What the Pro-White Movement Lacks is a Middle

If you are a highly educated academic, the pro-white movement has you covered. From Kevin MacDonald’s The Occidental Observer to Greg Johnson’s Counte Currents, we have no lack of the “high.” We have extremely educated, well read, historically knowledgable academics who are pro-white and can give us an understanding of European culture, European history and a in depth analysis of anti-whiteness, Europhobia and some extremely detailed strategies for combating it.

If you are a low-brow internet troll, the pro-white movement also has you covered. 4Chan is 20 years old, and whatever /pol/ lacked in explicitly pro-whiteness, Andrew Anglin and the (((Daily Stormer))) picks up the bottom. From racist jokes, to spicy memes, to purposefully offensive trolling, it’s there in spades. Of course, the 14/88 movement has had Nazi LARPers forever, and still does. It’s a bit better now because there’s a post-modern internet irony to it now, a sort of plausible deniability that makes it difficult for anti-whites to shriek “Nazi Frogs” and be taken seriously by anyone.

But what the pro-white movement has lacked, and still lacks, is something in the middle – something that isn’t high brow academia but also isn’t low-brow trolling. This is of course a major lost opportunity, and what we are already seeing is anti-whites moving into that space. For those who are not content with long philosophical essays nor low-rent Nazi trolling, a whole universe exists that leads the “middle” to nowhere.

This universe exists of, for one, NRx/neo-reaction. While NRx does have its highbrow academics, it’s also quite appealing to the middle. But NRx isn’t just not explicitly pro-white, it’s a way to take middle-brow whites away from explicit pro-white identity onto a garden path of irrelevancy. Instead of an explicit pro-white politics, you can emerge yourself into “trad Catholicism,” “anti-egalitarianism,” a reaction against “the Enlightenment,” and the manosphere and anti-feminism.

The “civic nationalism” of the likes of (((Rebel Media))) is also an explicit appeal to the “middle” – it’s not high brow, but it’s more than just internet trolling as well. But of course (((Rebel Media))) isn’t pro-white at all – it’s pro-Jewish and anti-white. It’s all about “based Black guys” and “our Greatest Ally.” But it’s a way to get middle-brow whites on another garden path that leads away from explict pro-whiteness to some sort of vague “right wing” or “conservative” politics that puts race – whiteness – last, after virtually all other issues.

To be clear, the “middle” is NOT civic nationalism, or cultural libertarianism. The “middle” is NOT some sort of middle ground between explicit White Nationalism and some sort of “liberals are the real racists.” The “middle” is a cultural middle that isn’t just the academic philosphy of the “high” but also isn’t the “counter-signaling everything normal” of the “low” internet trolling culture.

If the White movement can’t get the middle – it will continue to lose average, normal White people to NRx, (((Rebel Media))) civic nationalism and more and more Whites are going to go down the garden path of mere “implicit whiteness.”

The people who can and do appeal to the middle? Two prominent figures: Richard Spencer and Paul Ramsey. Both are 100% pro-White, Ramsey is 100% solid on the Jewish problem and Spencer has been getting better on the Jewish problem more and more.

Yet there is now a rift between the two figures precisely over the issue of “low brow” trolling. Ramsey’s mild criticism of “Hailgate” triggered Spencer so hard now he’s calling Ramsey a “faggot.” The low brow found Spencer’s Achilles Heel – call Spencer a “faggot” enough times and he’ll break. After a year of being attacked by the “troll army” as a “bisexual” and “secretly run by the gay mafia” Spencer is now counter-signaling against middle-brow pro-whiteness and embracing the same crowd that spent two years calling him a “faggot.”

Instead of the “middle” being explicitly pro-white, we’re seeing NRx, “trad Catholicism” and “muh egalitarianism” take the space in the “middle” – the difference being that if you are interested in NRx, trad Catholicism and “muh anti-Enlightenment” – you are going to get a better dose of it from the originators, not the pale shadow of it from the Alt Right.

And if you are interested in Nazi LARPing and 4chan trolling – Andrew Anglin is always going to be better than you. You can’t out-troll the King Troll.

So the WN movement is back where it was ten years ago – a high brow, and a low brow, with a shrinking middle that is being co-opted by those who put other issues before race.

4Chan is 20 years old now. What happens when the disaffected trolls grow up, get married, and grow out of posting Hitler memes and screeds about “degeneracy?” Most are NOT going to become academics and start writing for Kevin MacDonald or Counter-Currents. They are going to be looking for an explicit pro-white movement that is somewhere in the “middle” – NOT ideologically, but stylistically, culturally.

Who is going to fill that space?

