Spencer vs. Milo on “It’s OK To Be White” & the “Alt Right”

After the 4Chan “It’s OK To Be White” troll went over in a spectacular fashion, Milo started selling t-shirts with the slogan, which got him denounced (again) on Twitter by Richard Spencer. So let’s keep in mind who Milo is, what he represents, and what Spencer is, and what he represents.

Let’s also keep it in the context of the last few years, and in the context of the recent blow up over the march in Tennessee featuring the League of the South and the Heimbach/Trad/NSM crowd.

Who is Milo and what does he represent? Milo is of course part of the same faction that is Rebel Media and Breitbart.com. As Catholic social critic E. Michael Jones might say, this is the Gay-Jew Alliance. The Black-Jewish alliance of the last 100 years has become frayed and ineffective, so the Jews recruited another group to act as a proxy in their war against White America: gays.

After Trump won and after the Spencer fuck-up called “Hailgate,” the Gay-Jew alliance started to distance themselves from the White Identity crowd. After all, the Gay-Jew alliance got their man, Trump, in power. The purpose of the Gay-Jew alliance is to support Israel in the USA by creating a sort of “politically incorrect libertarian” crowd that distracts everyone from the Jew power behind it by waving around flaming homos like Milo.

Milo’s collapse due to his kind-of support for pederasty was literally started by a group calling itself the “Reagan Battalion” that turned out to be … no shit … orthodox Jews. The old line Evangelical-Jew alliance in the GOP was being threatened by this new Gay-Jew alliance that had backed Trump (Trump being hated by the Christian Coalition types in the GOP) and swiftly moved to take down one of Breitbart’s leading figures.

It’s kind of too bad because Milo’s remarks were actually truthful and extremely damaging to the nicey-nicey image the LGBT lobby has spent 40 years cultivating. Milo’s scandal showed us that, yes, he was of course molested as a boy, which is what turned him gay, essentially. Yes, Milo’s flamoyant behaviors are pretty obviously a cover for a deep sense of self-loathing. Think about it: Milo is an attractive, intelligent, White man whose molestation has turned him into a freak. He now brags about having gay sex orgies with Black men – that is not the behavior of a well-adjusted man, it’s the behavior of someone with deep seated sexual issues. The fact that Milo ADMITTED the link between “gay” and pederasty, even though he knew enough to try to put a positive spin on it, was paired with him flatly admitting that gays have some “issues” with their own sexuality. Milo was, in many ways, saying “there but for the grace of God go you.”

But the Gay-Jew alliance is worthless to White identity, and even hostile to White identity, which is why the “Alt Lite” stabbed the “Alt Right” in the back and began counter-signaling as soon as Trump got elected. Sure, Breitbart will dog-whistle some White Identity during an election, but once they get Whitey’s vote they want all the “racists” to go back in the closet, because after all, “liberals are the REAL racists.”

Spencer needed to save the brand “Alt Right” from the Gay-Jew Alliance, represented by Breitbart, so went after Milo. Probably a good and necessary thing. Being “anti-PC” only goes so far, and “liberals are the real racists” is just a way to keep White people on the anti-White plantation: “anti-racist is ALWAYS just a code for anti-white.”

So, we can see, the Breitbart/Gay-Jew Alliance is NOT part of the larger White Identity movement, in fact a competitor, trying to distract Whites with “anti-PC” circle-jerking. So Spencer is right to call out Milo.

But WITHIN the White Identity movement there is a serious division that can’t be summed up so easily, although it is easy to spot around the issue of “nazi.” Since the takedown of the Daily Stormer, Andrew Anglin and Weev have all come out and admitted they aren’t real “Nazis,” that the Hitler fetish is just a joke, that they wouldn’t want to actually march around in the streets with the NSM/Hollywood Nazis, and said, “hey we’re just internet trolls anyway.” Anglin and Weev, of all people, have come out strongly against the NSM/Hollywood Nazi types. They admit there’s a clear division between online trolling and real life activism.

It was, in fact, Richard Spencer’s failure that started this whole mess and it was started by the very problematic character of Mike Enoch. Enoch, let’s not forget, spend a couple of years playing “Nazi internet troll,” going so far as to invite his Jewish wife to make “racist” jokes on his podcast. It was Enoch that in fact triggered “Hailgate” by apparently blurring the line between “online nazi troll” and “actual FBI informant working with the NSM.” Enoch – at Charlottesville – posed in front of an NSM flag and did the “Hitler salute.”

With Enoch, it’s obvious he means it as a “joke” – but Heimbach and the NSM don’t mean it as a joke – they aren’t trolling – they want NSM and Hollywood Nazi to literally be the face of White Identity, thus keeping White Identity from ever becoming mainstream.

