In case anyone thinks I’m too hard on conservative Republicans

“It’s about time America starts standing up to Iran.”

Essentially the entire conservative movement amounts to hiring Goy actors to recite Jewish lines.

America is just minding our own business when these evil Muslims attack us for no reason and it’s Iran’s fault that we can’t have water bottles on airliners.

Why do we have to go through naked scanners on airliners? The company that sold the idea was run by Michael Chertoff, an Israeli who worked for the Bush administration. How was it sold to the public? By the “underwear bomber.”

What’s the deal with the “underwear bomber?” Let’s ask an eye-witness, Kurt Haskell and his wife:

Kurt Haskell is a US lawyer who, with his wife, was on board Northwest Airlines Flight 253 on December 25, 2009, when Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (the ‘underwear bomber’) apparently tried to detonate a bomb in his underwear.

Haskell and his wife Lori both recount that they happened to overhear that Abdulmutallab was let on the plane without a passport after the intervention of a much older man who was accompanying him. After this event, Haskell reports a pattern of active disinterest in his testimony by the US authorities. He has carried out his own investigation into the incident and believes it was a false flag designed to promote the “war on terror”, which was failing to capture the public imagination after 8 years without a terrorist incident in USA.

Of course you’ve never heard of Mr. and Mrs. Haskell because they only interviewed them on TV once then banned any coverage, because they didn’t want you to know that the underwear bomber was allowed on the plane without even a passport after the intervention of someone who had the authority to override the airline staff and get the terrorist on a plane without even an ID.

But, uh, Muslims! Bomb Iran! Help Israel!

Right-wingers are retarded and shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

3 thoughts on “In case anyone thinks I’m too hard on conservative Republicans

  1. Looking and hearing what is today (((conservatism))) will make any sane person with a above room temperature QI into a Liberal or Leftist, the Jewsolnaro administration is self-imploding here in Brazil. Trump must be thankful he is President of the country that rules the world and can get away with any stupid shit unscathed.


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