@RamZPaul The Right And Mass Protest #FakeNews #MiloAtBerkeley

I love supporting RamZPaul because he pisses off all the right people. Not only is he hated by the $PLC and the ADL and the anti-whites – RamZPaul is also hated by the fake “Nazis” – the Jews posing as “Nazis” (like the (((Daily Stormer))) and (((Mike Enoch))) and his (((wife))) at TheRightStuff.biz, virtually all of the “14/88” LARPers, the fake “WN Christians” and all the other liars, fakers, and poseurs.

With enemies like that, you know you are doing something right.

Some good perspectives on public protests and the media.

5 thoughts on “@RamZPaul The Right And Mass Protest #FakeNews #MiloAtBerkeley

    1. Contrary to popular understanding, the ‘Alt-Lite’ is not a watered down variant of the ‘Alt-Right’, rather, the ‘Alt-Lite’ is the actual manifest reality which is revealed in plain view once the ‘Alt-Right’ text is subjected to symptomatic reading and everyone is confronted with its blank spots, confronted with what it must repress to organise itself in practice, to preserve its rhetorical consistency and its allegedly anti-semitic narrative.
      The ‘Alt-Right’ should be understood as an ongoing storytelling session which allows an objectively pro-semitic pro-American outcome in practice, to be represented back to the followers as the opposite of what it actually is. The ‘Alt-Right’ is always and permanently in a pseudo-battle against the ‘Alt-Lite’ reality it creates, and it maintains its cohesion in the social media space through the attestation of the adherent to the ‘purity’ of ‘really being anti-semitic’ despite this. As such, there is ‘always more work to be done’.

      Adherents are consumed in the process of always trying to verbally ‘purify’ their intentions but never actually accomplishing their stated objectives, because they are in fact standing in the middle of the swamp without any actual socioeconomic plan for how to drain that swamp.


  1. His point about Street Demonstrations vs using the Internet is spot on.

    You rarely see the MSM giving the violence of the “Left” much coverage, but as soon as someone on the “Right” scratches a special little snow-flake, we’re front page news. So the Internet is a modern miracle for us to express our POV without being filtered or misrepresented.

    Let’s just hope we’re getting the right message out there.


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