Beta Of The Year: Roy Moore

James Edwards of Political Cesspool is a good and solid pro-White advocate who is also a conservative Christian. Heartiste is the hilariously funny “game” blogger who has human sexual nature down to a science. Both of them have suggested that Roy Moore is an “alpha” – and both of them are comically wrong.

First, let’s get the feminist stuff out of the way. Roy Moore, at 30, courting for marriage women ten or twelve years younger than him is no big deal. In the secular world, if Roy More were say, Leonardo DiCaprio “dating” a succession of young starlets just this side of the legal limit, he’d be the envy of every red blooded man alive. Despite what over the hill cat ladies may say about power imbalances, those are the types of power imbalances that women LOVE. Those are the types of power imbalances that girls and women seek out.

Heartiste himself points out that a White father’s goals for his daughter, from acceptable to soul-thrilling, are either:

3. Date a well-heeled man 10+ years her senior
2. Marry a well-heeled man 10+ years her senior
1. Briefly court then marry an Epic Chad with a square jawline and family money

Moore was described as “handsome” – ok, that’s an alpha trait. But of all the teenage girls he “dated,” the only one that had anything positive to say about him said that he was “sweet” and “played guitar” for her and that her mom approved. That’s not exactly a swooning endorsement for a “handsome” and up-and coming power alpha, the home town boy made good.

That’s the way women describe “beta bucks.”

It hardly matters if the press coverage is slanted against Moore, the basic facts scream “insecure beta.” At 30 years old, he’s prowling the malls and diners flirting with teenage girls who are a captive audience. They have to be nice to him, especially in a culture like Alabama in the 1970s, they can’t say “leave me alone, creep.” At least some of these girls say they complained to their boss to try to get him kicked out of the mall.

Again, handsome 30 year old, more money than average, a powerful political position, and he can’t ATTRACT women, even young women, but instead is forced to prowl around and harass teenage girls who mostly want nothing to do with him. The most he’s getting is polite rejection, “I have a boyfriend.” He even called up one of them at school, talking to her teacher, pulling her out of class, and asking her for a date. She says “no.”

From a Christian standpoint, Moore would have been ready for marriage by, say, 25 at the latest. But Moore didn’t actually “court” these young girls for marriage, apparently. In fact, it apparently took Moore something like 15 years to even find a wife.

And what sort of woman did Moore eventually marry? Surely, a beautiful, blushing Christian virgin a decade younger than him?


Moore eventually, at 38, married a divorced single mom of 24 and adopted her kid. He “manned up and married the slut.” OK, in traditional Baptist churches, divorce and remarriage is called “adultery” and would have both Mr. and Mrs. Moore ex-communicated. From a secular, game perspective?

Roy Moore is a literal cuck.

Who married a mid 20s divorced single mom after spending 15 years hitting on jailbait that did nothing but blow him off for being a “creep.”

It doesn’t get any more “beta” than that.
Roy Moore fails on both counts. From a secular perspective, as far as “game” goes, he’s an insecure and creepy beta with no game who couldn’t get either the hot women his age nor the “younger hotter tighter” gals a decade younger than him.

From a Christian perspective, instead of doing the Christian thing, courting a marriageable woman, he (supposedly) goes without female companionship … until THIRTY-EIGHT … then marries a divorced single mom, thus cucking himself and engaging in decades long adultery.

A loser on both sides of the social fence.

All that aside, if the allegations of sexual assault of minors are true, this does of course make Roy Moore even MORE qualified to serve in the US Congress, as a conservative Republican, in the grand tradition of Dennis Hastert, et al.

(The interview with Becky Gray, a conservative Christian Alabama native saying she got Moore kicked out of the mall, and that he was “creepy” “not Christian” and “not what he claims to be” puts it all in perspective. Not that it matters, of course. Moore’s defenders are like Scientologists, creepy brainwashed fanatics of low IQ and even lower EQ. It is what it is.)

6 thoughts on “Beta Of The Year: Roy Moore

    1. @Lord Lemur

      It’s a problem in all human institutions because it’s a human problem. People care more about it in the church because in America the only thing left that the Church is any good is being a “sex regulation society.”

      There’s nothing in Christianity that the churches even pay lip service to EXCEPT sex. Consider traditional Christian ethics and the churches just ignore anything except for sex. You can lie, cheat, steal, be a glutton, an idolator, anything. As long as you aren’t openly sexually sinning.

      There are some left that are good. I visited a very conservative, traditional Reformed church in the middle of the most godless secular neighborhood in the middle of the most godless secular city and was shocked. This church held the line, no women deacons, no divorced pastors, they wasn’t a hint of “Evangelicalism,” no Pentecostal weirdness, no showy grandstanding. And what do you know – the pews were full of very young married White couples – early 20s – and half the wives had White babies on their laps.

      Listening to the service, the sermon, and following up reading their website and listening to the pastor’s previous sermons – not a single mention of politics, the Republican party, putting stupid 10 Commandment monuments in courthouses (they probably would have considered it idolatry) or “Christian” Zionism – no talk of supporting the apartheid regime of Jew bigotry in Zionist-occupied Palestine or Jews being “God’s chosen people.” They actually KNEW of the original Confession of Faith that their church was founded on, no stupid proof-texting from Evangelical cultists.

      And I suspect that there was likely zero weird sexual issues and when they do inevitable happen I suspect they are dealt with promptly and consistently.

      So they do exist. You just won’t see these types parading around in the public eye as “celebrity pastors” or declaring that their particular political candidate is “called by God” while the other conservative Republican he runs against is the “tool of the devil” etc.

      The problem isn’t Christianity, and the problem isn’t Protestantism, the problem is the Evangelical cult. It just happens that that cult is most prominent in the low-church polity congregations like the Southern Baptist Convention and the no-church polity Pentecostals and mega-churches.

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    1. This is “BWV” back – same email provider. Pretty obviously one of Moore’s/Breitbart’s “Christian Zionist” astro-turfers.

      Ironic, too. I mean, Hipster Racist is just a tiny little blog with a tiny little audience, yet the truth I write is so damaging to these types they can’t ignore it.

      It’s a great honor they have the need to attack me.

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    2. Note the use of the term “kike” – and its use against me. (Also, spelling “Jew” as “Joo” – NO ONE spells “Jew” as “Joo” – except Jews.)

      Who uses the term “kike?” ZERO actual conservative Evangelical supporters of Roy Moore use the term “kike.” None, zada, zip. The ONLY people who use the term “kike” non-ironically are either a) the Daily Stormer style 4chan trolls who don’t care one bit about Roy Moore and b) actual Jews posturing as “neo-Nazis.”

      Funny how desperate Jews are to get some guy like Roy Moore – a “Christian” Zionist likely blackmailed – into the Senate, to provide a reliable vote for the Israel lobby.

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