The FBI’s Black Panther Coloring Book: Remind You Of Anything?

The FBI’s COINTELPRO program wanted to disrupt the Black Panthers, and the way they chose to do that is by pretending to be Black Panthers themselves and attacking all “moderate” Blacks, promoting violence and extreme hate speech designed to not only anger Whites but also to force normal Blacks – even reasonable but radical Blacks – to distance themselves from the Black Panthers.

They even created a series of “memes” – cartoons – that promoted violence, dehumanization, and “Street Battles with the Pigs.”

Review these cartoon memes by the FBI’s COINTELPRO program and ask yourself if it reminds you of anything in the Current Year?

18 thoughts on “The FBI’s Black Panther Coloring Book: Remind You Of Anything?

  1. While it certainly applies to PeterPanzers in Berkeley, it also quite ironically fits the description of 21st century jewry.

    Caricatural, over the top and “designed to anger Whites”.

    “Black brothers are tied of Whites […]” => Bash the White male until he is dead”.
    “The pig is running away from Black people […]” => “Punch a ‘Nazi'”.

    Or even (((Bill Maher)))’s “Black people know where you live”, speaking to non-Obama affiliated Whites in 2012.

    The problem is that it doesn’t “anger Whites” as long as the targets are wayciss KKK nazis, which as you point out elsewhere is simply a codeword for White people.

    Since the subject is COINTELPRO and the neutering of Black political movements, what do you think of the role of rap & black music in general in that process?

    From what I’ve gathered black music used to be quite militant in the 60s, then started degenerating into the joke that it is today.

    From Marvin Staples to plastic surgery baboon Nicki Minaj, mudshark Kanye West, low-functioning autist Lil Wayne…

    It’s a very good example of a Black political force being progressively brought into the (((kosher))) world of spectacle and entertainment.


    1. E. Michael Jones does a good bit about “The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual” and how “Shaft” turned the Black Power movement from politics to glorifying pimps, prostitutes, and drugs. It was the “Gangsta Culture” of the day. In the 1980s, there was a resurgence of “Black Power” that quickly was taken over by “Gangsta Rap” which also glorified pimps, prostitutes, and drugs.

      But the Black Panthers are just being used as an analogy of course. Does anyone not see the blatant and obvious similarities between the FBI’s Black Panther memes and our very own /pol/ (((Joshua Goldberg/Daily Stormer))) memes promoted by the “just trollin'” (((Hollywood Nazis))) ? It’s uncanny.

      Also let’s not forget that the FBI was not just going after Blacks – they were also going after White groups. They infiltrated the Klan and used the infiltrated Klan to discredit moderate and reasonable pro-White groups like the Council of Conservative Citizens.

      In fact, it’s quite telling that quite a lot of /pol/ meme production is literally copying the style – in some cases just copying the actual memes themselves – of the “White Power” groups in the 1970s – groups that we know were run by Jews and FBI.

      The more things change …

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      1. The beauty of psyops is that victims are either unaware or self censoring, out of awareness, to the point of neutralizing themselves into a centrist.

        It wouldnt surprise me in the least to learn that most of the alt right was an op to scuttle nationalism generally. But having walled through the various logical narratives on offer, I have to say their insistence that civic nationalism will not and cannot save anything is correct.

        So therein lies a truly fascinating question. Given how hopeless the white gentiles of America and Europe are, what have they to lose being taken by such an op? In all likelyhood their lives are dead ends anyway. In all likelyhood the ethnic affinity they have will be shattered by crushing progressive rule in the near future. They’re already marginal and taken seriously by nobody of substance.

        tl;dr: I’ve long agreed with this, but in balance the people being taken by such are doomed anyhow.


      2. @Jacob Silver

        Very true. But I’m not at all suggesting that “civic nationalism” is a replacement for actual racial/ethnic nationalism.

        My point is that real racial/ethnic nationalism is being purposefully made offensive, clownish, and tied to (((Hollywood Nazism))) precisely so they can offer “civic nationalism” as the “moderate compromise.”

        There’s not reason we can’t have a moderate and reasonably racial/ethnic nationalism – white countries for white people.

        I’m a racial/ethnic nationalist – AND a centrist. I’m more moderate than Gavin McInnes and the rest of the “Alt Lite” civic nationalists. There is nothing radical or “hard core” or “far right” about white countries for white people.

        Just like “Israel for Jews” I’m promoting the peaceful, moderate, centrist vision of “white countries for white people.”

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      3. But you are mostly wrong about the “dead end.” Israel had to really throw a Hail Mary to get Trump into office and now they have mainstreamed pro-whiteness and nationalism. Even if its civic now it won’t be for much longer.

