Surprise, Surprise: Dyke Nuns Hate Little Boys

(((Curtis Yarvin))) may be a Jew, but his neo-reactionary movement attracted Catholics. In their attempt to demonize Whites, Protestants, Americans, the Enlightenment, and modernity, they have instead introduced a whole new generation to the reason we threw off the yoke of the Catholic church in the first place.

The “Catholic church abuse scandal” is really just the victims of the Catholic church growing up, and now that the Catholic church has lost its institutional power, and now that sexuality is understood biologically and scientifically, the shame conditioning that the Catholic church used for centuries to enslave Europeans doesn’t work anymore.

It’s obvious how homosexuals came to dominate the “celibate” Catholic institution.

Consider: one of the primary complaints about Muslim “refugees” and “immigrants” in the West in how they treat women. One only needs to look at their own culture to understand how different they are than us. For a Muslim boy, when he sees a girl his sexual attraction is coming from her. She is doing something that causes him to feel arousal, and since she is the actor, she is the seducer, it’s ok for him to rape her. He was just standing there, minding his own business, and this girl walked by, acting sexy, therefore she’s a whore. The only way a girl can not be a whore is to cover her entire body because if he can’t see her, she cannot seduce him.

So take a typical scenario in Ireland or America in the 1950s. A boy grows up, begins puberty, but unlike his peers, has no interest in girls at all. The idea of marrying a girl, having sex, and starting a family is off-putting to him. Since the Catholic church tells him that “lust” is a grave sin, and he himself is apparently free of this “lust,” he realizes that he is actually “more spiritual” than his peers. His uncouth, sexually obsessed peers who are obsessed with the girls now reaching puberty, are just not as “spiritual” as he is.

So, he joins the priesthood. He is assigned to work in a boy’s school.

There, all of a sudden these boys start acting sexy, or more specifically, acting gay. It’s not the priest’s own desires coming to the surface, it’s the boys who are acting gay, or acting seductively or acting sinfully. If one of the boys seduces him the priest merely goes to confession, eats a cracker, and all is forgiven.

Lesbians are of course different than gay men. So a girl begins puberty, but unlike her peers, these boys are not interesting at all. In fact, they are quite scary and even disgusting. While her girlsfriends are all crushing on various boys, she’s actually turned off by the whole affair. She can’t understand why her close friendships with her girlfriends are all being interrupted by their growing awareness of boys.

She must just be “more spiritual” than her peers. She is, in a sense, on a “higher spiritual plane.” Unlike the “earthly” desires of her girlfriends, she’s only interested in the “pure” and “spiritual” things.

So, she becomes a nun, and is assigned to a orphanage. There, she has to take care of these disgusting, rowdy, violent, and gross boys, with their little penises popping underneath their pants all the time. It’s up to her, a “truly spiritual” woman without these “desires of the flesh” to whip these boys into line. She, in fact, quite enjoys it when these boys feel shame for their disgusting “lust,” their “sin.” It’s actually quite a power trip, watching these proud boys become ashamed of themselves. For the ones that are defiant, beatings work well. As the “Good Book” says, spare the rod, spoil the child.

It was a late summer afternoon, Sally Dale recalled, when the boy was thrown through the fourth-floor window.

“He kind of hit, and— ” she placed both hands palm-down before her. Her right hand slapped down on the left, rebounded up a little, then landed again.

For just a moment, the room was still. “Bounced?” one of the many lawyers present asked. “Well, I guess you’d call it — it was a bounce,” she replied. “And then he laid still.”

Sally, who was speaking under oath, tried to explain it. She started again. “The first thing I saw was looking up, hearing the crash of the window, and then him going down, but my eyes were still glued—.” She pointed up at where the broken window would have been and then she pointed at her own face and drew circles around it. “That habit thing, whatever it is, that they wear, stuck out like a sore thumb.”

Children are amazing in the sense they will believe pretty much anything you tell them. After all, you’re an adult and children are evolved to mimic older humans. The central image of your religion is a man being tortured and the central story is of a man being murdered for the sins of the world so it’s the “sinful” child’s fault.

