Intelligence Plays Both “Sides”

What people don’t seem to get about intelligence agencies, like the FBI and the CIA, is that they always play “both sides.”

If you read the leftist literature about the CIA, you’ll see CIA characterized as “right wing” and supporting various “counter-revolutionary” groups in Central and South America. That’s true, of course, they did. Now the CIA promotes “liberal” and “left” groups in Eastern Europe.

The leftist literature about the FBI always points out how the FBI destroyed the Black Panther party and the Jewish New Left. What you won’t read is how J. Edgar Hoover destroyed the Klan and segregation groups in the south.

Many of the social liberals in the 1960s, like feminist pioneer Gloria Steinem, wrote about the “liberal CIA.” And indeed, the CIA created groups like the Congress of Cultural Freedom that promoted “modern art” and jazz music. But the CIA had also created Christian front groups that promoted conservative social policies.

The internet generation has discovered the fact that the “hippie movement” of the 1960s wasn’t some natural development of style that was related to the anti-war movement. Quite the opposite, the “hippie movement” was an astro-turf phenomenon, promoted by the corporate media, the Fortune 500, and helped demonize the anti-war movement and turned “middle America” against the anti-war movement. Nixon won essentially because of a backlash to “hippies.”

The fact that LSD was a major part of the CIA’s MK-Ultra program is now common knowledge among people who research these things. People like “Ram Dass” and Timothy Leary, the gurus of the 1960s LSD scene, are now known to have been employed by the CIA as part of the MK-Ultra project.

But what these people don’t remember is that men like Alfred Matthew Hubbard a decade before was promoting LSD among Christians and conservatives, church leaders, and on “the right.”

Alfred Matthew Hubbard (July 24, 1901–August 31, 1982) was an early proponent for the drug LSD during the 1950s. He is reputed to have been the “Johnny Appleseed of LSD” and the first person to emphasize LSD’s potential as a visionary or transcendental drug. According to some accounts, Hubbard worked at various times for the Canadian Special Services, the United States Justice Department, the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and the Office of Strategic Services, or OSS [i.e., the CIA].

People will often say “both parties are the same” or that “there’s no difference between a Democrat and a Republican” but when it comes time, they always seem to forget and go along with whatever “side” they happen to agree with. “Liberals” will point out how the “establishment” is really run by the “corporate conservative 1% Republicans” while never seeming to notice that their own ideology lines up perfectly with the global corporations that are “the establishment.” Conservatives much the same, never realizing that their reaction to “the left” is typically siphoned into whatever the establishment wanted anyway. It’s comical – hilarious – to see Libertarian types talking about “ending the Fed” by promoting … the hard money policies that bankers have always traditionally wanted.

It’s almost like a case of “reverse psychology” that moms use to “trick” their kids into eating their vegetables. “Oh you don’t want to eat those green beans, that is only for grown ups!”

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