Andrew Anglin Goes Full Conspiratard

When many of us pointed out that Anglin’s (((Daily Stormer))) is an extremely shady operation, Anglin himself went apeshit complaining about the “conspiracy theorists.”

But now that Anglin is under attack from an astroturf campaign exactly like the astro-turf campaigns he himself, and his partner Andrew “Weev” Aurenheimer, have been using against pro-Whites – even just last month against pro-White women like Brittnay Pettibone and Lauren Southern, Anglin cries foul and screams like a paranoid nutjob about “Feds” out to get him:

After YEARS of playing “more hardcore than thou” and attacking anyone who wouldn’t play (((Hollywood Nazi))) as a “cuck” – well, what do you know. Now ever more “hardcore” types are calling Anglin the “cuck.”

Poor Anglin is worried that some Feds in “Atomwaffen” might commit terrorism – false flag terrorism – and he’ll be blamed.

Well, Anglin, welcome to the real world. Welcome to the reality that people like ME have been trying to explain for a decade.

Hope you lawyered up, dumbass.

Chris Cantwell, the retarded moron LARPer that literally invited the anti-White media to his hotel room, posed with his guns and swastikas, before being arrested for – what else? – inciting violence at the Charlottesville rally, now cries (again) because his “sacrifice” was all in vain.

Well, no shit your drooling idiot. What did you think was going to happen?

Looks like RamZPaul was right all along. Looks like Hipster Racist was right all along. After YEARS of playing “neo-nazi” on the internet, the second shit got real Anglin realizes he fucked it all up and he’s desperate to rebrand as an “American Nationalist.”

But then he’ll lose his fan base and then who is going to buy bitcoins on their mommy’s credit card to send to Anglin and Weev?

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of LARPers. You lay down with (((Hollywood Nazi))) dogs, you wake up with LARPer fleas.

20 thoughts on “Andrew Anglin Goes Full Conspiratard

    1. @Afterthought

      Solution to what problem? The solution to LARPers is to point and laugh and otherwise wait for them to self-destruct.

      The solution to anime fan sites like DS? I dunno, the solution is to get the kids to move on from anime and internet porn and engage them in real life I guess.


  1. Apparently Weev and Ricky Vaughn have joined forces to convert the TRS and DS lemmings into proper MAGApedes. Although from what I hear their numbers are dropping about as quickly as support for Trump after the omnibus. No telling what these kids are up to, but the hasty discarding of the lumpenprole shit magnets might suggest they’re looking for people with disposable income.

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  2. Your jealousy of Anglin is showing. His site makes yours look like a family blog. You are lazy and simply link to others work. Anglin has already done more for the pro white cause than you ever will. I see you shilling for this boring site all over the pro white web.

    You are projecting your attention whoring onto Anglin because he is a better writer than you. This is just a fact.

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    1. @White Interests

      There are a lot of people who are better writers than I am. Gregory Hood, for instance, is a far, far better writer than I am.

      You’ll notice I never complain about Gregory Hood. You know why? Because Gregory Hood doesn’t:

      a) spend all his time attacking pro-White people.

      b) coordinate astro-turf campaigns against pro-White women.

      c) do everything possible to turn the pro-White movement into a (((Hollywood Nazi))) clown show.

      Anglin hasn’t ever done anything for the pro-White cause. Posting Asian pornography, attacking White women, and pretending to be a “neo-Nazi” has nothing to do with the pro-White cause.

      Is this really so difficult for you to understand?

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      1. Anglin has made more white people aware of our plight than you ever will. I never see Asian porn on his sight and white women are a huge part of our problem. The Neo Nazi thing works for the younger crowd who is going to have to fight this fight. After all they are the ones who had their birthright given away.

        Bottom line Anglin has been way more effective than you have. Not naming the enemy and pretending all their criticisms have merit is foolish.

        There is room in the anti anti white movement for everyone. The fact that participation runs the gamut of ideals is a good thing. You are simply attacking Anglin because you are jealous and hoping to up your profile.

        Is this so difficult for you to understand?


      2. @Whitey Interests

        Anglin and Aurenheimer have managed to destroy the Alt Right movement and turn it into a clown show in just two years. Right now they are desperately backtracking on the “neo-nazi” gimmick because all it did was get a bunch of their fans to dox themselves and in some cases incriminate themselves.