Sister took hold of Sally’s ear, turned her around, and walked her back to the other side of the yard. The nun told her she had a vivid imagination. We are going to have to do something about you, child.

Like sociopaths, eventually these predatory homosexuals begin to recognize each other and that’s when they start working together:

A 1998 UK government inquiry, citing “exceptional depravity” at four homes run by the Christian Brothers order in Australia, heard that a boy was the object of a competition between the brothers to see who could rape him 100 times. The inquiries focused primarily on sexual abuse, not physical abuse or murder, but taken together, the reports showed almost limitless harm that was the result not just of individual cruelty but of systemic abuse.

The Roman Empire, eventually Christianized, swept through Europe, enslaving the “heathens” and creating these institutions. At the forefront were these “celibates” that did not have normal sexuality. They were, perhaps, even the first victims of Catholic sexual repression. Unable to accept that they were the perverts, that they were the reprobates, that they were the sinners, they projected that onto others, even children.

Since these children and “heathens” did not feel ashamed of their naked bodies and their natural sexuality, that just proved how the “celibate” Catholics were of a “higher spirituality” and it was their duty to beat – and rape – the devil out of these Europeans.

From the proto-Protestants like the Lollards and the Hussites, to the Reformation itself, eventually Europeans rebelled against these evil, psychopathic Catholics, rejected the “celibate” homosexual priests, the “celibate” lesbian priestesses, and demanded that Church institutions be led by normal, married men and women.

The first mistake that Americans made was to adopt the African custom of slavery, a mistake that harms America to this day. The second mistake Americans made was to import millions of Catholics, mostly in the 1800s, and surprise, surprise, along with them came Jews. It was only a matter of time until they joined up with each other to attempt to re-enslave the real Americans, the posterity of the Protestant Founding Fathers.

Hence, (((Curtis Yarvin’s))) “neo-reactionary” movement and the sick Catholics that follow him.

9 thoughts on “Surprise, Surprise: Dyke Nuns Hate Little Boys

  1. A typical example:

    Barquin said he had recently married, and that his new wife had been shocked by the sight of terrible scars on his genitals. … A nun at St. Joseph’s had dragged Barquin into an anteroom under the stairs and forcefully fondled him, and then she cut him with something very sharp. He didn’t know what it was; he just remembered that there was blood everywhere.

    The nun fondles the boy, then when he gets an erection, she “punishes” him for his “sin” of being sexually aroused. By cutting his penis with a sharp object.

    Sally remembered him saying that a nun told a group of older boys to rape him. … one woman spoke about how nuns wiped her face in her own vomit … She could hear the voice of one sister telling her, after she threw up her food, You will not be this stubborn! You will sit and you will eat it.

    This is what Catholicism is. This is what neo-reaction is.

    A woman said she’d watched a nun hold a baby by its ankles and swing its head against a table until it stopped crying.

    The reason Catholics are against abortion is not because they care about children, or life. They are against abortion because unwed mothers are easy to shame and likely to turn over their children to Catholics.

    Homosexuals “recruit” by molesting boys, nuns “recruit” by shaming girls who are rape victims or just “let their boyfriends go too far.”

    It’s all about shaming NORMAL, HETEROSEXUAL sexuality so that the “celibate” priests and nuns can posture as “spiritual,” “on a higher spiritual plane” and “above earthly desires.”

    Often, the celibate priests and nuns aren’t aware of their own deviance until they get older, but as they do get older they understand the pleasure they get out of sadism. Like sociopaths, they beging to recognize they are “different” than normal people and begin to organize with other sociopaths.

    This is Catholicism; this is celibacy. It’s not a modern phenomenon – it’s exactly what the Reformers, like Martin Luther and John Calvin, explained 500 years ago – and the proto-Protestants 500 years before that.


  2. Sister Jane of the Rosary took Sally to the little bedroom off the sewing room and made her lie facedown, dress yanked up, panties pulled down. Then the nun sent in Eva, a seamstress, who along with another lay employee, Irene, was one of the only two people that Sally felt safe with.

