Is Trump Teaming Up With Russia To Isolate China?

Of course. Nixon famously made peace with China to break up the Soviet-Sino Axis. During the Clinton era, USA economically merged with China at a time when Russia was down and out.

Under Bush and Putin, Russia and China began repairing their breached relationship and famously instituted the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, cutting out the US and even to some degree the EU.

Now, Trump is drawing in Russia in order to isolate China.

This is the sort of thing that we learned in Current Studies classes in high school – and not just honor classes, this was stuff that your average white suburban high school senior was expected to be able to write intelligently about.

What about now?

Now, the liberals on speculate that Trump is controlled by Russia because Putin has a video of him peeing on Russian hookers.

It’s no better on the right – the failed White Nationalists and recently self-defeating “Alt-Right” couldn’t even begin to write a coherent thought about foreign policy. The best they can do is “nuh-huh, Trump is not a Russian spy” and “Putin is against the fags yeah!”

It’s true that general interest foreign policy may be out of band for the WN movement proper – but it certainly isn’t for the “Alt Right.” But the “Alt Right” has frankly done little more than act as an unpaid and unwanted cheer-leading section for Trump. Having virtually zero influence on the elections (it was the hated Alt Lite at that actually helped Trump win – on economic issues mostly) all the “Alt Right” has been able to accomplish is to squash any criticism of Trump’s intimate ties to the Israel lobby and his decades long toadying for them.

The elite of the Aryan Race are simply not well represented in the WN movement, nor the Alt Right. True, they do have some leading lights – Drs. Andrew Joyce and Kevin MacDonald, for instance, and some really good essay writers like Gregory Hood – but aside from the big brains, the footsolders are dregs. From the IRL activists that show up and do media stunts that accomplish absolutely nothing except making the movement look like it’s full of ugly nutjobs, to the online commenters which give the impression it’s populated by stupid nutjobs who may or may not be ugly – online, aside from the essay writers – the Alt Right is all about Trump memes and Japanese cartoon porn.

The typical Alt Right denizen would not be able to watch this short clip on foreign policy and write an essay that would receive a “B” in a typical middle class suburban high school in 1996.

Now that Trump won, hopefully the hasbara shills will lose interest and we can begin the hard work of building a pro-white movement that represents the BEST – not the WORST – of our race.

2 thoughts on “Is Trump Teaming Up With Russia To Isolate China?

  1. Just imagine all the manufacturing jobs a conflict with China would create!

    I would welcome it on quality grounds alone, my made in the US fruit of the looms shirts lasted much longer, the designed in the us, made in Ireland a little less, and the currently made in Honduras ones last the least!


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