hiel Hitler” salutes … but we’re supposed to believe that was just an “accident.”

      At least two people are known to have lost their jobs because of Enoch’s stunt – and likely there are others.

      Be clear – the people that lost their jobs were NOT the ones doing the stupid “NAAAAZI” act – they were just regular white people who went to a conference and had NO IDEA that Mike Enoch was setting them up.

      Come on folks – figure it out. It ain’t that difficult.


  2. It will be even more so in the future, because for normies WW2 will be irrelevant like the thirty years war is now, in as nobody even remembers who fought who, let alone harps on it.

    Take the recent 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, where a tour guide from Hawaii was lamenting that half the tourists don’t even know Japan was the enemy, that fact is news to them, what, the polite Japanese, this can’t be true!

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    1. I’m already over WWII. When is everyone else – like Mike Enoch and his Jewish wife – going to get over it?

      Why in the world would supposedly pro-white Americans LARP as a historical reenactment society based on Germany from 75 years ago?

      To ask the question is to answer it – we know exactly why Jews and their husbands pretend to be “Nazis.”

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