Organizing Ain’t Rocket Science

A quick rundown of how one particular California political lobby was built.

1. Two guys bought a van and a list of mailing addresses from a defunct political lobby in Northern California. The mailing addresses were of people who had either joined or expressed interest in a related cause.

2. The two guys drove around Northern California knocking on doors, passing out pamphlets, and asking for donations for the cause, and also coordinating a letter writing campaign to California legislators on various issues.

3. The two guys had some extremely radical views, but simply presented themselves as “regular folks” concerned about the environment, cute animals, conservationism, etc.

4. At most, one out of ten people donated money. At least 50% of the people just said “not interested” and slammed the door in their face. One out of ten signed something and donated maybe $5-$20 dollars. Maybe two or three out of ten said, “sure here’s my phone number, send me a postcard in the mail and maybe I’ll subscribe to your newsletter.

5. Once they had built up a skeleton of an organization, they hired people – college kids, at $5 an hour – to call people on the phone, twice a year, give a little spiel about the cause and ask for a credit card.

6. They set up a regular system. They relied on a TINY core of hard core people who donated every month and wrote letters to legislators every month, and they had a much larger circle of people who were interested, but not particularly devoted, who would SOMETIMES give money, MAYBE write a letter to a legislator, and typically would drop out completely after a year.

7. They had a much larger circle of people who would make a one time donation, sometimes just to get the canvassers off their lawn or off the phone. But nevertheless sometimes they would make a “convert” who would become a devoted member of the inner core.

8. They took that money and hired a political lobbyist would would literally wine and dine California legislators and propose bills and make public speeches.

9. They ALWAYS presented themselves as normal, all-American concerned citizens and they ALWAYS made their pitch to people in the terms of people’s rational self-interests. Who likes pollution? Nobody. Who wants a clean environment? Everybody.

10. They have been doing it since the 1970s and still exist, with plenty of victories and plenty of failures. It ain’t glamorous work and – AT MOST – one guy gets to be somewhat of a “celebrity.” ZERO people get to posture as “more hard core than thou” and NO ONE admits that some of them are involved in rather radical groups like Earth First!

If the pro-white movement wants to win, they will have to do something similar.

It ain’t rocket science.

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