RamZPaul is Braver Than 90% of the #AltRight Apparently #NoWarForIsrael

I keep on reading that Ramzpaul is a “cuck” or is somehow secretly “controlled by the Jews” or something.

Yet at least half if not more of RamZPaul’s videos deal with Jewish power, Jewish double standards, and Israeli control of US foreign policy. He is FAR more consistent on this issue than virtually anyone else in the “Alt Right.”

Here RamZPaul yet again points out who is really in control, who is behind the attacks on Syria, who both the Republicans and Democrats are afraid to call out. Lots of people on the Alt Right are saying that Trump is giving in to the “neo-cons” or “John McCain” or “the globalists” or “the Deep State” but for some reason most are avoiding that word: ISRAEL.

You know, Israel, the shitty little country half way around the world? Jared Kushner is an Israeli, son of an Israeli, who works in the interests of Israel. The PM of Israel, Netanyahu, demanded that Trump attack Assad in Syria – and Trump followed orders.

So why won’t the rest of the Alt Right come out and say the obvious? Either you get people dancing around the issue, or you have the (((Hollywood Nazis))) adding some cartoonish mystification – it’s “the Jew” or it has something to do with the “Talmud” or the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” or “Hitler” or something.

Nope – nothing to do with any of that at all. It has to do with AIPAC and the powerful Jews that run America – Schumer, Kushner, the Google execs, the Facebook guy, Wolf Blitzer, the ADL, the $PLC, WINEP, the Jew run media networks.

At least RamZPaul says it clearly, without any mystification or exaggeration.

Which may explain why RamZPaul is ALWAYS attacked by the more, er, “colorful” of the supposedly pro-white internet properties…

11 thoughts on “RamZPaul is Braver Than 90% of the #AltRight Apparently #NoWarForIsrael

  1. RamZPaul is mostly a very fine asset in terms of being a likable, non-threatening everyman ambassador to the average folks on YouTube. I’ve even sent his videos to a liberal friend of mine. What frustrates people about him is his dubious associations. He’s been pretty much on point of late, but there have been times I scanned his Twitter timeline and just saw him retweeting a bunch of Alt-Lite crapola like that Zionist libertarian ho Ashley Rae whom he chose to promote for some reason. To his credit, he smacked her down on this week’s Syria business.

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    1. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

      I think the comparison is apt: The same people attacking Ram Z Paul for having conversations with an “anti-leftist” Jewess were the same people that jumped to defend Kike Enoch when he spent two or three years pretending to be a “Naaaazi” who hated fags while he was fucking his Jewess wife who was publicizing drag queen shows.

      RamZPaul has always been consistent about Jewish power and the double standard. He has never – not one time – “cucked” on that.

      Sure, he doesn’t play act as a (((Hollywood Nazi))) and he doesn’t think that Jews have some sort of Mind Ray and if you talk to one you’ll immediately be hypnotized by the Sheeny Curse.

      The same people attacking RamZPaul are the same people defending (((weev))) and the (((Daily Stormer))) and saying that Spencer is a “bisexual Russian agent” and that Kevin MacDonald has a “gook wife” and all the rest of it.

      It’s pure subversion.

      The idea that someone is an “enemy” or a “cuck” because they retweet something that isn’t “hard core” or agrees with a Jew from time to time is absurd.

      I’m not a Jew Supremacist. I don’t think we have to hide in our bunkers with a Hitler mustache otherwise the Jews will brainwash us.


    2. I’ve been watching him for years. I think he went through a phase. Rubbing shoulders with (((them))) at Amren, referring to the group as just another religion. Last I heard they had stirred-up some trouble for him and had fled to Eastern Europe, although evidently he’s back now.

      I think he’s tried to be very consistent and reasonable as a Nationalist. He attempted to build a bridge by showing he isn’t opposed to the idea of the Jewish homeland at all, but I think what he’s discovered (the hard way) is that the feeling isn’t really mutual. As you say, he’s really been on point as of late.