        The future of Whites looks pretty good. The future of the apartheid regime of Jew bigotry is less and less rosy by the day. If I were one of them I’d be awfully worried right about now.

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      4. I don’t know what a centrist is or how you define it with respect to the fluid popular constructs of left and right. My point with respect to the nazi LARP alt fringe would be that they are with your exception, apparently, alone in appreciating the premise of ethnostates.

        Zionism works because the Jewish People are conscious of the need for an ethnostate or ethny autonomous tribe within a state. Gentiles are perpetually waylaid by whomever, call it zion if you wish, due in large part to their incoherent predictable behavior to reject their own ethnicity or the need for its corresponding community solidarity.

        As you say, bigotry is on the outs, but a measure of bigotry inherent to being ethnically conscious seems to be inescapable for the gentile. And so while the state of Israel has a rough road ahead of her, her nuclear arsenal and people ensure her activist community remains resilient. Conversely the gentile ethnocentrist shows no sign of convincing his peers and will remain a vulnerable and radical fringe consisting of many potential pay ops.

        One cannot coopt zionism because it is in the blood of most Jews. For the same reason, I believe ethnonationalism will not take root in the gentile community. It is no longer in most of their blood. And a few trying to bring it back will naturally become more suceptible to radicalization and outside control as they view the prospects of success to wane with demographic change.


      5. If ethnonationalism is not in the White blood – why you do Jews spend so much time and energy trying to counter White ethnocentrism?

        Now that your cousins can no longer censor the media, we see Whites returning to their natural ethnocentrism. You were only able to suppress it for 40 years. It never went away.

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      6. I gather we’re speaking past one another. White is perhaps too broad a term. Some European ethnics have ethnocentrism, but the Anglos, Germanics, and misc. who make up the bulk of Western Europe and North America are and have been demonstrably lacking ethnocentric behavior for more than four decades. Of course, that isn’t to suggest they have or had none at all. But relatively speaking it has been declining precipitously for centuries.

        Indeed, this was a source of great strength to the Europeans who went abroad and conquered. It’s far easier to be a ruler when you can effectively present the broad-brush ideology of being one with the ruled. But as has been the case for a very long time this propensity to cooperate and trust outside the ethny is a double edged sword. I don’t believe it’s possible to suture the deep wounds that have now been caused by whites cutting so deeply into their ethnic bonds in order to achieve a more global expanse.

        I won’t begrudge you your ethnocentrism, should you find it. I just found the article above apropos of what I had longer thought of this white nationalism reboot. Namely, that so few “whites,” by which I mean Europeans, particularly northern and western varieties, are sufficiently amiable to the idea that it creates an easy target for subversion. As I said, this is, I believe, in large part due to your success in the age of European expansion. But if you wish to carry on believing that it was an imposition of Jews then I could scarcely change your mind.

        Yes some Jews have participated in the act of encouraging a universal ideal of humanity, but you must accept the fact that this wasn’t the whole-cloth invention of Jews. It was an elaboration on, perhaps at the request of, the will of gentile society. For that reason, I don’t believe your ultimate struggle will be with Jews or the “JQ,” but rather with your peers who firmly hold to the ludicrous belief that all humanity is equal and that preserving their own subset of humanity is a sin worse than death.


      7. I understand your deconstruction, it’s your variation on “Palestinians are an invented people” etc. Anglos are a sea people but they were extremely ethnocentric and “racist” – Disraeli did try to change that. Germans are ethnocentric as hell, but of course “German” is a linguistic group, their ethnocentrism tends to be “Bavarian” etc.

        In America, “White” is an ethnic term, and Americans were ultra-ethnocentric. They didn’t even want Catholics, much less Jews. America was a legally segregated country and miscegenation was illegal, until the TV era. Then it simply went underground for a while.

        Jews are actually not even properly ethnocentric – Ashkenazis are, but in America every Jewess chick wants a hot Italian boy and every Jewish boy wants to marry a shiksa. As I’m sure you are aware, the joke is:

        Q: What’s the difference between a Reform Jew and Donald Trump?

        A: Unlike a Reform Jew, Trump has three Jewish grandchildren.

        “I don’t believe your ultimate struggle will be with Jews or the “JQ,” but rather with your peers”

        Well of course you say that. The tic wiggles the most when you are pulling it out. But sure, I agree the argument is with our peers, but the argument is between us and our peers who think Jews are “White.”

