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Conservatives are the WORST, most EVIL People

Basically, conservatives are the worst, more immoral, most hateful, most awful people. Conservatives should be shunned, expelled from ALL White societies. There is literally nothing worse than a conservative – liberals may be stupid, liberals may be naive, liberals may be even hateful.

But conservatives are an STD, conservatives are a kind of communicable disease, you can’t even breathe in the same room as a conservative without being infected. Conservatives are an infection.

No hate – it’s just you have to quarantine conservatives so you won’t catch the infection.

Sorry. “Right wing” is a synonym for “viral infection that makes you stupid.” It’s literally some sort of virus that infects your brain (your brain being just another organ, like your heart, or your lungs, or your pancreas.) But you think with your brain, so of course – conservatives – being the lowest level of evolution, can’t figure that out.

Here’s the US Navy – the US Navy, being a literal cancer on America – pushing their evil cancer STDs on Americans / White people. Of course, these conservatives want to spread their STDs to the liberals, who – as dumb as liberals are (and liberals are VERY stupid) – know just how to do it.

Liberals, being somewhat isolated from the EVIL FAG MILITARY of the EVIL USA Empire – nevertheless are weak, cowardly faggot who desperately want to get some “credibility” by being “patriotic” by pretending to be somehow involved in the EVIL US military.

If you join the military of America, that basically means you are either a) stupid or b) evil.

Fuck the USA military, FUCK the GOP, FUCK conservatives. Breivik the terrorist is better than all of you. The USA military is an ENEMY of the actual people of America. The USA military is a OCCUPATION force and anyone who bear arms for the Federal Government HATES their own people and the own family.

That INCLUDES Donald Trump, whose entire family is Israeli not American.

Gnon Hates You, God laughs at your calamity, Thank God for Dead Soldiers.

EVIL Reddit tries to sucker Americans to join the EVIL traitor US Navy. The US Navy is basically a satanic traitor club that literally murders their own people like on 9/11 and instead covers up for traitors like Jonathan Pollard.

Anyone who joins the US Navy basically says “I hate my family, I HATE my country.” There is ZERO honor in the US Navy. All 100% of US Sailors are traitors and deserve life in prison, if not worse. The only US sailor I would have an ounce of respect for is one that would kill their officers.

Hang them on the masts. Nuke them. That’s the only way to redeem yourself.

Taylor Swift is a Lesbian

OK, so sue me, I don’t keep up with the pop singers any more. I first heard about Taylor Swift, I don’t know, maybe a decade ago when one of her country songs was on the radio. She was like 20 and cute as a button and honestly for girl-country she was pretty good – not Dixie Chicks level of talent, but good.

Then when she turned pop and got really big she was accused of “hipster racism” so of course I wrote a few posts about that. I do think she looks delicious. Then people were posting all those hilarious memes of Taylor Swift with Hitler quotes, then Hitler memes with Taylor Swift quotes, and it was honestly pretty funny. Then the 4chan crowd turned her into a White Avatar so of course I was into it.

Then she kept on being attacked for not talking about politics, and it was honestly refreshing to see a celebrity NOT boring us with their uneducated and irrelevant opinions on topics they knew nothing about.

So a few years ago I was dating a Taylor Swift look-a-like, who not at all coincidentally, really liked Taylor Swift. I told her, oh sure I like Taylor Swift too, her country stuff was real nice. This poor gal felt the need to defend Taylor Swift saying, hey everyone criticizes her for writing lyrics all about her love life and all but she says that’s her life and people like it.

I thought it was odd – why would anyone criticize a chick pop singer for writing songs about romance, especially a young one like Taylor Swift? What else is she supposed to write about? I mean, girls are into romance and teen girls are into their feelings about boys. I never felt the need to criticize Taylor Swift for writing love songs, I’d praise Taylor Swift for writing love songs and not boring us to tears about political bullshit.