14 thoughts on “What the Pro-White Movement Lacks is a Middle

  1. I agree that there should be middlebrow content, but disagree that “the WN movement is back where it was ten years ago” and that it has “a shrinking middle”. Richard Spencer and the other figures you mention are hardly the only game in town. If you look at a lot of the YouTube channels that have popped up over the past few years, like RamZPaul, Rage After Storm, Black Pigeon Speaks, Bre Faucheux, Styxhexenhammer666, Swan of Tuonela, and Virtue of the West, a lot of that stuff constitutes what I would call the middle. You could argue that some of those are more Alt-Light, but this stuff is proliferating like mad, so that at any time you could probably go online and find twenty newish Alt-Rightish channels or blogs you never heard of before. I still think Spencer’s YouTube talks are mostly very disarming from a normie perspective. I’ve even sent a couple of Spencer videos to a dyed-in-the-wool HillaryBro liberal friend. The white nationalist movement is lightyears beyond where it was twenty years ago, and the fact that someone like me, for instance, who for most of his life didn’t even care about politics, is blogging about this stuff, is some indication of that.


    1. Good point about all those various youtube celebrities, and “Alt Lite” is not necessarily bad – as long as it is not anti-white. But neither is it “pro-white.” Stexehammerwhatever often signals against White Identity politics. Spencer’s latest critique of the “anti-SJW” crowd is right – that’s low hanging fruit. How many times can you point to a purple-haired transexual and say “that’s crazy?”

      To me that means that “the right” is growing – and that isn’t a bad thing. “Trumpism” has already turned out far better than I expected – yes, it’s implicitly white, not explicitly white – but it is still far better than what we had ten years ago.

      I’m disappointed that Rabbit/Alt Left isn’t taking more of a leadership role, I think that is exactly the type of “middle brow” stuff that appeals to me as well as plenty of people that I know. Spencer himself is still good, personally, but there is no direction to the various websites because it’s all totally mired in troll culture. It’s completely dominated by Hall Monitors that will attack you if you won’t embrace the lowest of the Nazi trolls. The few times that it does rise above troll culture, it’s religion or “serious NS” which is still just historical fetishism.

      “Conspiracy culture” has a lot of middle brow appeal – no, not Alex Jones or “the Illuminati” types. I’m thinking of James Corbett and Paul Craig Roberts. Both are very middle-brow in their appeal and at their core is a critique of the media and an opposition to “globalism” – it also tends to be implicitly white.

      So no question that “the right” is better than it was 20 years ago, but explicit pro-whiteness isn’t as far along as one would hope, is it? The only group still pushing explicit pro-white stuff that appeals to “normies” is the Mantra/BUGs/Bob Whitaker crowd.

      A challenge: go to one of the “Alt Right” message forums and try to start a conversation about the year 2027. I predict you will get one of two responses:

      1. Either LARPing about how we will be “removing kebab and bagel.”

      2. Something something we have to “go back” to before the Enlightenment, or before democracy, or before egalitarianism, reestablish “the Church” etc.

      There’s no realistic future vision, it’s all looking to the past.

      Seriously try it.


      1. Styx’s position is that the U.S. was founded on a set of philosophical abstractions rather than ethnic identity (he’s wrong, of course) and that civic nationalism is therefore the logical form of government here. He has friendly relations with the Alt-Right, however, and has done shows with Spencer and Red Ice. That openness to dialogue is itself highly significant. He’s not like Posobiec, out there calling people Goebbels and virtue-signalling as anti-racist. Styx has also indicated his willingness to entertain World War II revisionism, which is another sign that he’s not quite as cucked as the typical CivNat. My main problem with him more recently is that he just seems to have slipped into a pattern of shilling for Trump and going the 4D apologetics route.


      2. I very much agree that there needs to be more of a middle cultural and intellectual component to the pro-white movement. One reason I don’t write as much about race as I used to is that I’ve found that no matter what it just seems to attract too many crazy people and just as importantly it attracts a lot of people that I have almost nothing in common with. For example, I can write about how black people are loud and obnoxious on public transit, and suddenly I will have 20 people with names like “TradmasterB_NoFapKing” following me, going on about degeneracy or “white sharia” or “fedoras.” That or they constantly argue about what’s white or not. I’m 1/4 Italian (and 1/4 Sicilian at that!) so according to many of these people I probably wouldn’t even be considered white. One reason people like us get along is because we have actual common cultural interests. Who else besides us in the pro-white community would be able to have discussions about movies from the Something Weird collection? I doubt most of these people could even sit through the trailers.

