White Conservatives, Fat on Neo-Con Propaganda, Are the Easiest to Fleece

I continue to be amazed at how stupid conservatives are. On the Social Medias, there is a canonical example of “fake news,” a story that President Trump has arrested a federal judge, appointed by Mullah Obama, because he was enforcing Sharia Law in the courtroom. Trump, a stalwart advocate of the Constitution, had him arrested for “treason.”

This story is so obviously false – wish fulfillment – it doesn’t even rise above the level of “spam,” but conservative Republicans, especially the ones who have spent the last 8 years buying Donald Trump’s transparent bullshit that Obama was a Secret Muslim with a Fake Birth Certificate taking orders from both the Sunni Muslim brotherhood AND the Shia Mullahs in Iran and of course packed the court with Sharia enforcing Muslims – buy it hook, line and sinker.

It’s about as stupid as opening a spam email that says “You have won the lottery, please send your bank account number to receive a deposit of $999,999,999 billion dollars from the Nigerian Internet Bank” and immediately calling your boss and telling him he can stuff it and you’re not coming into work the next morning.

Just how stupid and gullible ARE White conservative Republicans? I mean, we make fun of dindus for believing “WE WUZ KANGS” but these White conservatives don’t seem to be much smarter, frankly.

Of course, these same White Christian conservative Republicans – just like Trump told them – believe that Obama “hated Jews and Israel” and was involved in a secret Muslim plot to kill the Jews – just like Hitler, who was a left wing liberal socialist.

Frankly I kind of feel sorry for Netanyahu, who must have at least some reservations about the fact that these are the only people in America that really are his allies. I would hold them in contempt too, they are the definition of “cucks.”

Would it be wrong to create a “fake news site” and fleece these conservatives out of money somehow? Wouldn’t it be better to fleece them out of money before they get suckered by the Dead Sea Salt scammers at the mall or give it to some “poor Jewish refugee family in Judea and Samaria?”

Clearly, White conservative Republicans are children that need parental supervision. You can’t give little children a lesson in electrical current – you just have to tell them “NO sticking finger in light bulb socket! Bad! Shock hurt baby!”

That is how White conservative Republicans must be treated, as babies, little children, for their own good.

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