Then out of the blue Taylor Swift turns hard core Democrat “woke” progressive and especially pointed out how “who you love” doesn’t matter, or whatever. Then Vox Day says, hey Taylor just come out of the closet already, and I was like, what? So I looked up “is Taylor Swift a lesbian” and, oh my god, she is a total carpet muncher.

Out secret moments
In your crowded room
They’ve got no idea
About me and you
I don’t want you like a best friend

All those songs weren’t about boys, they were about girls! Which, I don’t know, is just even more amusing to me. All her boyfriends were basically just PR stunts set up by her managers and apparently they’ve been keeping her away from her actual scissor sisters because they didn’t want the gravy train to end. But now she’s peaked, she’s turning 30 soon, and the teenyboppers have moved on to other pop stars that I’ll never listen to so Taylor Swift is now transitioning into her Indigo Girls stage. Expect her to soon be headlining whatever this generation’s version of the Lillith Fair is.

It doesn’t matter of course, her girlfriends have all been ultra-blonde hair blue eyes sorority girls like her, so while she may be a lipstick lesbian, she’s still a RACIST.

Tell all the friends who think they’re so together
That these are ghosts and mirages, these thoughts of fairer weather
Though it’s storming out I feel safe within the arms of love’s discovery

Hipster Racist Is A Native American

Because of the inspiring Senator Elizabeth Warren, I have now found the courage to publically identify as an Indian (feather, not dot.)

I have always identified as a Native American, not only because I was born in America, but also because in fact my ancestors created America. But somewhere in there about 400 years back, one on my ancestors married an Amerindian. So I am a Native American no matter how you define it. I have more Indian blood than Senator Fauxchonatas.

So first, I want a casino. Second, I demand you all get the hell out of my country which you stole from me. You’ll all illegal immigrants as far as I’m concerned.

I am also a third generation Holocaust survivor, as my grandfather survived the Holocaust as the Nazis never caught him. So I also expect Holocaust reparations. Get on that you nazi Germans.

Thirdly, my ancestors actually evolved in Africa and emigrated out of the Dark Continent millions of years ago, which makes me an African-American. Hell I’m at least as much of an African-American as former President Barack Obama. So that means I want my 40 acres and a mule (but I’ll accept a goat instead as they do a fantastic jobs of clearing brush.)

I’d prefer the 40 acres be located in West Palm Beach county, Florida, on the ocean.

Get to it, you racists.

Fish Don’t Notice Water

In this long anti-boomer post, replete with tales of lost morality, they never once mention the word television.

In their nostalgia for the pastoral morality of simpler times – especially sexual – they never mention industrialization.

They decry the morality lost by their parents to “LSD and Jewish hippies” but they don’t even notice how those were introduced to their parents by the mass electronic media.

Anyone who took a religion class in high school has heard about the link between the new technology of the times, the printing press and the Reformation. Ninth-graders are introduced to FDR by a line that is almost always worded close to, “FDR used the radio for his ‘fireside chats’ that made American voters feel that he was ‘right in their living room’ discussing the issues of the day.”

Those who have only had a brush with a cynical version of history have read Heart’s infamous quote, “you furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war” and even the story of Welles’ infamous radio drama.

Yet the entire “alt right” spends an amazing amount of time totally ignoring technology. About the most they ever do is point out (correctly) that Jews have dominated American mass media in the 20th century.

So – as the reactionaries they are – they just want to replace the Jews behind the camera with …

… Mike Enoch?

The agricultural age gave us two major human institutions – mannerbund and marriage. The industrial age let’s not forget is just 200 years old – the electronic mass media less than 100, the internet basically 20.

The agricultural age is 10,000 years old. So human civilization has been evolving under the physical and social conditions of the agricultural age for 10,000 years, then in the last 200 years – just a blip – the physical and social conditions changed dramatically, and this era of mass electronic communication in half that time, the internet in a tiny fraction of that time.