        Other people have told me I should take a more visible / leadership role in the pro-white movement. There are a couple of problems with this. First, people just aren’t really interested. The AltRight has been overrun by these radical trad types in the past year or two. “Fash McQueen” is a good example of the merging of the radical trads with Stormer types. It has basically left people like me behind. Even leaders which seemed socially liberal in the past have latched onto this trend, perhaps to enhance their cred with the far right and keep these people on their side. The second issue is that the anti-anti-white sentiment on the cultural left / center is already dominated by people like TJ Kirk (Amazing Atheist) and Sargon, people that have literally millions of followers. It will be tough to convince these types to embrace any kind of explicit pro-white views of any kind, especially now that white identity is universally associated with the AltRight and all the prudish, hyper religious and socially authoritarian baggage associated with it. Any that are peeled away out of these audiences will just go full Channer, with maybe only a brief stop here on their journey. I’ve seen it happen many times. There was a guy named “pro-white lefty” who was from Seattle that was a supporter of mine. He even briefly had a podcast called “Out in Left Field.” Within like a month he told me not to link to his blog anymore because there was “no way anything about him could still be considered left wing or moderate.” He deleted his podcast and disappeared probably respawning under some new ultra1448 alt.

        The third reason I don’t take more of an active role is that I quit my corporate job over a year ago, thinking I was going to become more active under my real name and I might as well not bother trying to stay employed in corporate America, given the inevitable doxing (and the fact that I hate corporate culture.) I found that there are very few people in the pro-white community that are willing to be helpful when you are willing to put your name out there and take the heat. It’s easy to get donations if you are a hot chick or if you are someone who gives people the juicy red meat like Anglin that gets people fired up up and regurgitates to them what they want to hear. If you have any kind of nuanced or creative outlook, no one will be donating money. Creativity is not rewarded in these movements. I’m not much of an e-beggar anyway. It takes a certain kind of personality, and my apathetic Gen-X “well whatever, donate a few bucks if any of this is interesting if not it’s cool” attitude just isn’t suited for it. Setting aside donations, people were just not helpful in terms of paid writing gigs or promoting any of my endeavors. No big deal, they’re not obligated to network with me.

        The final reason is that it’s just too difficult for me to want to lead a movement when increasingly I dislike so many of the people in it. Even when I watch a Youtube video of some prominent AltRighter and find myself agreeing with most of it, I look at the thousands of comments and think “wow what a bunch of morons this community is filled with” (the comments section on every altright.com article is pure idiocy.) I’m just not a good joiner, and I’m not leadership material. Even just finding additional writers for my site with a similar outlook is practically impossible.

        Anyway, I didn’t mean to write such a long comment.

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      3. @Rabbit

        That or they constantly argue about what’s white or not. I’m 1/4 Italian (and 1/4 Sicilian at that!)

        Part of a leadership role is dealing with the trolls like that. I’ve seen the exact opposite, the Italian kid on AltRight.com just will not shut up about how the Evil White Anglos “oppressed” him because of some anti-immigrant cartoons from 100 years ago.

        I despise the majority of commenters on ostensibly pro-white blogs and I pretty much assume that 100% of the “neo-Nazi” types are Jewish hasbara trolls.

        Still, an “Alt Left” is exactly what we need. We need a pro-white politics that does not traffic in all this stupid “LARP Against Modernity” and ridiculous “Trad Catholic” play-acting or the neo-Nazi Costume Clown crap.

        Really, I’m just a racist liberal, I’ve never pretended otherwise. I like hipster music because it’s really white. I like cute artsy chicks. I’m absolutely fine with “modernity” and have zero interest in “going back” to “before the Enlightenment” and when people talk about how we need … “fascism” … to “discipline society” or whatever I just roll by eyes.

        “Even just finding additional writers for my site with a similar outlook is practically impossible”

        No one said saving the white race would be easy. If you opened up AltLeft.com to other writers and made it a platform of sorts, I would personally help you find writers. It’s a great url and a very much needed concept.

        In fact, you could even sell t-shirts and stuff and make a little money off of it. Keep out the Nazitards and the obsessively angry nuts and you wouldn’t have problems monetizing it even while keeping it explicitly pro-white.


    1. @ar10308 – to be clear, I’m not talking about a “middle ground” between the white race and non-white races, at all. Whatever this “middle” is – it has to be 100% racially white and 100% pro-white.


  2. “The low brow found Spencer’s Achilles Heel – call Spencer a “faggot” enough times and he’ll break.”

    That’s somewhat of a serious character flaw.

    … astonished at how he recoils or something.

    I sort of agree with there lacking a middle-ground between the academics and the fodder of WN.

    The low-brow crowd should be taking academic concepts, simplifying them (we live in the era of soundbites after all) and propagating them to the masses, which would in turn help mainstreamize people like McDonald, those behind vDare or anyone with the proclivity for intellectualizing social issues.