Let’s not forget that Spencer’s ideas are not particularly interesting. Spencer did not become a “leader” of White Identity because of his brilliant philosophy. Spencer became a “leader” of the Alt Right because of his squeaky clean image and photogenic, media friendly presentation. The day Spencer actually stands next to an NSM flag and does the “Hitler salute” is the day he’s no longer useful to White Identity. Jokes are jokes and memes are memes, but the NSM wants to convince people that White Identity = Neo-Nazi/gassings/genocide – JUST LIKE THE $PLC DOES.

Paul Ramsey has pointed this out repeatedly, and Ramsey was JUST as influential in the “Alt Right” as Spencer was. It was Ramsey that got publicity for the Alt Right through Breitbart & Milo, it was Ramsey that started the chain that led to Hillary Clinton using the term “alt right” which is what made Spencer into a celebrity. Unfortunately, Spencer got his fee-fees hurt when Ramsey made a video criticizing Hailgate, and now Ramsey is accusing Spencer of trying to get him banned from Patreon – if true, that’s Antifa like behavior.

Spencer’s attacks on Ramsey, saying that Ramsey “accuses everyone he doesn’t like of being FBI” is a lie, it’s really a shame to see Spencer resort to such talking points. Ramsey, after all, was CORRECT that Anglin had anti-White Jews writing for the Daily Stormer, Ramsey was CORRECT that the NSM is essentially an FBI/$PLC front group, Ramsey was CORRECT that Weev is a felon, let out of jail early, and is getting funded from somebody. Weev himself has now admitted his “neo-Nazi” act was nothing more than a way to destroy the company that had been using his internet handle, “Weev.” Weev’s successful troll has earned him his domain, weev.net, where he comes clean as it were. Weev was never a White advocate, he’s an internet troll – AND someone who has clear mental health issues. I’ll continue to enjoy Weev’s trolling antics, but to take him seriously as a political activist is absurd.

Same with Anglin. Anglin almost certainly lost a LOT of income when his site was taken down. Anglin and Weev do not have to be “agents of the FBI” or getting paychecks from the $PLC – all it takes is for someone to pay them, anonymous, and tell them to keep doing what they are doing – and to cut off funds when they get off message. Daily Stormer style gimmicks may be useful for media-jamming, they are not anything that can seriously recruit the majority of Whites to openly Identify as Whites.

It’s too bad that such high profile figures like Spencer, Ramsey, and Greg Johnson just can’t seem to get along. It’s a damn shame that Hunter Wallace, otherwise a promising figure that could have brought the League of the South to a younger generation, has instead throw in his lot with Heimbach an d the NSM, thus ensuring League of the South will remain fringe. It’s a good development that Anglin and Weev have apparently realized that the stakes are quite high for White Identity and that at some point “just trolling” isn’t good enough.

But there is no harm, no foul, in attacking the Gay-Jew alliance represented by Milo, Breitbart, and Rebel Media. At the end of the day, Breitbart needs US “racists” far more than we need them. Whatever mileage Breitbart gets by promoting the likes of Milo pales in comparison to their core audience of very nearly explicity White Identity conservatives. At the end of the day, Breitbart is there to prop up the Zionist entity, and the Zionist entity needs us White “racists” who number a LOT more than “Twinks for Trump” and White homosexuals who are against Islam because Muslims are so “homophobic.”

There is also no harm, no foul, in ruthlessly attacking the FBI front group NSM and their collaborators like Matt “of course I wear a wire” Heimbach. You see, the truth always outs, eventually. Some no-name blogger like Hipster Racist can call it like he sees it and get the attention of the “big players” because all I’m doing is making simple observations of the people that are claimed – or are claimed to be – leaders of White Identity.

Spencer could excommunicate me from the movement, but as he himself knows, you can’t stop an idea whose time has come. White Identity is an idea whose time has come – AND the fact that there exists a Gay-Jew alliance working for the foreign state of Israel, and a fake “neo-Nazi” movement that has ALWAYS been run by Jews and Feds since day one – those ideas are out there, the cat is out of the bag.

Mike Enoch should have stayed married to his Jewish wife – divorcing your wife is evidence of a character flaw, Jewish liberal or not. He could still be an effective promoter of White Identity and even counter-semitism. But if Enoch continues to take pictures of himself doing “Heil Hitlers” in front of NSM flags – let’s just say that more and more people can see the Jew=Nazi comparison. It ain’t going away.

