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What the Pro-White Movement Lacks is a Middle

If you are a highly educated academic, the pro-white movement has you covered. From Kevin MacDonald’s The Occidental Observer to Greg Johnson’s Counte Currents, we have no lack of the “high.” We have extremely educated, well read, historically knowledgable academics who are pro-white and can give us an understanding of European culture, European history and a in depth analysis of anti-whiteness, Europhobia and some extremely detailed strategies for combating it.

If you are a low-brow internet troll, the pro-white movement also has you covered. 4Chan is 20 years old, and whatever /pol/ lacked in explicitly pro-whiteness, Andrew Anglin and the (((Daily Stormer))) picks up the bottom. From racist jokes, to spicy memes, to purposefully offensive trolling, it’s there in spades. Of course, the 14/88 movement has had Nazi LARPers forever, and still does. It’s a bit better now because there’s a post-modern internet irony to it now, a sort of plausible deniability that makes it difficult for anti-whites to shriek “Nazi Frogs” and be taken seriously by anyone.

But what the pro-white movement has lacked, and still lacks, is something in the middle – something that isn’t high brow academia but also isn’t low-brow trolling. This is of course a major lost opportunity, and what we are already seeing is anti-whites moving into that space. For those who are not content with long philosophical essays nor low-rent Nazi trolling, a whole universe exists that leads the “middle” to nowhere.

This universe exists of, for one, NRx/neo-reaction. While NRx does have its highbrow academics, it’s also quite appealing to the middle. But NRx isn’t just not explicitly pro-white, it’s a way to take middle-brow whites away from explicit pro-white identity onto a garden path of irrelevancy. Instead of an explicit pro-white politics, you can emerge yourself into “trad Catholicism,” “anti-egalitarianism,” a reaction against “the Enlightenment,” and the manosphere and anti-feminism.

The “civic nationalism” of the likes of (((Rebel Media))) is also an explicit appeal to the “middle” – it’s not high brow, but it’s more than just internet trolling as well. But of course (((Rebel Media))) isn’t pro-white at all – it’s pro-Jewish and anti-white. It’s all about “based Black guys” and “our Greatest Ally.” But it’s a way to get middle-brow whites on another garden path that leads away from explict pro-whiteness to some sort of vague “right wing” or “conservative” politics that puts race – whiteness – last, after virtually all other issues.

To be clear, the “middle” is NOT civic nationalism, or cultural libertarianism. The “middle” is NOT some sort of middle ground between explicit White Nationalism and some sort of “liberals are the real racists.” The “middle” is a cultural middle that isn’t just the academic philosphy of the “high” but also isn’t the “counter-signaling everything normal” of the “low” internet trolling culture.

If the White movement can’t get the middle – it will continue to lose average, normal White people to NRx, (((Rebel Media))) civic nationalism and more and more Whites are going to go down the garden path of mere “implicit whiteness.”

The people who can and do appeal to the middle? Two prominent figures: Richard Spencer and Paul Ramsey. Both are 100% pro-White, Ramsey is 100% solid on the Jewish problem and Spencer has been getting better on the Jewish problem more and more.

Yet there is now a rift between the two figures precisely over the issue of “low brow” trolling. Ramsey’s mild criticism of “Hailgate” triggered Spencer so hard now he’s calling Ramsey a “faggot.” The low brow found Spencer’s Achilles Heel – call Spencer a “faggot” enough times and he’ll break. After a year of being attacked by the “troll army” as a “bisexual” and “secretly run by the gay mafia” Spencer is now counter-signaling against middle-brow pro-whiteness and embracing the same crowd that spent two years calling him a “faggot.”

Instead of the “middle” being explicitly pro-white, we’re seeing NRx, “trad Catholicism” and “muh egalitarianism” take the space in the “middle” – the difference being that if you are interested in NRx, trad Catholicism and “muh anti-Enlightenment” – you are going to get a better dose of it from the originators, not the pale shadow of it from the Alt Right.

And if you are interested in Nazi LARPing and 4chan trolling – Andrew Anglin is always going to be better than you. You can’t out-troll the King Troll.

So the WN movement is back where it was ten years ago – a high brow, and a low brow, with a shrinking middle that is being co-opted by those who put other issues before race.

4Chan is 20 years old now. What happens when the disaffected trolls grow up, get married, and grow out of posting Hitler memes and screeds about “degeneracy?” Most are NOT going to become academics and start writing for Kevin MacDonald or Counter-Currents. They are going to be looking for an explicit pro-white movement that is somewhere in the “middle” – NOT ideologically, but stylistically, culturally.

Who is going to fill that space?