        Anglin and Aurenheimer are now panicking about “Atom Waffen Division” – some group of morons that took the “neo-nazi” gimmick seriously. Why are Anglin and Aurenheimer “punching right?” Are they just too cowardly to be REAL HARDCORE like “Atom Waffen Division?”

        Just listen to yourself, you sound like a Justin Bieber fan talking about a celebrity. You haven’t even addressed any of the substance of the criticism, merely gone immediately into bizarre personal attacks – you sound like a Jew. That’s what Jews do, ignore any criticism and make it personal.

        Seriously – read the comments from Jews attacking Kevin MacDonald. They say the SAME EXACT THING that you are saying, “Kevin MacDonald is just jealous of Jews! Jews are just superior to you!”

        As for all the blather about “young people” – grow up, kid. Posting internet memes about Jews isn’t “fighting” anything – it’s circle jerking.

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      3. I’m no Anglin sycophant, but it seems to me that you fail to address the woman problem at all. Maybe the whole Anglin/Weev “let’s make kids hate women” thing sucks, but what is the other option? You know as well as anybody that taking moral direction from women and allowing them into public life has largely gotten the West into this mess. Do you really think that a pro-white movement can be tailored to garner support from women? E-thots like Brittany Petmybone are not gonna have young girls demanding that only white men have exclusive access to their goods, and make them into good wives and mothers.

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      4. @Asshat Jones

        1. How does attacking pro-White women help the pro-White cause? It doesn’t. So what is the purpose? Anglin and Weev said that they were taking money which – presumably – could go to Anglin and Weev.

        2. Am I right in assuming that you aren’t married, don’t have White children, thus have never actually fulfilled the 14 words? And even more to the point, you’ve never even kissed a girl, have you? So your opinions about women are less than worthless.


      5. 1. I’ll concede that point. They explicitly stated that.

        2. I was asking more broadly, how should pro-Whites handle the woman issue? This isn’t merely an opinion, it’s a phenomenon well documented by academics like John Lott, who demonstrated a strong correlation between female suffrage and “liberal” policies such as increased welfare expenditures and immigration. Chateau Heartiste’s blog represents a well-articulated explanation of the woman problem, as do numerous others, as does common sense. Nothing that Anglin has ever published has contradicted anything that’s ever been written and well accepted on the subject, and aside from attacking several female public figures, his stated purpose has been to make young men aware of these issues. So should pro-Whites attempt to appeal directly to women politically? Should young men take the risks of marriage and children with our current situation of female autonomy, no-fault divorce, etc? Should young men be made aware of these issues in explicit terms? Should these issues be ignored altogether? Or are these issues only real in my mind because you think I’m an incel? These are legitimate questions.

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      6. @Asshat Jones

        I spent the first two years of this blog writing about “the women problem” all the time – I was getting 20,000 unique readers a day for a while, until I was banned from all the major manosphere platforms for “waaaaysism.”

        But – WE WON. Now there are all sorts of traditional minded pro-white women out there, mentoring the younger women. Everything you and the Anglin/Weev axis are saying about Pettibone and Southern is A LIE. Both of them, along with dozens of others, ARE, in fact, promoting traditional womanhood, family, marriage, etc.

        The fact that Southern isn’t married? Well, 90% of the boys and men who supposedly promote “traditional values” aren’t either.

        Also, White women are LESS likely to race mix than White men. White women are, in fact, the MOST RACIST demographic in America.

        All the idiocy about “mudsharks” is bullshit, the vast majority of White women will not race mix. The White males who complain are the ones: a) posting yellow fever Asian porn and b) cuckold blacks-on-blondes porn, you know, to show how “bad” it is.

        I rest my case.

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      7. @Asshat Jones

        I wrote a post called “Why Women Shouldn’t Vote.” It was mostly tongue-in-cheek, but it still made the point.

        But all this “reactionary” stuff against democracy – it’s all so much internet wankery isn’t it? It doesn’t help the pro-White cause. It’s just posturing about how “edgy” and “hardcore” you are. “I’m so right wing I don’t even believe in democracy!”

        Reminds me of boomers who always said “I’m to the RIGHT of Attilla to Hun!”

