“Right-wing sectarianism is a self-marginalizing, self-defeating tendency”

For whatever reason, Johnson cannot even consider that this is a purposeful development; that it is a feature, not a bug, of the “movement.” Even though there are people openly saying as much: “we have to drive away the ‘normies’ because they aren’t ‘hard-core’ enough.” “Pro-white isn’t enough we have to ‘go back’ to before the Enlightenment, or before the Reformation, or even before Christianity.” “The old intra-white ethnic hostilities must re-emerge.”

No matter how many times various groups are “caught” publishing Jews pretending to be “Nazis,” no matter how many times various groups are “caught” engaging in obvious subversion, and no matter how much “smoke” there is coming from certain personalities and “leaders,” he can’t quite come and out say “fire.”


Right-wing sectarianism is a self-marginalizing, self-defeating tendency, and it could not come at a worse time, for the historical moment has never been more receptive to white identity politics. More people are looking to us for answers than ever before. We must develop new platforms, spokesmen, and messages to try reach and convert every white group: every age group, every social class, every religion, every ethnic group, every interest group, every subculture — everyone. This is how white identity politics will attain complete cultural and political hegemony. But instead of outreach, the movement is turning inward.

he Alt Right “brand” was a White Nationalist entryist and outreach project from the very start. But the Alt Right worked best for White Nationalists by not being exclusively associated with White Nationalism. Normies would never try the Alt Right on for size if it were an exclusively White Nationalist movement, much less associated with people like Nazis and the KKK. The Left, of course, understands the power of such associations to freeze thought and action on the Right, which is why Leftists trot them out time and again.

Some White Nationalists, however, were more concerned with exerting control over a “brand” than outreach to the public. So they hit on the same tactic as the ADL, SPLC, and mainstream media: to chase people away from the Alt Right by associating it with Nazis and the KKK. The best example of this is the troll campaign against Steven Crowder, who made the mistake of calling himself Alt Right, and was rewarded with a storm of memes in which he was welcomed to the ranks of Nazi extremists. It was hilarious, vicious stuff, but completely self-defeating from the point of view of outreach and conversion.

3 thoughts on ““Right-wing sectarianism is a self-marginalizing, self-defeating tendency”

  1. agreed no enemies to the right. It may be frustrating to note the various levels of rightness in various tranches NRX Alt right paleoright WN etc etc but its best to not be shit testing each other. A lot of people get woke very gradually. (((moldbug))) while I have some big problems with him and am not even quite convinced hes not a mole has actually shown leftists can actually be convinced if one has the patience to carefully not trigger them too soon.

    while the borders seem often seem classist and trigger out reactions its best to overcome this nrx is correct a lower class white nationalist movement is going nowhere.The WN ats and neonazis actually seemed to me to just jump on the alt right bandwagon and while its understandable how this happened it effectively destroyed the aly rights best weapon,its ability to claim it was only larping it was political satire of a swiftian sharpness.Its probably too late but they ought to separate and try and recapture that ability. Its not like we cant support each other anonymously, but respecting what a particular blog or group is aiming to target ought to be respected.

    an ecumenical effort would be helpful identifying and working through where actually disagree and where we actually just misunderstand each other and working towards discovering where reality actually lays if possible. For instance nrx sees just about everything besides itself thats not cuckservative as altright/nazi/wn it actually knows better buts in fainess as I not above they have blurred the distinction, anyway nrx big problem is first the nazi socialist problem. and so they sort of dismiss it all as socialist. now keeping the democracy issue out of it for a second, i dont think many alt right /wn are actually socialists although many of us even those of us who come from a paleo libertarian natural reactionary background do understand this this unholy alliance between commies and capitalists we call globalism is problematic. Thats a whole different problem than wanting a welfare state.

    nrx next problem is the democracy issue, and it seems many WNs have absorbed a lot of moldbug and also larp monarchy ala evola etal Thats fine but others of us while not being particularly fond of democracy and certainly dont think niggers and bitches should vote are never the less skeptical that we can actually do away with some form of democracy. white men are genetically indisposed to knee bending.In a wn and without the ability to incur public debt the feedback loop of democracy tightens to the point i think it functions


    1. I don’t subscribe to the notion of “no enemies to the right” at all. The majority of “the right” is anti-white, and that slogan is almost always used to defend the likes of the (((Daily Stormer))) and “neo-Nazis” who ARE anti-white.

      How in the world can people take Andrew Anglin as a pro-white figure when he has openly said on many occasions that “the real enemy is White women?”

      A better slogan would be “no enemies to the white.”

      NRx has a lot of good ideas, especially on social issues, but they are an anti-white movement meant to defend anti-white Jews and blame … “Protestants” … for all the problems in the world. NRx is *explicitly* not pro-white.

      NRx anti-whiteness, ironically, doesn’t come from Moldbug himself but usually the Catholics in NRx. They don’t care about White people or White interests at all, they are faux-religious ideologues that are against White Nationalism because the Catholic church is majority non-White. NRx is a fundamentally anti-white movement.

      Crap about democracy is just a distraction from the real issue.


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