Why I White Knight on Twitter

When I started this blog, the manosphere anti-feminist stuff was just starting out and there was a rather large faction of the White Nationalist movement that were “white knights” and loud mouthy feminists who just happened to not like blacks and browns. 50 Shades of Grey had become a phenomenon, and manosphere writers like Heartiste were pushing pro-white ideas among young white men.

I didn’t start off as a manosphere writer but my first few article on the topic received huge hits from reddit subs like /r/TheRedPill and they even featured me on the “male feminist” site Plus I attracted a small but loyal following of bitchy women that loved arguing with me and reading my spanking stories.

But it got kind of boring: manosphere ideas and the “red pill” about women are enlightening when you first understand them, but women are not “broken” and need to be fixed. Evolution made women what they are for good reasons, it’s up to men to understand and adapt, if they want a woman. But too many young men in the manosphere think that they are supposed to “fix” women and the spend all thenir time just whining that women are into the “wrong kind of men.”

Women are so shallow they are into guys who are handsome, have big muscles, and are manly. Unlike men of course, who aren’t so shallow and totally don’t care about looks and bodies, right? Come on.

But now over the last few years, since I’ve started this blog, there are thousands of new white women on the blogs and twitter pushing pro-white memes and “tradwife” type stuff. These are not boys posting “White Women in Wheat Fields” these are women posting pictures of their “1950s Household” style fantasies complete with a traditional “head of household” husband and cute white babies. I’ve discussed the “1950s household” “fetish” before – it’s HUGE in the “BDSM community” – but at the end of the day it isn’t a “fetish” at all, it’s simply what most White women prefer but can’t get.

The White “tradwife” types of course, are still women, so they love social media, posting memes and pictures, and love catfights with anti-white women.

So why bother with the manosphere type stuff anymore? We basically already won. I’m never going to be as good as Heartiste at that sort of thing, and frankly I don’t really want an audience of young incels with a chip on their shoulders because they can’t get a girlfriend.

So now, on Twitter, I made sure to re-tweet all the White Tradwife types posting their segregation 1950s household fantasies and cute white baby pictures. Back during the Hipster Intelligence Agency experiment, my (white) BDSM authoress proved that women are very drawn to this sort of thing, and so women that are openly pro-white should be supported.

“White sharia” is for losers and Jewish trolls like (((Weev))) – we already have our traditional way of dealing with women, and women love it.

Revilo vs. Rockwell

George Lincoln Rockwell was the one who started the entire “Clown Movement” – he set the stage for 50 years of failure. Even if he was sincere, he was an idiot – and he may have been doing it on purpose to undermine segregation, to be blunt. He is known to have been an FBI collaborator – that is not in question – and there were rumors that he had a Jewish girlfriend. It’s also known that one of his right-hand men was Jewish himself, the one that eventually committed suicide. So – as is ALWAYS the case with “neo-Nazis” – the front men are clowns designed almost specifically to alienate the public and the people running things behind the scenes are Jewish. Rinse and Repeat for 50 years and you have the “White Nationalist movement.”

Incidentally, the same thing happened to the left. Serious Jewish Communists like Abbie Hoffman complained bitterly that the anti-war movement – once a serious movement led by college professors and their students, middle class wearing normal clothes – all of a sudden were overwhelmed by “hippies” who were more interested in sex, drugs, and rock and roll than serious anti-war or communist organizing.

We now know that the entire “hippie” phenomenon was not some sort of organic social movement, but was a media creation – a “subculture” that was created at the exact same time as the Vietnam was started. We also now know that LSD – a very important part of the “hippie” culture – was a CIA “mind control” experiment from day one.

When the mainstream conservatives purged “anti-semites” – Rockwell was the excuse they used. Revilo P. Oliver was solid on the Jewish problem, but was not a clown like Rockwell. But it was serious people like Revilo P. Oliver that paid the price.

I’ve been told that the John Birch Society – itself purged from mainstream conservatism – was never open about the Jewish problem and in fact, by the 1980s (after the most prominent JBS Congressman, one that was considered a likely Presidential candidate, died in a freak plane crash) the JBS magazine was full-on neo-conservative, publishing puff pieces on the Israeli Defense Forces and talking up out “Greatest Ally in the Middle East.”

To be blunt – all you have to do is look at the 2017 version of the “White Nationalist movement” and you see the same damn thing happening:

1. Leaders that act like clowns for the media and are quite often partners with Jews (sometimes, romantically/sexually partnered with Jews.)

2. A focus on the past and “restoring” a prior level of civilization. As I’ve covered before, this is “weaponized anthropology” – a known and documented CIA tactic for marginalizing a target population. (i.e, think “Trad Catholics” in 2017.)

3. A “moderate” faction that shows up to purge the “anti-semites” and tell us how wonderful Israel really is – our greatest ally.