        Besides, blaming modern problems on women voting is actually wrong. These issues are mostly due to technology – the Unabomber guy was right about that.

        But let’s be real here – Anglin and Weev are not in the slightest bit interested in helping White people – neither are pro-White. They are internet trolls who cater to an audience of young, angry, and impressionable NEETs (i.e., losers) who will send them Bitcons from their mommy’s credit cards.

        I wouldn’t have cared if they hand’t have sent their astro-turf campaigns to destroy every serious Alt Right and pro-White site on the internet for the last two years.


      8. @Asshat Jones

        Chateau Heartiste

        Have you ever read a single thing I’ve ever said negative about Heartiste? Nope. I’m a huge fan of him. I think he’s hysterically funny, and he’s totally right about women. He’s also pro-White and even solid on the Jew problem.

        Heartiste does NOT run a massive astroturf trolling campaign to infect every single pro-White site on the internet like Anglin and Weev do.

        So, Heartiste? Great guy. I read his blog and even used to post there occasionally.

        Anglin and Weev aren’t even in the same category as Heartiste – Heartiste knows what he’s talking about when it comes to women. Anglin? His experience with women has been screwing Flip prostitutes and Weev had one crazy ass racist feminist girlfriend who wasn’t totally ugly who then became hard core anti-White.

        So again – why do we need Anglin and Weev? They have done nothing but hurt the pro-White cause.

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      9. Ok, fuck ’em… Like I said I’m not here to shill for these dopes. Weev is obviously a lunatic Jew troll and Anglin… I have no idea… But saying that “white women are the most racist demographic in America,” well, I have my doubts. My eyes tell me different. I’ve read your blog for long enough to know, that if you’re honest about your background, then yes, you would’ve never seen it on the scale I do. I’ve read several articles that talk about how within the upper-middle-class/affluent stratum of society, white birthrates are actually exceptionally high. However, for us lower-rung plebs, it doesn’t take a cuck to see the amount of mudsharking going on where I live. In fact the last girl I had was apparently a niggerlover and now I gotta get tested like an asshole.

        I would prefer to believe that “we’ve won” but some dissenting opinions exist. It may be only one example, but one of these “trad thots” with a YouTube channel promoting traditionalism and conservatism is a literal camwhore. She has a porn site where she sticks dildos up her ass for money. I think she’s called “White Rose” or something.

        So, from what I can tell, this traditionalism among women phenomenon is more about 1950’s retro aesthetic LARPing then actually fulfilling their biological role. And if you can acknowledge the truth within Kaczynski’s manifesto, then you could at least acknowledge that anti-democracy is not necessarily confined to the grounds of an internet circle-jerk of edgelords, but it constitutes a legitimate criticism of our society as it stands. Perhaps proposing non-democratic systems is only an intellectual exercise, and not practical, but that is precisely why so many turn to the example of NSDAP Germany for guidance. They effectively created a post-democratic system which had all of the same social goals that pro-Whites anywhere generally would have, despite their ultimate failure.

        Regarding Heartiste, I’ve actually seen you reference him before regarding PUA advice or whatever, so obviously you tend to agree with him. I haven’t read your earlier WQ material. That being said, he has made explicit reference to women as a “herd animal,” thus tending to fall in line with social norms which are dictated by the Jew media. I’m more or less recently college educated and have seen the outcomes of these dictates. Not just mudsharking or whatever, but blind obedience to what Heartiste himself has described as the “you go gurll” mentality, which I think can be best described as young women attempting to adopt an egoistic male mentality i.e. financial competitiveness, unrestrained hedonism, embracing moral decay, etc… So say what you will about not living up to the 14 Words, but it’s damn near impossible to do so for the men in the lower-middle-class or working-class strata. Sure, maybe we need a eugenics program to get rid of this white trash, but remember that it was the upper classes who sold our nations out to the Jews.


      10. @Asshat Jones

        My eyes tell me different.

        Anecdotes aren’t data. The stats, the actual numbers, show that White women are the least likely to race mix. If you go looking for mudsharks, you will surely find them. If you live in a black ghetto, you are likely to see some.

        But the facts are facts – White men race mix more than White women do, and White women are the least likely to race mix of any demographic. Black women, Asian women, “Latinas,” all race mix more than White women, and White men race mix more than White women.

