2 thoughts on “Revolution, Dictatorship, Romanianism, and Transfiguration: Emil Cioran’s Taboo Book

  1. Buchanan’s job was to destroy the Reform party because it was a threat to the GOP, and being a party loyalist, he did that. He probably would have been thrown out of polite society long before it he hadn’t performed that important service for the establishment.

    Care to elaborate in form of a dedicated blog post?
    Buchanan is in rather good standing on the alt right.


    1. I like Buchanan but he did help destroy the Reform party by injecting his social conservatism as well as collaborating with far leftists, thus turning a non-ideological centrist party into a crank party for the far-right and the far-left. I’m not really sure it deserves a post as it’s a pretty well known topic and people far better than I have documented the topic long ago.

      Buchanan remained a major conservative Republican fixture in the mainstream media, if he was truly a threat would that have been the case? He was a graceful loser.


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