Hunter Wallace on the Alt Lite

In Hunter Wallace’s latest interview with Red Ice posted on, he expressed surprise at how the “Alt Lite” is full of homosexuals, degenerates, race mixers, and single people without children. He points out that while these people were welcomed at the “Deplora-Ball” celebrating Trump’s win, regular old-fashioned White Nationalists like he and his wife were excluded. He marvels at how this “Alt Lite” finds Milo – a Jewish homosexual who poses for “art” bathing in pig’s blood and endorses “Twinks for Trump” – completely acceptable but “racists” – i.e., racially conscious White people – are not.

The reason why Wallace is confused is because he misunderstands the nature of the Alt Lite, Donald Trump and his campaign, and the “New Right” phenomenon generally. The main reason he doesn’t understand what is going on is because he’s never taken seriously the events of 15 years ago and everything that has happened since.

The “Alt Lite” – Milo, Gavin McInnis, Lauren Southern, the “Gorilla Mindset” guy – are all only “Alt” because they are Donald Trump boosters.

Well, who is Donald Trump?

The left, the liberals, and the Democrats are of course peddling nonsense when they say that Trump is a “racist” or a “sexist” or an “anti-semite” or “Hitler.” The Democrats say that about all Republicans. The reality should be obvious to everyone:

Donald Trump is a New York liberal Democrat.

So it should not at all be surprising that the people supporting Donald Trump would also be, essentially, urban liberals. These are not social conservatives – neither is Trump. These are not people who are pro-white – neither is Trump. What do they all have in common, aside from the fact that they support Trump?

They hate Muslims and see “radical Islam” as a threat to the West.

In the case of people like Milo and Trump’s other gay fans, one only needs to look to one of the first anti-Muslim European leaders: Pym Fortyn. Back in the early 2000s, Fortyn was the Donald Trump of the Netherlands. He was “socially liberal, economically conservative.” He was a flamboyant homosexual. He opposed mass Muslim immigration precisely because Muslims tended to be socially conservative. Muslim were against homosexuality, liberated women, abortion, pornography and sexual liberation in general.

What Hunter Wallace may be too young to realize is that before the George W. Bush administration, most Muslims in America were Republicans. Many conservative Christians in America saw Muslims as natural allies against social liberalism. Muslims were represented in the pro-life movement. The Bush family was traditionally seen as “Arabist” and had strong ties to the Muslim world through the oil industry.

Well, what happened that turned Republicans and socially conservative Christians against Muslims?

You get two guesses and the first one doesn’t count.

Hunter Wallace may recall his own run-ins a few years ago with the neo-conservative David Frum and his protege, the self-described “Satanic libertarian” Alex K. Alex K was a gay “libertarian” that was strongly anti-Islam, a supporter of the war against Iraq and the Muslim world generaly. Just like Milo, Alex K. was eventually fired because of disturbing sexual comments he made about underage boys, infamously describing the then teenage Justin Bieber as a “Child I’d Life To Fuck.” Milo’s implosion is virtually identical to the implosion of the young neo-con five years ago.

As Donald Trump’s entire career has been promoting anti-racism (i.e., anti-whiteness) gay acceptance, socially liberal values, and sexual liberation, it’s not particularly surprising that those people are his staffers. Also considering that Donald Trump is a long time extremely strong supporter of the Zionist regime in Palestine – actually spending the last decade acting as a proxy for the Likud party – it also shouldn’t be a surprise that Trump is the most anti-Muslim President in US history.

Trump is a neo-con. Obviously.

Neo-conservative Jews have always been strongly anti-White America, strong supporters of mass immigration, strong supporters of social liberalism via issues like “gay marriage” – yet support the exact opposite for Israel, for which they support ethno-nationalism and Jewish supremacy.

Contrary to popular belief, Trump was never an opponent of illegal immigration. Trump spent the Obama years becoming popular among the Republican party base by publicizing the idea that Barak Obama was a Secret Muslim that hated Israel and wasn’t even born in America, and had a fake birth certificate forged perhaps by a conspiracy of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Iranian mullahs. The idea that Trump is a “civic nationalist” is a post-hoc label given to Trump by hopeful fans that really should have known better.

As A. Nolen explained from day one, Trump was allowed to touch a third rail of US politics – mass non-white immigration – because it was a popular issue among the GOP base that was always marginalized by the GOP establishment. Neither the GOP establishment nor the neo-conservatives wanted to make immigration an issue, but it was the one popular issue that immediately turned Trump into the front runner. If illegal immigration hadn’t have caught on, Trump had the trade deals, Common Core, and Obamacare as backups, but that wasn’t needed.