This new Alt Right, which is itself a product of the internet, can’t even see the water it swims in. It struggles mightily to understand why “the good old days” were better, especially when it comes to those two civilizational institutions, marriage and the mannerbund.

It’s not at all a coincidence that the Alt Right is a mannerbund that spends an inordinate amount of time discussing the changed condition of marriage. Race is, of course, a defining factor for both social institutions, marriage and mannerbund.

Reaction will never “win” and it certainly can’t beat “the left.” The Alt Right reacts against conservatism – cuckservatism – by being even more reactionary than conservatives, which just makes them even more useless than conservatives, in fact.

I posit that what these people need to do is to update those two institutions, mannerbund and marriage, to not just the reality of the industrial age, but specifically the age of electronic mass media and the “information age” which is just the current phase of the industrial revolution.

It’s somewhat amazing how Mencius Moldbug became an overnight sensation by pointing out that modern “liberalism” is really just non-theistic Christianity. It’s not that he’s wrong, it’s just that it’s not even the slightest bit an original thought – I mean, for God’s sake, they called it “The Social Gospel.” I learned of this in high school. It was taken for granted that all this do-gooding was the secularized form of Christianity, and they bragged about it.

So these Alt Right kids, out of simple ignorance, keep get led around by Reaction. Like fish, they can’t see the water.

Maybe the first step is to drop the idiotic terms “right wing” and “left wing.” A shorthand for two utterly obsolete political factions from France two hundred years ago and we’re still using them. It’s hardly different than calling yourself “red” and “blue.”

The libertarians came along and added a second axis but that just made the problem worse – everyone is stuck in this idea that there’s a “center” and “wings” and that there are two overarching principles that are in opposition to each other.

It’s the techology, stupid. You know why they are called “Ted Talks?” It’s because the more you watch them the more you realize that Ted Kaczynski was right.

Now That Kavanaugh Is Confirmed All Females Must Report Immediately For Spankings

All women must report immediately to the nearest brothel to be fitted for your new Handmaiden outfits and, in our generosity, we’re going to allow you to pick out your own paddle for your maintenance spankings.

John Calvin Broke the Jewish Monopoloy on Finance

John Calvin broke the Jewish monopoly on finance, a monopoly which was enforced by the Catholic church.

For this, a Jew like Curtin Yarvin instinctually reacts with hatred, describing Calvin as “this hateful little phony, this pissant, heretic-roasting tyrant on the lake, Jehan Cauvin.”

More than even Luther, Calvin deposed Jews of their “chosen” status. In theory, Christianity itself did; all good Catholics will say that the Church is the “new Israel,” the “Israel of God.” But in practice, Jews followed Catholicism. To Scandinavia, Judaism came embedded with Christianity. No son of Vikings had ever heard of a “Jew” much less of their status as “chosen by God” if they had not been conquered by the Catholic Church.

Historically, wherever Catholics went, Jews went. Wherever Jews were, they were granted a monopoly on the economic life of a community by the Catholic Church which forbade any non-Jew from engaging in finance and banking.

Then Calvin came along and declared that European man could in fact be “the Elect” and that the Catholic church, that unusual bureacracy on the southern tip of Europe with their origin story based in the ancient Hebrew writings of “Israel,” had no power over the souls of men; the pope’s “excommunication” had no effect on your soul, but if it did it may have in fact been salutary!

In E. Michael Jones’ magnum opus, “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” he attempts – successfully – to defend the Catholic church from charges of “anti-semitism.”

He points out that wherever Jews went in Europe, the Europeans would revolt against Jewish power, specifically, the Jewish monopoly on finance, called “usury.”

And each and every time that Europeans rose up against Jewish usury, the Jews – physically, literally – ran into the Catholic cathedrals, where the priests and bishops would shut the door before the rag tag band of peasants could capture the Jews who had financially enslaved them and string them up in the public square.

Jews, being what they are, accuse Catholics of “anti-semitism” because no good deed goes unpunished. But Jones is correct, indeed, it was the Catholic church itself which protected Jews from the Europeans.

