Libertarianism, Individualism, Collectivism, and Anime

The entire libertarian rhetoric about “collectivism” seems to come from Ayn Rand, who preached “individualism” and a rejection of “collectivism” for Whites while calling her Jewish ingroup “the Collective” and promoting Zionism – a collectivism for Jews. Typical chutzpah, typical Jewish double standards: nationalism for me but not for thee.

“Individualism” in the Enlightenment sense tended to mean a rejection of a hereditary aristocracy and instead an embrace of a hierarchy of individual merit. That sense of individualism was compatible with duty to a people and a nation, and no one thought of individualism as somehow in opposition to one’s duty to a family or tribe or race.

Individualism of today is expressed by a man or women rejecting the basic duty to family; in feminism we see a feigned horror at the idea that a woman’s duty is to bear grandchildren for one’s own parents, we see a lazy rejection by men of any sense of duty to a wife, family, or a community. We see a rejection of organic collectives: family, tribe, race, nation, and instead a collectivism based on abstract ideologies.

Quite a bit of the libertarian instinct is likely a rather healthy rejection of forced integration in modern America, it is a rejection of an artificial collective based on citizenship or “Americanism” that requires one to sacrifice self-interest, and even organic collective interests, to an artificial state enforced collective. But since it’s forbidden to openly embrace a collective identity based on race and nation, well meaning libertarians counter-productively simply reject “collectivism” out of hand.

Libertarianism itself is an artificial tribe based on usually poorly thought out political abstractions.

In fact, since the organic collectivism of race, tribe, and family are all but forbidden, we see the emergence of the most toxic individualism/collectivism of all: consumerism. Humans are social creatures by nature, so we see laughably artificial “tribes” forming around such trivialities as music styles, fashion, films, and cringe-worthy fandom based on TV cartoons such as anime.

All that was a long winded way of coming to my main point, which is that people who are part of a collective based around “anime” should be placed in death camps.

8 thoughts on “Libertarianism, Individualism, Collectivism, and Anime

  1. Recently, we went to a Chinese restaurant with the family and my brother made some lame jokes about me picking vegetables and tofu from the buffet. I found this in so far noteworthy as he isn’t the kind of guy who has any problems with accepting mass-immigration and refugees and Islam and “women’s rights”, etc. There’s just this kind of fake plastic surrogate masculinity. These days, so many men are totally neutered cucks, their girlfriends far more political and far more politically *aggressive* than they are, and yet they are obsessed with professing their masculinity by only listening to heavy metal, only eating fast food, only playing violent video games and so on. Anti-art, anti-intellectual, anti-religion.

    Same with the consumerism you mention. I don’t know how it is in the US or elsewhere, but in Europe, even in the West, men sometimes LITERALLY fight each other because they prefer different soccer clubs. You have these hooligans FIGHTING each other, blood might even flow, because they so strongly identify with these soccer clubs and the hooligan groups around them. Fake plastic surrogate masculinity and fake plastic surrogate nationalism. It’s so pathetic.

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    1. Form over substance.

      Hence the redefinition of masculinity to characterize the most ludicrous crazes such as MMA (lol), “violent” sports, video games, pseudo minimalist lifestyles…

      Similarly, intellectualism is now defined by how well one can mechanically parrot the latest media talking points.

      Culture and religion are equally affected.

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  2. But to be fair, anime is no anime, like movies are not movies.

    When i think anime, i think of watching this back in the day, two in the morning on German television, it was adult, dark, it was gritty, everything the Matrix is, and it was “anime”.

    Watch that teaser and tell me thou are not intrigued, i double dare you!


  3. Jews have the most collectivist culture in human history, there is thousands of well funded Jewish organizations and lobbies for a variety of topics, always defending Jewish collective interests.

    On Reddit now:

    “Benjamin Netanyahu is an alt-right leader. Closed borders, strict immigration, racial superiority, and the list goes on…”


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