Antifa is like ISIS – They Just Never Seem to Get Around to Attacking Zionism

“Lord of Wombats”

If Trump makes war with Iran and China, Petras will be right.

But I’m not sure we should confuse rhetoric with reality with Trump.

Trump like to talk big and act tough. It’s part of his act.

It’s been his style since the beginning of his campaign. The bluster.

But in the end, he will be judged by what he does, not what he says.

I don’t think he personally wants trouble with Iran, but some powerful Jews behind him supported him for that reason, and he owes them.

I think he is using China as scapegoat for all the US’s problems, and yellow peril talk will be useful for the time being. Everyone bashed China as safe outlet.

As for the protests, I think the elites are not exactly happy with them… but they find them useful because they fear the rise of Alt Right. So, if Antifa types wanna go around punching Trump supporters, the elites see that keeping things under control, at least in power centers like cities and college towns.

As for stuff like pussy hat movement, how is that a threat to the elites? It’s so silly and hollywood-like? 500,000 women getting together with cutesy hats holding signs about pussy? That is no threat to the power elites.

Anyway, the fact that the moron ‘protesters’ think ‘nazis’ are the real threat to America should be reassuring to the Wall Street elites.
Antifa is like ISIS. Notice ISIS never attacked Israel.
Likewise, Antifa may attack a starbucks here and there, but they do nothing about banks or Wall Street. They are bottomfeeders in search of ‘nazis’. So dumb.

9 thoughts on “Antifa is like ISIS – They Just Never Seem to Get Around to Attacking Zionism

  1. they all promote trump , i have to wonder if the whole (((alt right))) thing is a jew OP to elect trump and get support for trump and for israel, which i have felt all along, and trump appointing all these ehigh level kikes just confirm it for me


    ” Enoch was the man responsible for “heilgate” by throwing up the Roman salute for the MSM cameras at NPI(The organizers of NPI would have to have known his identity. Richard Spencer and anyone else involved.
    ).So we have the man largely responsible for rallying the “alt right” around the Trump campaign, and then the same man is responsible for giving justification for Trump disavowing them.”

    “Note: The name ‘Pejnovic’ has a diaspora in 20 countries around the world and has its highest concentration in Zagreb, Gospic and Klenovac, Croatia. It is found in small numbers in Peru, the United States and the Russian Federation. ‘Peinovich’ is a Russian-Jhewish variant that found its way into the diaspora of the United States and Argentina.”

    “Of particular significance is Peinovich’s relationship to Kyle Bristow. Bristow is the Executive Director of Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, Inc., an Alt-Right organisation that advocates on behalf of Alt-Right figures and coordinates legal services for them. Peinovich joined its board of directors on 11 December 2016, joining five lawyers, and law student, and a journalist who were already on the board of directors there. I presume they too might like everyone to believe that they didn’t notice anything?

    Always keep the context in mind: “Mike Enoch” had no problem putting OTHER PEOPLE at risk when he ran to the front of the stage at the NPI conference, posed for the cameras, and did a “Sieg Heil.” Later on in a podcast he and his collaborators encouraged others to use the “Roman Salute” in public as a symbol of defiance.
    But of course “Mike Enoch” doesn’t eat his own dogfood – he wants YOU to be a “neo-Nazi” in public, while he goes to great lengths to hide his own identity, his Jewish wife, his multi-racial family, and his job at a New York City publishing company.

    And when he is caught, and his own identity and career are at stake – he denies everything – he throws his fellow TRS people under the bus, and begs the Jewish media like to cover for him

    Another one of key significance is Peinovich’s connection to Andrew ‘Weev’ Auerenheimer. Weev is the person who basically did a significant amount of work on the TRS website in order to ‘secure’ it. At some point between 2014 and 2017, the Paypal donations on that site were deactivated and only the Bitcoin donations remained. If Weev was the one who implemented that change, did he not notice the email address linked to their Paypal account was a glaring giveaway about who Mike Enoch really is? But if he did notice the disturbing truth, why did he not alert anyone? Many people could speculate.”

    expong (((Weev))), the master web-technician of TRS and the Daily Stormer.

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    1. You’ve got some things wrong.

      Dugin isn’t a Communist.

      The fact that Spencer went to some conferences with a conservative Jew is meaningless.

      Bannon doesn’t praise Spencer, far from it, Spencer is on the outs because he let himself get set up by the (((Daily Stormer))) and (((Enoch.))) That is Spencer for you – always snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, unfortunately.

