3 thoughts on “White Nationalists Should Take Over The Freemasons

  1. I was actually having a conversation while buying a raffle ticket from the lions, because i had been thinking all these organizations are dying many have significant real estate holding ins rural and suburban areas but membership is declining, i couldnt help thinking they might be easy to assume control of from the old geezers, many of the geezers would be sympathetic anyway if one were not to fashy about it, but many are dedicated cucks after all many of these organizations are charitable and well you know how that can work out.Since building community ought to be a big part of us joining these fraternal organizations and inheriting them and recruiting from them is a no braner. thing is a lot of you guys are pretty radicalized and could easily trigger a backlash that would prevent what could actually be taking candy from a baby if done carefully masons are only one there’s dozens of these elks eagles oddfellows lions half a dozen veterans orgs. every toen in america has one they usually at least own one bar/club and one campground sometimes golfcourses and country clubs and office complexes. But they are dying young people are not interested.Its also important to not give the game away to avoid triggering and maybe being thwarted in the takeover but their usefulness as organizations to us would be damaged if even having succeeded in the takeover if it become common knowledge they were fashy fronts.


  2. Was the BB&T scenario covered on skynet yet?

    I never heard of this until you mentioned it.

    Tho I’m not American but still.


    1. @guest

      Are you talking about the bailout thing from AltRight.com?

      Nah, I could bore people for hours discussing the years 2001-2008. The financial details are too complex for anyone to care much anyway. Quick takeaway: the rich – including the (((rich))) – are subsidized by regular working people. I thought everyone knew that.


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