Essentially, it’s getting to the point that anytime someone shows up play acting as a Hollywood Nazi, the first thing people think is, “huh – he’s probably a Jew.”

10 thoughts on “Spencer vs. Milo on “It’s OK To Be White” & the “Alt Right”

  1. Pretty much.

    I would offer a few more points:

    1) Spencer may have been pushed forward by “movement” pooh-bahs because of his alleged charisma, but Spencer’s own vision for himself was that he was “the real MILO” in perfect concordance with his narcissistic and histrionic personality. This is why he is always on the attack against the “alt lite” or any entity within the alt right that does not provide narcissistic supply to hi – even though a dispassionate observer would see them as a helpful and necessary “bridge” to the mainstream.

    2) We even have Eli Mosley saying that anyone wearing an “It’s OK to be white” t-shirt should be permanently bullied out of the movement.

    Excuse me?

    What more evidence do you need apart from the Jiorjani affair and the dust up between Friberg and Greg Johnson that THESE ARE NOT GOOD PEOPLE!

    3) Jim Collins, in his amazing managerial book “Good to Great” identifies several traits that companies adapt before achieving greatness. One of my favorites is “first who, then what”. In other words, success is more a factor of the people involved than the particular ideas and tactics employed. The alt right is a classic case of this. With the Mantra and the rise of the Ron Paul / Donald Trump movement it would take a fool to lose. The trouble is we have so many fools around!

    If a faction cannot sell whiteness to normal whites, it’s the faction that is the problem, not the “normies”.

    4) Bottom line? The ancient Aryans taught their sons three things: to ride the horse swiftly, to shoot the bow straight, and always TELL THE TRUTH. These people with there endless false statements, intrigues, and machinations are too clever by half and must be purged and quarantined like the cancer they are.

    We have an immediate target in front of us in the 2018 GOP primaries along the Bannon Plan, after that we have time to get the reformed movement to be ready before the 2020 election and aftermath.

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    1. “If a faction cannot sell whiteness to normal whites, it’s the faction that is the problem, not the “normies”.”

      Well I couldn’t agree with that more.

      Seems so obvious to me. Why SOULDN’T White people take our own side?

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  2. In addition to your list of events:

    Weev via 4/pol/ outed Ramsey for having a generous state salary and no case load, accusing him of being a fed.

    Johnson was cast out of TRS circles during the dox when they officially decided to cut off all homos including some of their own inner-circle.

    Jeorgani railed against Spencer after an apparent NPI coup, apparently precipitated by Freiberg and Spencer after the former led them on some wild goose chase after mysterious London donors in a secret Aryan (read as: Iranian) society. (Can’t make this shit up)

    Southern Nationalists other than Wallace have almost entirely gone dormant. Turns out most of the southrons like Trump’s chances more than Heimbach and NSM.

    Anglin is somehow in limbo even with TRS after coming down hard on WN 1.0 LARPing. He may be positioning himself to cozy up with newcomers.

    TRS itself, unsurprisingly, isn’t gaining a lot of subscribers and has serious internal divisions due to all of the above. The newest shows added to the network are borderline WN 1.0 larping so if that trend continues they’ll probably implode.

    Nick Fuentes and some other youtuber are trying to split the difference between Trump and Alt-Right. They’ve already bumped heads with both TRS and Spencer over suggesting the latter two’s activism is hamfisted and probably not working.

    Reactionaries the web over have gone from being unpopular to being downright irrelevant, but thermidor now hosts The Europa Report showing signs that perhaps some of these larpy Orthodox and Catholics may be pivoting to pro-whiteness.


      1. It’s since passed out of the archive, but I imagine you could scare up a screencap on 4/pol/ if you asked around.


      2. It really doesn’t make any sense anyway. What would be the purpose of the Feds hiring RamZPaul to make goofy videos making fun of anti-whites and constantly discussing the double standards of anti-white Jews?

        On the other hand, there ARE people that do exactly the same things that known Feds, like Hal Turner and dozens of NSM LARPer types, do.

        There is huge butthurt over RamZPaul BECAUSE he has been proven right about various things, especially the “nazis.”

        I say the same thing about RamZPaul that I said about Spencer: if Spencer is really a “CIA agent” – that’s awesome, as it means that the CIA is paying someone to go around to college campuses making pro-white speeches and calling out the anti-whites. If that’s true, it means the CIA is on our side – great! I hope they send more like Spencer and Ramsey.


      3. I’m of the same opinion. If the feds have an interest in spreading palatable pro-white messaging, all the better. Quite frankly, I don’t think the broader movement to save whites from themselves (and “fellow whites”) is going anywhere without that kind of “deep state,” support.

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