It was after the event that Wallace – and the rest of the Alt Right – have chosen to ignore that Muslim were taken up by the left, at a time when the left, true to their principles of anti-racism and anti-nationalism, became increasingly critical of the apartheid policies of the Zionist entity in Palestine. The European left, and even the European mainstream, were also increasingly taking up the cause of the Palestinians.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that over the last 15-20 years we have seen the emergence of a “New Right” that is exactly in line with the socially liberal interests of Zionist Jews but makes a completely unprincipled exception for Zionism and Islam.

There’s a direct line between that event, Pym Fortyn, David Frum’s Alex K., Milo and Cernivich and Donald Trump.

The “Alt Right” and the White Nationalists turned against the neo-conservatives of the Bush and Obama years so had to be brought back into the fold. The person who was tasked to do that was Donald Trump, who has so far done an amazingly masterful job.

At the ten anniversary even in New York City, there were two major protest rallies.

One was a rally of conservative Christians and Zionist Jews attacking Muslims and denouncing the so-called “9/11 Victory Mosque” that was supposedly being built at Ground Zero (the entire scandal was fake.)

The other rally was staged by “Act Now To Stop War and End Racism” where a brown Muslim led a crowd of mostly white progressive in a chant of “Allah Akhbar” and spoke in favor of Palestine.

In fact, one may just want to review Donald Trump’s own public statement about that particular event and especially his statements during his campaign against Jeb Bush when Trump … in a room full of conservative Christian Republicans in South Carolina, Bush Country … actually said “vote for me and you’ll find out what really brought down those towers.”

Does anyone doubt that the Bush family got the message loud and clear? George W. Bush himself just came out this weekend to defend Muslims and call Trump a “racist” and an “Islamophobe.”

I guess Trump can say it but when a simple blogger like Hipster Racist says it it’s a “conspiracy theory.”

Not a joke: the #3 leader of Al Qaeda was a California Jew named Adam Pearlman. Look it up even the US military admits it.
Not a joke: the #3 leader of Al Qaeda was a California Jew named Adam Pearlman. Look it up even the US military admits it.

16 thoughts on “Hunter Wallace on the Alt Lite

  1. I appreciate your analysis of Wallace as a bit what rural? Okay. But Islam sucks.

    Anyway, here’s another analysis. (And btw Wallace, I guess, will not publish my comments at, go figure.):

    I haven’t heard one person yet ask the obvious question. Namely, where were the kids parents when they were abused by Milo’s friends? Did they know the whereabouts of their 14-year-old during these parties? I don’t understand why we zero in on Milo for swimming in a sea of corruption that is well established and supported by the boys’ parents. Now, that’s creepy. I actually give Milo credit for exposing them. By analogy, say you’re an alcoholic and you attend a party where other drunks do something really dumb like kill someone with a car. Obviously, you go to the police, but would you stop drinking? Especially if the culture says being a drunk is just fine. Just don’t drive. Okay, so Milo says well I’m good being outrageous because this is what they want, like being an alcoholic is okay. He’s just being more honest about it and exposing it; but nooooo, when the truth gets a little too messy and out there then blame Milo for the culture we live in.

    When AIDS started I thought for sure it would finish the Gay Rights Movement but it energized it! The Reagan Admin could have avoided the whole thing and even won the battle but instead the focus by conservatives was on the immorality of homosexuality. Big mistake. What they should have done is say promiscuity (hetero or homo) is dangerous behavior, like riding a motorcycle or rock climbing. By obsessing about the nature of homosexuality they lost the argument. And here we are 30 years later with gay marriage. Insane.

    Because if you mentioned that promiscuity is immoral then of course this would anger feminists. Can’t do that. The human rights god would demand a ritual sacrifice. So, conservatives caved. And today the new sacrificial victim is Milo.

    There’s something akin to Warhol going on here. Warhol exposed the horror of the « star » culture. Yet, he was brutally honest. He also made more Christian art than any other 20th century artist. He went to mass and did anonymous charity work in his church. We are still rapt about the « stars ». So, Warhol is one of the most famous and highly traded artists. But, his vision was of a relentless and cruel world of pure form and zero content. He once said he could sell « stars » underwear for $5 a pair, $15 unwashed. LOL.


    1. Just for the record, I’m generally speaking a fan of Hunter Wallace. I consider him a good writer and I tend to agree with him about 80% of the time. Sure, he is a traditional (and typical) conservative Christian Southern White man, but is obviously no hick, he’s well read and educated and clearly intelligent. This is in no way an “attack” on him or anything like that.

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      1. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes but Walllace will not publish my comments. Something is wrong there. Am I the only one?


    2. What they should have done is say promiscuity (hetero or homo) is dangerous behavior, like riding a motorcycle or rock climbing. By obsessing about the nature of homosexuality they lost the argument.

      The conservatives Christians could not focus on promiscuity – or divorce – because their churches are full of promiscuous and divorced people. No one would have put money in the plates.