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      8. I’d say the last century has been rather dramatically indicative of what has happened to ethnocentrism. As you correctly noted, ethnies are much smaller than what “white,” encompasses and while WASP America was not enamored with Catholics long ago, they are now just as embedded as Jews in “white,” America.

        Of course we both know miscegenation is relatively uncommon among all groups which are outwardly “white.” Practically speaking, most Jews, outside ultraorth, don’t have an issue with bringing white DNA into the tribe. Obviously there’s a great deal to be gained from having upper class whites brought into the fold in a single generation.

        And note, I don’t suggest you have no quarrel with Jews when I say you have bigger problems with your fellow whites. What I mean to say is that “white,” encompasses so many competing groups (look at all the headaches Jews have with just the few million of our own split a few ways over orthodoxies and zion posture) that you could scarcely rally them to do much for “themselves.”


      9. Of course the era of the mass media has led to a superficial decline in ethnocentrism.

        But there’s no legitimate reasons for you to be giving “advice” to us Whites, since you are a Jew and an Israeli. You only do so in order to try to curry favor and tamp down on this growing “anti-semitism” and anti-Zionism.

        If I were you I’d be far more worried about the future of your increasingly isolated apartheid regime in Palestine and the fact that your Jew tribe in America is coming apart at the seams.

        We Whites can take care of ourselves, it’s you Jews that seem to be in trouble. Good luck, I don’t envy you.

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      10. I haven’t offered advice or guidance, just shared an amused thought which then turned into a quasi debate on the nature of white group behavior. I consider this largely academic. By no means is Israel under threat. I don’t know how you surmise Jews are in disarray either. Media is media. Blogs are, thankfully, not having much effect at spreading the more virulent ideas to the main.


  2. Damn, it would be awesome if we still had an FBI that was trying poison relations between blacks and Jews. There was a weird transitional phase in the twentieth century where we had powerful government agencies that were staffed with genuine race realists and people who hated blacks – but at the same time they were involved in all of these shady events like the Kennedy assassination. It would be sort of nice to have a ruthless J. Edgar Hoover figure in office who wasn’t a closet queen and beholden to the Jewish mafia, as long as he didn’t try to have us infiltrated.


  3. But the Black Panthers are just being used as an analogy of course. Does anyone not see the blatant and obvious similarities between the FBI’s Black Panther memes and our very own /pol/ (((Joshua Goldberg/Daily Stormer))) memes promoted by the “just trollin’” (((Hollywood Nazis))) ? It’s uncanny.

    These FBI COINTELPRO Black Panther cartoons from the 1970’s have much more blatant and obvious similarities to a different set of white nationalist cartoons than the /pol/-Daily Stormer ones, and I’m surprised that you didn’t mention them. Maybe you didn’t mention them because you don’t want your readers to know?

    The cartoons I’m alluding to, of course, are none other than the infamous “A. Wyatt Mann” cartoons of the 1990’s, covertly produced by Hollywood artist Nick Bougas and published by white nationalist leader Tom Metzger.


    1. @McZOG

      How could I possibly be more overt in pointing out the similarities between the “A. Wyatt Mann” cartoons and their obvious similarities with the Daily Stormer – the obvious Jewish/ADL/$PLC front group?

      Do you really have such a hard-on for me you’re willing to blatantly and obviously make up lurid stories about me to serve your weird fetish that I have “CIA family” – a lie you purposefully spread under the “Anonymous” handle on that left-wing blog last month?

      I am – as far as I know – not related to anyone at all in the CIA.

      Second – how in the WORLD could you read my blog and NOT figure out that, if anything, I’m far more a partisan of the NSA than the CIA? Hell – I’ve openly stated how much I approve of, and an a fan-boy of, the NSA – even going so far as to trash the Snowden psy-op – repeatedly – going back for three or four years now?

      I openly LOVE and approve of the NSA, and have spent my entire blogging career trashing the CIA – institutional enemies, one would think you of all people would know.

      Then again, if your output is at all relevant, you’re either some low-rent NOI moron or more likely, some sort of disinfo yourself. You can’t be as informed as you are yet still spread typical shill BS. Regnery may or may not have been in the original OSS, so therefore anyone and everyone he gave money to must be some sort of complicated CIA plot?

      You discredit the entire “cause” by spreading Alex Jones style paranoia – without a shred of consistency. Frankly, I am 99% positive YOU yourself are a Jew. Your entire purpose of calling yourself “McZOG”is to discredit serious analysis of Jewish power.

      I’m fairly certain you yourself are a Jew, or perhaps some sort of half-Black/half-Jew with an agenda. I’d bet money on it.


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