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Gender Critical

I have a morbid fascination with the Gender Critical reddit forum. It’s a “radical feminist” forum, and many on reddit consider it a “hate sub.”

It really is just the female version of the “Red Pill” or the “Men’s Rights Activists” or even the “Incels.” They pretty openly hate men, and admit it in a way that the “misogynist” subs would never admit they hate women.

Many on reddit do label Gender Critical a “hate” sub, but not because they hate men – because they don’t consider “transgendered” men women. They refuse to accept the propaganda phrase “Trans women are women.”

Of course, it’s obvious that “trans women are women” is false. If it were true it wouldn’t need the “thought terminating cliche.” “Trans women” are just men wearing dresses. Those that undergo “sex reassignment surgery” are still men, just mutilated men, men with enhanced circumcision that have been poisoned with artificial estrogen – just like Alex Jones’ Gay Frogs, in fact. (OMG – ALEX JONES WAS RIGHT!)

I just can’t help but feel some sympathy for these women. They are right about “transgendered.” They are right about men’s “objectification” of women. AFAIK, homosexual men “objectify” men. It’s just testosterone.

So these women hating men for male biology really are the equivalent of men hating women for female biology.

The Gender Critics are also mostly correct about “gender” too. “Sex” is a biological reality, “gender” is a social construct. There is nothing “natural” about women wearing skirts – see Scottish kilts. There is nothing “natural” about women shaving their armpits or men having short hair. As someone once posted here, sex roles are not entirely socially “constructed” – instead they are socially reinforced.

Only women can nurse babies, so child care is basically a woman’s job – due to biology. Of course, men can take care of children – historically, men took charge or raising boys at about the age of 7. But child care is a woman’s job precisely because of the biology involved – and only ideological fanatics would object to that.

Ironically, it’s precisely at this point that the Gender Critical Feminists become the biology-deniers they rightly criticize the “transgenders” for.

What draws these women to radical feminism? Some perfectly legitimate objections to prostitution/pornography. But also some illegitimate reasons – such as their shallow hatred of men and their obvious agenda to recruit straight women to lesbianism. Lots of them utterly whine about being “invisible” to men as they age – apparently, they DEMAND male sexual attention, until they get it, then they complain about “objectification” – then when they don’t get it anymore, they complain about “invisibility.”

As they say, women want “fried ice.”

Occasionally, they will step right to the edge of racial reality – they hate men of color too – but they quickly correct themselves.

The Betrayal of the Alt-Right

The Alt-Right has always been a lesson in how some metals become stronger by being subtly alloyed, which is why anally-retentive purists like Johnson are always its worst enemies. Richard Spencer with his Space Age Roman Empire nonsense is just as bad.

(((Andrew Anglin))) – someone who has successfully latched onto the Alt-Right but is clearly not “of it” in the same way that a tapeworm is not part of the digestive tract of a mammal – is another case study of how those directing the Alt-Right have endeavoured to steer it into sterility. Anglin and his Jewish friend Weev have literally placed the unthinking “hive mind” at the centre of what they do.

They have turned their following of alienated teenage human detritus that spends too much time on the internet into virtual bots for their retarded memes, and now they are laughably trawling and trolling through the world of “burger” or “mobility scooter nationalism,” while incongruously keeping all their K and N words. This sudden pinpoint turn from 1488 to Stars n’ Stripes nationalism is merely a measure of how stupid, pliable, and unthinking their sheeplike followers are.

— Duns Scotus

The Alt Right has been dead for a while: the killing blow landed when Mike Enoch raised his hand in a Nazi Salute; the last breath was the “Triumverate” podcast of Enoch, Anglin, and Spencer, where, instead of walking back their damage, they literally and figuratively “Tripled Down”. This allowed the shady figures of Daily Stormer to redefine who was and wasn’t “Alt Right” and the subsequent attack on the child of a Jewish real estate agent and the aborted March on Whitefish triggered the Deep State to lay the trap of Charlottesville.

— Afterthought