      But homos are, what, 2% of the population? And they don’t go to church anyway. So it didn’t hurt the bottom line to focus on them.

      As far as Milo – I agree with what Wallace and Spencer said. Milo wasn’t taken down because of those gross remarks about 13 year old boys. No one really gives a damn that Hollywood producers fuck little boys – everyone knows it, the kid’s parents get paid to look the other way, and people flock to see the movies.

      Milo was taken down because he was a threat to the SJW left and the conservative “cuck” right. It was just CPAC putting their foot down so they wouldn’t lose the Church Lady set.

      What did Christians do in the 1980s? They started Promise Keepers. Promise Keepers made a deal – sure, black men can fuck our white daughters and we’ll supplicate ourselves before the Black Man and apologize for Racisms.

      But no fags.

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      1. Trevor Moore. Kinda like Harvard Lampoon of the 70s. Emptiness and irony.

        I’m not sure Christian churches were full of divorced or promiscuos people. They were/are into hyperactive virtue signaling. Yeah, they’re pretty much useless.

        I don’t get the impression that Spencer and Wallace are totally in on SJW taking down Milo. They kinda go along. Rather lame if you ask me. In fact, everybody on the alt-right is lame about it. Milo’s a performance artist who is saying this is the way things are. Nobody wants to hear it. Maybe Spencer cynically can spin this orgy of self-righteousness in his favor but he’s not coming off well in my opinion.

        As I said the best way would be to ignore the moral problems and take on the human rights god. Human Rights is really behind so many problems and they won’t go one step beyond.


  2. I’d also like to say if I may (and thanks for letting me comment here) that I viewed Richard Spencer in certain ways as a performance artist. I especially liked hailgate, and, party like it’s 1933. Hilarious.


  3. Perhaps your assessment of Trump is true.

    That being said, I view the fact that he called Rosie O’Donnell a “disgusting pig” to be the most significant historical event of our time. It’s right up there with the taking of Iwo Jima.

    Remember the globalist rule: when a fat, Jewish lesbian feminist tells the straight, white male to roll over and bark, then he must bark. By Trump refusing to do so, he sent ripples through the synagogues of America. It was a second Holocaust for them.


    1. Rosie O’Donnell isn’t Jewish and she was one of the first celebrities to bring up WTC7 and get fired for 9/11 truth.

      You may be thinking of Rosanne Barr, who is Jewish, hates Muslims, a supporter of Israel, and a huge fan of Donald Trump.

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      1. It’s amazing how Trump has managed to get all the “anti-semites” on his side, yet Trump is the most pro-Jew and pro-Israel President in US history.

        It’s an amazing victory of style over substance, of perception over reality.

        Exactly how Jewish Trotskyite Communists successfully reinvented themselves as “neo-conservatives” or how a gay Jew like Milo has become “right wing.”

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      2. “It’s amazing how Trump has managed to get all the “anti-semites” on his side, yet Trump is the most pro-Jew and pro-Israel President in US history.”

        Very true. The left-wing liberal American Jews have a certain apathy for Israel. Many are comfortably living in the States and have to interest in fighting it out with Palestinians in Tel Aviv.


      3. “Exactly how Jewish Trotskyite Communists successfully reinvented themselves as “neo-conservatives” or how a gay Jew like Milo has become “right wing.”

        Or, how Gloria Steinem and Bella Abzug reinvented themselves as traditional American women, upset with an unfair status quo. When in reality, they were just waiting to pounce on the gullible goyim.

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  4. This a great piece Hipster, you clearly see the big picture, but there is a clear hostility from “mainstream Neocons” towards Trump, just look at John McCain, Lindsay Graham, David Frum, David Brooks, Jennifer Rubin,.. a endless coterie of chosenites and shabbos goyim who want to bring the Trump administration down.

    The Alt-Lite is made of opportunists and self-promoters like Milo and Gavin McInnis like you said, is basically Neocons who support Trump.

    Trump might be a Likud guy who is bringing the left-behind Whites back in the Zionist reservation, bute looking from the outside I see that American/Globalist establishment is shaken by him.


  5. “In Hunter Wallace’s latest interview with Red Ice posted on, he expressed surprise at how the “Alt Lite” is full of homosexuals, degenerates, race mixers, and single people without children.”

    hunter wallace is married whit a non-white woman daughter of a injun.


  6. Just as large swathes of the American population were getting ready to give up on the system as it presently exists and to instead settle into total cynicism, along came the Trumpists and outlets like “alt right”, who managed to revitalise and rescue the ridiculous system yet again!

    The people who voted for trump are conservatives who have become racially conscious in the last 10 years. Trump arose to prevent these people from creating a real movement that would defend the interests of whites


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