    Eva came into the little room, looked at Sally — face down, dress up, defenseless — and stood frozen for a few long moments. The strap lay beside her on the bed. Then she left. Irene came in next, but she couldn’t do anything, either. Even Sister Jane of the Rosary, usually so quick to punish, came in but did nothing.

    At last Sally heard Sister James Mary announce that she had “no problem” performing the task. Entering the room, she brought the strap down hard on Sally, from the back of her neck all the way down to her ankles. Once, twice. Ten times. Too many times to count.

    Sally recoiled with each downstroke, but she tried her best to hold back the tears. The silence only enraged Sister James Mary, who kept hitting her. On and on, the blows kept coming. “You will cry!” the nun insisted.

    Eventually Sally did. She began to weep.

    Sally couldn’t twist around far enough to see the damage. But when Irene looked, she gasped.

    “How many times do we have to tell you?” Sister Jane of the Rosary demanded from above. “If you cry, you cry alone. If you smile, the whole world smiles with you.”

    Irene brought Sally across the long hallway, down the marble stairs, past the foyer, and into the office of the mother superior herself. Irene showed her Sally’s wounds. It wasn’t right to do that to a little girl.

    Mother Superior replied that Sally was going to end up in reform school anyway.

    The next time Sally was sent to Irene and Eva for a beating, Irene said she would deal with the child herself.

    Irene hit her, but only on her bottom. Sally was so overwhelmed with gratitude that the next day, she told Irene that she loved her.


  3. Like you said before, most of the NRx are actually pseudo-Catholics at their best, the Catholic Church and the Vatican aren’t that powerful anymore and real Catholics are losing influence everywhere.

    The problem isn’t traditional Protestantism but the Evangelical aberration that it birthed in the last century, it became a Pharisee cult that wants to take over the world.


    1. @indravaruna

      The victims in this story are still alive. This didn’t happen a long time ago, this happened in Vermont – America – in the recent past.

      “Traditional Catholicism” is no different. At one of the flagship “traditionalist Catholic” churches in Kansas, just three years ago, an entire network of homosexual priests were caught molesting boys. This was a “traditionalist” Catholic group, that celebrated the Latin mass, that were sceptical of Vatican II.

      Yet the predatory homosexuality was right there, at the very center of the institution.

      True, the Vatican doesn’t have the power it once did, but there are ZERO actual American Protestants on the Supreme Court. Trump’s two Supreme Court nominees are both Catholics. The entire Supreme Court is Catholics and Jews – real Americans have been completely excluded from arguably the most powerful institution of the American government.

      The Evangelical “Christian Zionist” types are not as powerful as the Catholic church in America. In fact, the “Christian Zionists” are not just a minority, but mostly just used as a distraction to draw attention away from the Israel lobby. We’re supposed to believe that Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is not 100% pro-Israel because of all the money he gets from Zionist Jews, it’s REALLY because of the evangelical Christians in South Carolina (also let’s not even mention his likely homosexuality and how the Jew media covers for him as long as he’s subservient to the Israel lobby.)

      NRx is pretty fringe, but it’s the only really intellectual movement on the “right” – the “Alt Right” of Counter Currents and Richard Spencer is a joke with virtually nothing interesting to say.

      Also, the modern “LGBT” movement *IS* just another version of the “celibate Catholic church.” And the modern “LBGT” movement *IS* extremely powerful. All the idiot conservatives thought that Obama was either a “secret Muslim” taking orders from Iran, or some sort of Louis Farrakhan Black Panther type.

      The reality? Obama was neither. Obama’s entire powerbase was liberal Jews … and LGBT. Obama didn’t really do anything for Black people in America, they got, what? Black Lives Matter? Black Lives Matter that supported “transgendered rights?” How many Black people in American care about “transgender rights? Zero?

      Catholicism wants to come back and keeping this “absuse scandal” front and center will prevent that from happening.


      1. Also, the hottest thing in pro-White circles right now is E. Michael Jones – he was just on RamZPaul’s show. E. Michael Jones is anti-white and anti-Protestant and is constantly blaming the Catholic church abuse scandal on Jews and “liberals” etc. Yet for some reason people are taking Jones’ “logos” nonsense seriously and accepting without question his absurd Catholic bigotry.