Depending on how you count, Catholics and Jews tag-teamed Europe for nearly 1500 years, until a bunch of Northern European firebrands, called “Reformers,” broke the Catholic monopoly on social power and, consequently, the Jewish monopoly on the economy.

From that point, North Western Europe rose from a backwater, primitive bunch of tribes to the first truly planet wide civilization, invented the modern world and all its technology, and to the Current Year, sits astride Terra with no competitors in sight …

However … in the first half of the 20th century, the White man invented a technology – electronic broadcast media (radio, cinema, television) – that for still rather mysterious reasons was immediately given over to a cabal of Jews, who completely dominated this new technology through their corporations, ABC, CBS, and NBC.

These Jews, from day one, literally starting with the Superman radio show in the 1930s, immediately attacked the ethnic and social cohesion of Whites and introduced “multiculturalism” and mass immigration.

It took other White men just 50 years until they invented an even superior – and more decentralized – form of electronic mass media called “the internet” or the “World Wide Web” which, in the last 20 years, has all but broken the Jewish monopoly on the media and has engendered a furious backlash against Jewish promotion of “multiculturalism” and mass immigration.

So, a Jew, Curtis Yarvin, invents an ideology and the Jew’s collaborators, the Catholic church, starts to promulgate this new ideology – “neo-reaction” – to once against place the Jews and Catholics as a ruling class over the White man.

Fortunately, they seemed to have peaked a decade ago and White populist liberalism is again on the rise.

The Nerds/Geeks Brought It On Themselves

Linus Torvalds has stepped down as the leader of his own project, Linux, after many years of complaints about his rudeness. Linux has now adopted a “Code of Conduct” which many correctly fear is an entry point for Social Justice Warriors (SJWs.) As soon as the Code of Conduct was adopted, a professional SJW, Sage Sharp, the same SJW behind the adoption of the Code of Conduct, tried to get a Linux developer, Ted Tso, fired for being a “rape apologist.” (Tso should have immediately pulled the race card, as Sharp is White and Tso is Asian…)

Now, computer nerds are in a state of panic, rightly worried that they are next and that these Codes of Conducts are going to be used against them and that their culture is under attack by outsiders.

But Computer Nerds brought this on themselves, because “Nerd” it itself a type of Social Justice Warrior identity.

There’s a fascinating article from a trade publication back in the 1970s where they are describing the typical “computer programmer.” They describe a stereotypical “autistic” type that likes “computers more than people.” This article was directed towards CEOs and Human Resource professionals who may have to hire computer programmers at a time when computers were just starting to appear outside of the military and businesses like IBM. This article may actually have been influential in the creation of the “nerd” stereotype.

What was fascinating about the article is its assertion that, unlike regular workers, “computer programmers were not motivated by money.” This was, of course, welcome news to business owners that didn’t understand computers and were worried about the cost of hiring computer programmers. The article went on to describe ways to recruit and motivate programmers without having to pay them too much money.

As computer technology began to become more important in all phases of business/capitalism, there appeared this new social identity, that of a “nerd.” These “nerds” would often wear their low social status as a badge of honor and quite often identified themselves as an “oppressed” minority that the majority didn’t understand. They often, in fact, engaged in a sort of “supremacy” where they declared they were “smarter” than “normal” people thus their “oppressors” were, in fact, inferior.

In the 1990s computer programmers – “nerds” or “geeks” – began to be seen by many women as desirable because these “nerds” and “geeks” were making money. Indeed, technology since the 1990s has been an excellent way for middle class white men to rise in the class hierarchy of America. But some of the original “nerds” and “geeks” complained about this, especially the rise of the “brogrammer.”

He Probably Deserved It

“Brogrammers” were not attacked because they were less intelligent or less skilled than the “nerds.” They were attacked for supposedly “only being in it for the money” and not really liking technology like the “nerds” do and thinking of their job as just a job, instead of an “identity.”