        Also, I grew up middle-middle class, not exactly “affluent.” I’m also not that old – I was a teenager in the 90s. The stats I’m discussing are current.

        promoting traditionalism and conservatism is a literal camwhore.

        And Anglin, who promotes “traditionalism” is literaly a john with yellow fever. Matt Heimbach, the “traditionalist orthodox Christian” literally cucked his best friend with his mother-in-law. You’re going to find camwhores on the internet. Of course.

        But – Brittney Pettibone is engaged to a White man. Lauren Southern was friends with a half-colored guy a decade ago in high school – now she makes videos publicizing the plights of South African Whites and even denoucning feminism and the slut culture. Tara McCarthey is openly pro-White. WifeWithAPurpose is out there promoting pro-White family values. Lara from Red Ice is married with White children.

        Yet all of those women are attacked by the Anglin/Weev astroturf campaign precisely BECAUSE they are pro-White and effective.

        this traditionalism among women phenomenon is more about 1950’s retro aesthetic LARPing then actually fulfilling their biological role.

        To the extent that is true (and it’s not particularly correct) – the criticism fits FAR more with the “fashy” Alt Right boys, who do little more than posture as 1930s Hogan’s Heroes extras.

        If you want to find fault with women, you certainly can find some fault. If you want to go online to manosphere sites and complain about sluts and hoes, you’ll have plenty of company.

        None of that helps the pro-White cause, and it actually does not help young White men lead young White women into good biologically healthy roles either.

        It’s just bitching – a pretty girly pastime to be blunt.

        precisely why so many turn to the example of NSDAP Germany for guidance.

        No, NEETs turn to NSDAP Germany for the same reason heavy metal kids in the 1980s “turned to the example” of Crowley and “Satanism” – an easy way to be edgy and piss off their parents, and of course the NSDAP uniforms were pretty snazzy.

        If you are recently college educated, I’m guessing you’re about 22. Here’s my unsolicited advice:

        1. Move far away from whatever ghetto infested place you grew up in that’s full of mudsharks. I’d suggest Seattle, or perhaps a Southern place with some traditional values left, like say Raleigh North Carolina.

        2. Get a job with that college education, spend the next 3 years getting money and working out.

        3. On your 25th birthday, start dating 18 year old girls right out of high school – keeping in mind that women – like men – are born “evil” – not “traditional.” So, you’ll have to train them to be the kind of wife you want. Fortunately, women tend to love men that are willing to put in the effort to discipline them property. I’d suggest the movie “Secretary” for the basic idea.


    2. True that, sort of. Anglin has problems, and he still is showing swastikas on his website, but he is maturing. Andrew Jackson did a thousand times more for our race than that faggot Hitler. Plenty of wn American heroes. Let`s stick with that. And Anglin always posts a lot of interesting stuff, and his commentary is fun. But a lot of infighting here. It will not stop. ZOG will continue to foment infighting, and the fracturing will continue. But true your comment, Anglin has a great site, a lot more than I see here.


      1. @Thim Page

        I’m a part time blogger. (((Daily Stormer))) is a professional outfit that raises money, publishes Jewish propagandists like Joshua Goldberg, and has Andrew Aurenheimer working for them full time. Of course it’s a hell of a lot more comprehensive than my little free wordpress blog.

        Quite telling that Anglin’s fan base/astro-turfers are so sensitive to criticism from some no-name third rate blogger.

        Why? Because I’m simply telling the truth, which breaks the fantasy of the Stormer crowd. Even a tiny bit of dissent is enough to pop the fantasy bubble.


  3. Great article and posted this on Twitter. Just a side note, The Movement Critic and Blindlight have been putting out articles exposing Total Fascism, Daily Stormer and specifically Andrews, Anglin and Aurenheimer, for years now.

    As well, let’s not forget about Iconoclast Radio’s earliest exposure of Andrew-“I-think-the-white-race-should-be-bred-out” Anglin which he tried to buy from them to bury the recording.

    Overall, your analysis on the nature of the fake Neo-Nazi movement is excellent and both of these sites have many more articles on the Andrews/Daily Stormer issues. Here’s a couple to consider:

    Let’s keep getting this info out there! The more we share with other sites that expose the lies, the less hold these fakes have on the narrative.


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