        Every day I thank God that these evil Catholic liars are not as powerful as they once were.

        That entire article is chock full of lies, calumny, and slander. The person who wrote it is intelligent, and well read, thus knows that he is lying. To be a Catholic is to be a liar.

        Hell, Catholics give Jews a run for their money.


      3. #NRx can actually recommend these two posts and not even acknowledge how they say diametrically opposite things:

        This is what I mean: conservatives are the worst people, the most immoral, the most venal and unlike liberals they aren’t even smart enough to lie convincingly.

        Social Matter recommends a Catholic who tells us that weakness is good and blatant nonsense is true, because of Christ, then also recommends a post decrying the rule of the weak and liars and those who force us to believe lies.


  4. Is there any actual evidence that Catholics are a driving force in NRx? It seems more like a couple nerdy LARPers than the church in any official capacity.

    These predatory criminals deserve a far worse punishment then whatever they’ll get, and God only knows it’s good that the Catholic Church is in decline, but I’d respectfully suggest you are being excessively anti-Catholic and “homophobic” even in indicting an entire religion and group of whites based off a few horrific and disgusting crimes, as this is a hasty generalization off an understandably lurid topic, resembling left-wing attacks on all gun owners after a school shooting. It’s my understanding that the media presents Catholic scandals in detail but regularly fails to point out that the actual rates of abuse are not higher than in other secular and religious institutions.

    And homosexuality is not pedophilia, and it doesn’t spread by recruitment. Your analogy of gays and Muslims is a bit off in that homosexuals are hit by the same urges as straights during puberty but just targeting the wrong gender, rather than experiencing an asexual adolescence like that.

    As for the Catholics, dude gimme a break…Don’t blame us Catholic Americans that your WASP elites handed our nation over to the Jews on a silver platter. I imagine in an alternate timeline where the Vatican has stolen nukes, is stealing land from Sicilians and perpetrating false flags, and in that case it’s the CQ instead of the JQ.


    1. @Mark

      “Is there any actual evidence that Catholics are a driving force in NRx? It seems more like a couple nerdy LARPers than the church in any official capacity.”

      Yes, their flagship site,, admitted that most NRxers are Catholic. Yes, they are mostly nerdly LARPers. No, I can’t prove that Catholic groups like Opus Dei fund NRx, but it certainly seems likely.

      Calling me “anti-Catholic” or “homophobic” is about like calling me “anti-semitic.” Those are all GOOD things. We need more anti-Catholicism, homophobia, and anti-semitism. Catholicism, homophilia, and Semitism are all horrible, anti-human ideologies.

      “an entire religion”

      You say that like it’s a bad thing? What is good about the “entire religion” of Catholicism?

      “It’s my understanding that the media presents Catholic scandals in detail but regularly fails to point out that the actual rates of abuse are not higher than in other secular and religious institutions.”

      This is just a Catholic talking point, and “whataboutism.”

      “homosexuality is not pedophilia”

      True, it’s not. But the primary expression of homosexuality, throughout history, is pederasty. It’s possible that the primary expression of heterosexuality throughout history is whatever the heterosexual version of pederasty is, “jailbaitism?”

      But an older man having sex with a young woman leads to babies, thus, human life. An older man having sex with a young man has no plausible positive outcome. There’s no equivalence.

      “it doesn’t spread by recruitment.”

      It almost certainly does. Not all homosexuals are “recruited” but certainly some of them are. I guess that the “tops” are born and the “bottoms” are recruited. Homosexuality is likely “caused” by a pathogen and that pathogen can almost certainly be sexually transmitted.

      “Don’t blame us Catholic Americans that your WASP elites handed our nation over to the Jews on a silver platter.”

      The Goy that helped the Jews pass the 1964 immigration act was the Catholic celebrity politician Ted Kennedy.

      I’ll freely admit the post is purposefully lurid but the basic thesis is solid. It’s also ironic, Catholics complaining about anti-Catholicism, when they are responsible – along with Jews and NRx – for an entire new generation of anti-WASP, anti-Protestant, and anti-Puritan hate. The entire NRx is a hate movement.

      They can give it but they can’t take it.


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