What Do You Think: Is #Pizzagate Real?

I keep going back and forth on this one. When I first heard about it, I figured “yeah it doesn’t surprise me at all that these people would be into some sick shit.”

Then I looked into it a bit more and it seemed highly exaggerated. The whole “pizza code” did, in fact, read like code, but I just assumed it meant “weed” and “cocaine” or something. A few pieces of “evidence” turned out to be seemingly quite innocent and others turned out false.

But then I learned a little more and I thought, huh. Then I was informed that there was a massive “Correct the Record” internet spam campaign being used to attack Pizzagate all over the internet – just like the coordinated and funded “9/11 liars movement” I remember from 2001 to, um, 2016. If someone is paying the astro-turfers at call centers in India to troll random internet forums to quash some rumor – there’s a reason for that.

Then I was informed that all of these child stars – those most likely to have been pimped out in Hollywood and the like – have for YEARS been making really overt references to some sort of “Pizza Culture.” Miley Cyrus, for one, and even that kid from “Home Alone” started a very weird Velvet Underground cover band, but changed all the lyrics to lyrics about … pizza … and makes videos about … pizza.

The Simpsons has, apparently, been making weird sexual jokes about pizza, right under everyone’s noses, forever. I’ve seen those ridiculous “Simpsons predicted 911” videos and I think it’s all people just smoking too much pot, frankly, but I’ll be damned if I can understand the jokes unless it’s something sexual to do with pizza.

So now most of the top pro-white sites – the serious ones, like AR, CC, and TOO, and other sites like Unz.com, have all published about pizzagate.

So – what do my readers think? Is there really something to this pizzagate thing?

13 thoughts on “What Do You Think: Is #Pizzagate Real?

  1. Hi Hipster Racist. Interesting article. I think it’s just BS, from my standpoint.

    Oh, by the way, I have a new website coming up at:


    I’m just touching it up, but my Prez Trump sex story, which you commented on favorably, is there.

    I’d like to see you become a regular commentator at my site. It’d be cool.


      1. There’s a lot of talk about this on the internet.

        Here is one video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1VIUsSZd84
        Here is one article: http://www.newnationalist.net/2016/11/29/pizzagate-virginia-dc-areas-hubs-for-missing-children/

        As with everything on the internet read and view with skepticism but it does appear that the DC area has about a 3x higher than average missing child rate and interestingly the abductions seem to be concentrated around Halloween..


  2. Just read some of the e-mails and try to imagine they are actually talking about Pizza. lol.

    Who in top-level government/Politics holds “Pizza Parties” anyway? Very swish isn’t it.

    I guess at some level it doesn’t really surprise me that all these freaks would indulge in this behaviour, so I give it credence.

    Does anything change under Trump?


    1. It’s clearly a “code” of some kind, but it may be interpreted as something else – not something “innocent” exactly but not necessarily sexual.

      However, the email from someone at Stratfor (a known intelligence front) talking about the ‘waitresses’ (in quotes) at the “Pizza/Dogs party” seems obviously a reference to something sexual and I can’t think of any possible non-sexual interpretation for that one.

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  3. Yeah I keep going back and forth on Pizzagate. Those police sketches look just like the Podesta brothers. And there have been other pedophile rings busted in high places already, not to mention the Rotherham coverup.

    But what makes me uneasy is all these guys who’ll never call out an obvious media hoax, insisting this one is real. There is nothing approaching proof here wheras some of these other ones have overwhelming proof they won’t recognize.

    Something doesn’t add up there.

    If pizzagate is real then the million dollar question becomes, is Trump involved.


    1. @triuwida

      I wouldn’t know if Trump is involved in “Pizzagate” specifically, but Trump has been involved in all sorts of shady sexual shit for his entire career and it’s all been pretty much out in the open.

      I’ve written two blog posts titled “Eyes Wide Shut” on Aryan Skynet about the subject.


  4. The fact that msm is so hellbent on suppressing any discussion of or hint regarding a rehearsing of defilement of innocence regarding Comet Ping Pong means they are hiding something. After all, the band Heavy Breathing is just making art with their Neutered Noel on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oicUO0sz08c

    What do you make of this? Playing regularly at family friendly Comet Ping Pong.


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