    The Alt-Right tries to complicate things too much, they want to take a stance on every issue.

    Sometimes less is more.

    The best example is David Duke: he’s almost always clear, concise and always brings the subject back to pro-Whiteness/counter-semitism without resorting to unnecessary hostility towards other races.

    The only issues are with his delivery as he’s a bit soft-spoken (and slow-spoken). I’m not that confident he can keep the Adderall/Prozac generation engaged.

    The content is already here, we have more than enough.

    All we need is:

    1. to synthesize, process and condense it for mainstream distribution
    2. a non-retarded yet slightly eccentric spokesperson (like Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson, (((Savage))), Soral, Spencer himself or even someone like that black dude who hates niggers on Youtube)

    I like RamZ but his style is hard to get into if you don’t know what to expect.

    He’s very good for normalizing White advocacy, in the eyes of fence sitting civic nationalists for example, but not so much for fishing normies who have little to no interest in politics.


    1. @Tyrone

      Style-wise, we have plenty of good people. Spencer is great style wise.

      The “Alt Right” is for younger guys – young guys with no girlfriends, no jobs, bad family life, estranged from their culture, etc. We very much need something for them. They like trolling, and we have plenty of trolling.

      Now what kind of White Identity politics is there for a middle class guy, with a wife, early in his career, a new baby, etc. They are not interested in trolling or signaling as “hard core.” They aren’t going to be interested in “tearing down the system” or “going back to before egalitarianism” or LARPing.

      But those are the guys that can afford to donate to a movement. They have “skin in the game” – their own white children. They have practical concerns. They aren’t academics, and their aren’t Internet Anime Nazis either.

      They are the audience that reads Zerohedge, that gets suckered into “libertarianism” etc.


  3. What DS does better than anyone, by viewer-count and by content, is undercut the taboo that makes it almost suicidal to point out Jewish influence where it’s genuinely harmful. You don’t remove a taboo by tip-toeing around it. As the left has demonstrated time and time again, you have to explicitly break it, which is what DS does. The middle you talk about doesn’t exist because obscure publications run by and for the elderly or eccentric and outlandish websites run by and for the young and rebellious are the only venues where contributors don’t pay a price unacceptable to them. But if enough people get used to unrestrained taboo-breaking that may filter up eventually. I find Anglin sharper than Spencer or Duke, though Anglin says a lot of things that are repulsive if taken seriously. I don’t get the whiteness thing save that the denigration of whiteness requires a response. I don’t want to see whites become a minority and what’s happening in Europe is terrible (thanks to non-Muslim gatekeepers) but like many southerners I love old-school black music (and Bach) and I respect Islam’s disgust at western decadence. I don’t blame Muslims for reacting with anger to US foreign policy, which reaction was described as logical and inevitable by US policy makers in the 1950s. I don’t see black people as a threat except insofar as they are led astray by white liberals, which is most of the time. While Anglin reviles various non-white groups, he shows glimmerings of Watsonian populism under the surface. Just my two cents. Why do you put brackets around DS?


    1. undercut the taboo that makes it almost suicidal to point out Jewish influence

      Well that’s obviously not true – it’s suicidal for any employed person to start quoting Anglin. He hasn’t really “broken” any taboos, has he? The taboos still exist. Frankly, all those left-wing anti-Zionist BDS people have done more to break taboos over Jewish power than Anglin.

      Anglin is fine at what he does – he is an internet troll, and he has a huge internet troll fan base. Good for him.

      Why do you put brackets around DS?

      Because Anglin publishes Jews like Joshua Goldberg and it’s run by Andrew Aurenheimer (“weev”) who is a self-described Jew. All “neo-Nazis” are either Jewish or run by Jews, that’s been true since the 1970s.

      No of course Anglin himself isn’t Jewish.

      The middle you talk about doesn’t exist

      Well of course you are completely wrong – icareviews just listed a whole bunch of them. There is a HUGE demographic between “high brow academic” and “neo-Nazi LARPing internet troll.”


  4. Hipster: Any thoughts on the Z Man?

    Middle oriented and a true heavy weight, to say the least!

    He also has a podcast now, unlike a certain skynet…


    1. @guest

      I just read this:


      Great stuff – and just what I’ve feared. The “Alt Right” is a subculture, and a “reaction” to the New Left.

      The New Left failed – it was infiltrated by the (literal, actual) CIA’s hippie culture, which derailed the New Left and the anti-war movement. The New Left only really succeeded when they become “neo-conservatives” under Carter/Reagan/Bush.

      So the Alt Right is like a motorcycle club with “edgy” imagery to keep out outsiders. It exists online, has little interest in the interests of the White race in America.

      That’s rather depressing to be blunt. But yeah I’ll have to read more of this guy.


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