RamZPaul Was Right Again! #TheRightStuff #OpNSAJewWife


RamZPaul was targeted by the fake “neo-Nazis” at the (((Daily Stormer))) for two years. They have openly admitted to trying to get him banned from youtube. They have spent two years spreading lies about him and trying to undercut his worthwhile and effective pro-white work.

RamZPaul has done numerous videos and articles explaining how the entire “neo-Nazi” movement is FAKE and it’s run by Jews.

And what do you know – the second biggest “neo-Nazi” on the internet “just happens” to be married to a Jew. When he was making all those jokes about “Gas The Kikes – Race War Now” – the butt of those jokes wasn’t his Jewish wife and Jewish children.

The butt of those jokes was YOU – you stupid kiddies that think posting Anime Hitler cartoons make you “edgy.”

Mike Enoch and his Jewess wife were yukking it up – while YOU were being exposed to the media, while YOU were losing your jobs, while YOU were getting slandered because you stupidly play-acted as the Clown the Jews wanted you to be.

(((Daily Stormer))) and TheRightStuff.biz – they are BOTH run by Jews, as are ALL the “neo-Nazi” groups.

Just hope you used a VPN when you posted all that “Edgy Nazi” shit on (((Daily Stormer))) – because “Weev” the Jew that runs the site has your IP addresses.

Why do you think they let him out of jail early?


Hope he doesn’t tell your parents what you do online!


9 thoughts on “RamZPaul Was Right Again! #TheRightStuff #OpNSAJewWife

  1. According to this guy no white protestant nationalists can organize in any serious or meaningful way without Bolshevik Jews/Jesuits hijacking our movements in order to continue robbing us and destroying us. White nationalism is very seriously needed to preserve our white protestant christian identity and nations. White catholics are being almost completely eradicated and supplanted too within their own Latin universal church.

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  2. Interesting. It does not surprise me.

    Many Jews believe that they absolutely MUST subvert the social order, or else they will be turned into a lampshade. What they don’t realize is that if they just chilled and got along with the local population, then they wouldn’t get chased out of dodge in every locale they inhabit.

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  3. You’re another fag that thinks that lazily rejecting everything out of hand makes you cool and above it all. If you think TRS was some kind of ‘op’ you’re nuts. The standard story, that he married her before he was redpilled and didn’t want to divorce her is way more plausible than that they did all those hours for money or to b) trap white nationalists after A) CREATING THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE.

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    1. @Big Time

      LOL – you stupid fool. Enoch and his Jew wife had you calling yourself a “goyim” and sending them shekels – which Mrs. Enoch donated to every single cause you hate.

      Face it – you are embarrassed because you fell for the oldest scam in the book.

      Just hope you used a VPN because now Weev the Jew has your IP and email addresses.

      I’d delete all your anime kiddie porn before your mom finds out!


      1. That is the best you can come up with?

        That sure says a lot about you “hippie and negro rape fantasies?” I mean, you actually pulled that out of your ass.

        I know, I know – you feel like a fool for being suckered by such an obvious Jew scam, and now you are lashing out at me.

        Go ahead – I’m amused. I think it’s fucking HILARIOUS that you fake neo-Nazi LARPers jacking it to your anime Japanese kiddie porn were being suckered by Enoch and his Jew wife.


        Hell, I might get into it myself. I’m going to start a new blog “The Real Fash” and pretend to like Anglin, the (((Daily Stormer))) and TRS and start taking shekels from you flyover country idiots.

        Apparently – it’s a GREAT scam. There’s a sucker born every minute!


  4. The entire movement via TWP, TRS and Spencer are nothing but controlled opposition. We’ve known it for a while, but you can’t tell 20 somethings anything. Charlottesville was a set up from the first day it was thought up.


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