All The Best Anti-Semites Are Jewish

“Jews are so smart they are better than non-Jews at leading movements that hate them. It’s like they are so annoyed at non-Jews for being incompetent at anti-Semitism so they just do it themselves and then proceed to make the best anti-Jew memes.” — RooshV

“Damn, and I was gambling on the Daily Stormer being the first alt-right outlet to be revealed to be controlled opposition.

I still predict that pipe bomb will drop sometime in the future.” — Larsen Halleck

“It’s like “rape culture”. To prove it, you need a steady supply of rapists. If you can’t find rapists, just accuse random men of rape. To prove “anti-Semitism”, you need anti-Semites. If there are none around, become the anti-Semites yourself.” — RooshV

“While listening to Enoch’s podcast once a while back, I heard him defend Andrew Anglin vehemently enough (against those exact allegations, I believe) that I have no doubt that you are right.” — D. Loomis

“HA! This is fantastic. What’s next? Anti-Semetic Podcaster and inventor of the (((meme))) is married to a jew and might be a jew himself. What’s next? Are we going to find out that billionaire playboy real estate moguls from new York city couldn’t fucking care less about middle class or making anything great again?” — lolknee


4 thoughts on “All The Best Anti-Semites Are Jewish

  1. When you figure out the M-O of Jews, you naturally want to tell others.

    It doesn’t take long before you’re accused of anti-Semitism.

    If it’s what they want, it’s bit of a Catch-22, isn’t it?

    But isn’t there a risk in all of this (for Jews) that they might actually lose control of the beast?

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  2. (((Daily stormer))) is also now pushing “white sharia” nonsense that women should be slapped around, beaten, and raped. Naturally it offended everyone who isn’t a mgtow loser. When I first signed up I knew they were being hostile to women but I thought they were just being edgelords, but seeing the bigger picture it all falls into place- like no wonder they have in their FAQ “don’t accuse anyone of being kikes” and the overplaying of the he man woman-hater stuff just makes WNs look like a bunch of psychos to the point that sensible men and women are gonna say “well if this is white nationalism, then I want no part of it.” Makes so much sense- (((they))) always overplay their hand.

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    1. (((Daily Stormer))) is exactly the sort of site I would make if I was a bored Jewish internet troll who wanted to be “edgy” and get back at my parents. It’s the same dynamic as all those Christian kids in the 1980s who got into “the occult” and “Satanic heavy metal” to piss off their parents.

      The fact that Joshua Goldberg, the Jew internet troll, was a featured writer says it all. The fact that (((Daily Stormer))) is the media’s go-to “neo-Nazi” site and that (((Goldberg))) was being publicized by the Zionist front group “SITE Intel” as a “dangerous Muslim terrorist” AND a “dangerous White supremacist” at the same time shows how useful sites like (((Daily Stormer))) are to “them.”

      Of course 99% of the (((Daily Stormer))) is literally just stupid kids trolling each other, to take it seriously at all is to lose the game.

      But read the comments sometimes – there are LOTS of people that really do take it seriously, some adults even, but of course they are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.


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