These “nerds” also claim that technologists are into “comic books” and “sci fi” and were bullied in high school because of how smart they were. “Nerd” culture is full of fantasies of “getting back” at the “jocks” who supposedly attacked them in high school and how technology will make the “nerds” the “alpha males.”

This “nerd” identity coincided with the understanding of autism and Aspberger’s syndrome. Notice that “aspies” – or those “on the spectrum” – are also an SJW identity – just as obnoxious as “transgendered” people are. Autistics come up with “rules” on how other people are supposed to treat them – differently than “neurotypical” people are treated. Autistics don’t yet have their own pronouns, but it’s only a matter of time.

So these nerds in their nerd culture spent the last 30 years whining about the “normals” and how “oppressed” they were, and how they were, in fact, morally superior to other because of their nerdiness (we only care about the tech! We’re more objective than others!)

Autistics and nerds all think they are Mr. Spock, when in reality they tend to be Sheldon Coopers – immature, emotionally vacuous, petty, cruel, self-important, blind to their own faults. They are the opposite of objective.

An aside: no one has ever explained to me why reading Spiderman comics – as a child or an adult – somehow magically maps to a high IQ or some sort of talent for computer programming. Certainly that hasn’t been my experience, the “comic book nerds” I’ve known in my life with intellectual (and artistic) mediocrities. The original Star Trek was a good show – a bit hokey, but decent for its time. But considering that all it did was take the best science fiction plots from actual science fiction literature and simplified them for a one hour show, was pretty derivative and not particularly original.

The Next Generation was an awful show, horribly acted, lame plots, wooden dialogue. While the original Star Trek was all about Cold War liberalism, Next Generation WAS Social Justice Warriorism – a white collar office – IN SPACE – racially diverse, and even added in homosexuality and transgenderism.

So now these nerds – especially the straight white males – are being hoisted on their own petards. They spent 30 years whining how “oppressed” they were, they complained about “jocks” and “brogrammers” that “bullied” them, they complained about how “normal” people just didn’t understand them because they were just smarter and more morally “pure” than everyone else.

So along comes the SJWs with even MORE moral superiority, even MORE fringe interests, even MORE “oppressed” status, and the straight white male nerds are getting kicked down the Hierarchy of Oppression.

Here’s a thought: maybe you were bullied in school because you were an asshole. Maybe YOU need to learn how to adapt to “normal” people, not the other way around. Maybe your skills in a very narrow field do not make you “morally superior.”

And maybe the fact you are into low-brow crap like comic books does not, in fact, have anything to do with skill as a computer programmer.

You whined like a victim for 30 years, now even BIGGER VICTIMS are coming to take away your status.

Take it from a “brogrammer” (who got laid like tile in high school and college, thank you very much) who made a bit of “fuck you” money back in the day by leveraging actual skills, NOT by “identifying as a geek” …


Was I Right About #NRx Or Was I Right?

just like bored White housewives who are really into hiring “past lives consultants” to tell them they all are the reincarnation of Cleopatra, ALL – 100% – of these neo-reactionaries automatically assume they are the new Brahmins, the new priest class, if not monarchist pretenders themselves. Not a single one of them thinks, “hey, if we restore the monarchy, I’ll be a pig farming peasant like 95% of my fellow Whites.” Oh, no, not these Big Brained Brads, they are just sure that in a restored monarchy they will get pride of place. … “I’ll be part of the ruling class, after all, I’m such an intellectual I read brilliant Jews like Curtis Yarvin, I will surely be a famous priest in the court of the new monarch and rule over the peasant pig farmer”

I don’t see a reactionary coup d’etat happening anytime soon because I don’t see any reactionaries who are willing and able to do so. Of course, if they were they wouldn’t be public about it. But they would probably reach out to us (in absolute secret) because they will need loyal statesmen post-putsch. Which they haven’t done.