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      1. I think you are underestimating him. I’ve watched his videos from the beginning. I doubt very seriously that RamZPaul ever thought that “being fair” with Jews was going to gain him Jewish allies. I think he correctly thought that “being fair” with Jews would gain him allies among normal white people.

        “Rubbing shoulders with Jews at Amren” is an excellent tactic. He cultivated a relationship with the “anti-commie” Jewess and now that she’s trying to pull one over he can call her out. That’s just smart – that is effective.

        If RamZPaul had instead made videos saying “Jared Taylor is a shill because he won’t name (((THE JEW))) therefore I am never going to go to AmRen because a Jew is there” he would come across as just another idiot “14/88” crank.

        Sarah Silverman is wrong – Jews are not “magic.” No one is trying to convince Jews (or any non-whites) of anything. The audience is NORMAL WHITES. Normal White people are turned off by cranks and weirdos talking about (((THE JEW))) or who otherwise come across as unreasonable hostile and hateful.

        One of Paul’s most effective tactics is simply saying he supports Israel as a Jewish state and wants White people to have our own state too. Who can argue with that? I’m not saying that is the only tactic (personally I’m for nuking the apartheid regime of Jew bigotry in Zionist-occupied Palestine but I don’t expect that’s in the cards) but it’s an effective tactic that appeals to normal White people.

        White people want to think of themselves as fair and moral.

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      2. I have no clue really… Just dropping my 2 cents. If he really made all these contacts in order to be more persuasive for normies, that’s an impressive tactic.

        It’s not something I’d have “chutzpah” to get up to. To me he just seems like a pretty normal guy putting out his opinion with his face directly attached to it. Ballsy. So I’m not sure he’s over thinking it or even anticipated the notoriety it would gain him. I mean, for a while there he was shooting videos in a fairly inebriated state as well.

        Re: Target Audience. I’ve been rather conscious of this in recent months, to the point where I went back and removed some accounts and comments. Taking a hiatus of sorts until I figure out just how I want to contribute this cause.


      3. Well the “contacts” he is being criticized for amounts to doing an interview with a Jewess that calls herself “anti-commie” and attending an AmRen conference with her.

        The reality is RamZPaul is effective – AND he is solid on the Jew problem, so he is being attacked by the Joshua Goldberg/Anglin/Weev (((Hollywood Nazi))) crowd precisely BECAUSE he is effective.

        Also the reason RamZPaul is being attacked is because he called out the (((Daily Stormer))) as likely being run by the ADL/$PLC – and literally within months of him mentioning that (((Joshua Goldberg))) was arrested. They never forgave him for being RIGHT about them.

        Then, not long after, RamZPaul complained that Kike Enoch was making NPI look bad with his stupid “Hitler salute” stunt – they immediately attacked RamZPaul for that too.

        Then, Kike Enoch gets exposed as being married to a Jewess – so of course that made them even madder – RamZPaul was right yet again.

        It’s pretty amazing. He clearly has good instincts.


  2. It’s also better to follow his blog, where he adds tidbits
    such as the following for the meet the new boss video:

    “Politically this is a disaster. While the NeoCons may pat him on the head as a good goy, they will be happy to throw him under the bus at the first opportunity. They are snakes. This is what snakes do.

    The Left will continue to despise Trump and the nationalist Right will no longer support him. As such, Trump will be lucky to make it four years without being impeached. He simply will have very few people left willing to defend him.

    On a greater level this signifies that real change can’t come to America via the ballot box. The politicians and the media are locked down and controlled. That is just reality.”

    If the later is true, then it’s back to reading eradica?


    1. Nah the controlled media is clearly on its last legs. Personally I’m pivoting away from circle jerking with the rest of the WNs and using my Disqus account to take it directly to the liberal establishment at places like The Atlantic.

      We can build bridges with well meaning white “liberals” and educate them who is really behind these wars.


      1. “The Alt Right bashes conservatives constantly, which is a good thing. My suggestion is that the Alt Right needs to stop calling anti-whites “liberals” – which they are generally not – and instead bring white liberals into the fold. Liberals are the Real Racists – that is one thing the conservative have correct.”

        I agree, but how then should we call, or refer, to our enemies?


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