      But it sure looks like the “Alt Right” – Spencer’s baby – was manipulated into corralling the tards into the Trump camp, then (((Enoch))) staged his “Nazi” stunt for the cameras, giving the Trump team an excuse to “disavow” them, disposing of the entire group when they were no longer useful.

      We’ll see if Spencer can recover with his new property. So far, there’s some good and some bad. The articles are good – Hunter Wallace is a good News editor – but the comments are full of the same Kosher Nazi trash that latches onto anything pro-White i.e., the (((Daily Stormer))) and (((Enoch))) (((Joshua Goldberg))) faction.

      We’ll see.

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      1. How did Spence get set up? Are you referring to the Montana march that never happened? Or the podcast with Enoch and Anglin?

        Or something else?

        Unless there’s something I missed I’d say the only reason Bannon couldn’t or wouldn’t support Spencer is because Spencer’s unapologetically pro-White.


      2. @triuwida

        No one was distancing themselves from Spencer until Enoch did his stupid stunt at the NPI conference. The $PLC successfully goaded Matt Parrott and Matt Heimbach into doing their damnest to destroy NPI last year, but Spencer just walked over it – and people could easily figure out which side was useful to the pro-White cause and which side are a bunch of fat, ugly clowns playacting for the media.

        Spencer’s “Alt Right” label was gaining serious traction and while more mainstream people were not exactly embracing Spencer’s openly pro-White (and somewhat Judeo-skeptical) platform – no one was denouncing him either. He was free to do what he was doing and ride Trump’s coattails and get some publicity from his “Alt Right” label.

        Then, Trump won. Enoch did his stunt for the cameras, the Jew media did a full press assault against NPI, and Trump – and all the “Alt Lites” and even the more mainstream White Nationalists like Jared Taylor – all had to distance themselves from Spencer for *no other reason* than Enoch’s idiot trolling.

        Spencer was blindsided, then the (((Daily Stormer))) turned on a dime and “embraced” Spencer because they want nothing more than to ghettoize the pro-White movement into their (((Hollywood Nazi))) shtick. Spencer was again blindsided by the attacks on his mother, and unfortunately allowed himself to be tied to the Clown Show. It was only a matter of time until they did their sucker-punching and turned him into a meme. Unfortunately, Spencer kind of walked right into it.

        I think Spencer can recover, as I said, the site has some serious potential, and even the sucker punching has been drowned out by the Antifa attacking normal Trump supporters who aren’t even pro-White – the mainstream “progressives” are right now desperately “punching left” because they know damn well that Antifa is making them look bad – watch mainstream progressives like The Young Turks panicking and desperately attacking Antifa now.

        Again, I think Spencer can survive this, as long as he distances himself from the Clown Show at places like (((Daily Stormer.)))

        As far as Enoch goes – his outing as having a Jewish LGBT activist wife is actually GREAT for us. The next time the idiots at the (((Daily Stormer))) – like Azzmodor – shows up at some event and does their “Heil Hitlers” for the cameras, we can just say “oh, they are just Jews play acting as Nazis, they love that sort of thing.” We can just treat them like the Larry David comedians they are.

        So, it’s all good. We’re winning.


  2. Like how atheists only ever complain about Christianity.

    They throw tomatoes at Jesus, as if the pope will invade any day on his magic tiger, or whatever beast he commands. You don’t see any atheist ever protesting the giant menorah at the white house every year, or god forbid Islam, but Christmas trees or merry Christmas, sorry can’t have that!

    Remember County of Allegheny v. ACLU, where it was deemed that:

    “Display of the menorah (18-foot!) in this setting was constitutional, while the Christian nativity scene in this particular setting was unconstitutional.”

    Some are at least honest, Penn Jillette outright said he is afraid critiquing anything but Christianity, too risqué, because he has a family, so no critiquing Islam, and he works in showbiz, so no critiquing the tribe, Scientology has lawyers…

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  3. Antifa are unstable twerky little sob’s. Don’t be surprised if they end up biting the hand that feeds them or upsetting everything by attacking the wrong target.

    It’s like Soros handing a pistol to an ape and pointing out a target. Anyone’s guess who ends up getting hurt including the ape.

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    1. Yes – which is why it’s important to ignore the apes and the street trash – and go after thier LAWYERS.

      I already exposed one Antifa lawyer on and even traced their multi-state legal team and their connections to the Democratic party. At least a few people realized the significance – although the Kosher (((Nazi))) trash – the usual suspects – did nothing but troll about breaking some antifa “noses” and “taking it to MUH STREETS!”

      The smart set is starting to get it, so it’s all good.


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